Updates to David Taylor's Software - 2016

This page lists the changes made to my applications during 2016.  Recent updates.





Process images from geostationary weather satellites.

V8.1.8 - Add HRV/full land/sea mask support.


MSG Animator

V3.1.4 - Update for MSG/full land/sea mask.


HRPT Reader

V3.0.6 - Add enhanced NOAA BD thermal LUT, support .GZ compressed files (uncompressed & writes back to source directory, requiring write access), recognise .LAC as pre-KLM if otherwise unknown, recognise any .native extension, accept .native files without the header, recognise .native files containing Quorum data, add support for .asda files, add support for HBU data (a mix of .native externally and 16-bit internally), more detail on file used for Kepler data, trap bad boundary overlay data, provide estimated thermal calibration when calibration data is missing but only for Metop-A and Metop-B, updates for Meteor-M N2 data in .DAT format from Oleg via MetFy3x.exe (suppress "bad frames" message, approximate corrected view and save corrected functions), update View|Corrected for Windows-10, added Melbourne to the stations.dat file.


MSG Data Manager
Manage EUMETCast data

V3.1.4 - Handle EARS-IASI L2 data, update CRM reporting for IODC data, skip encrypted files and delete them.



V8.1.6 - Update MSG/RSS land/sea masks.



V8.1.4 - Update Himawari and MSG/IODC land/sea masks.



V8.1.2 - Start support for MSG IODC coverage (basic channels work, RGB works, animations work, EUMETCast browser updated, backgrounds work), support Dundee Himawari data, support Himawari ch.6 (2.3 Ám) for RGB (new channels selected and work on RGB presets), add 3840 x 2160 resize (for 4K monitors), add 3600 x 1800 World View option, handle transparent PNG logo files, better naming of RGB thumbnails, protect against errors in world view image refresh.


MSG Data Manager

V3.1.2 - Start MSG-IODC support (files saved in images\IODC and images\MPEF\IODC,  image file names: 201609050915-iodc-ch02.jpg, MPEF file names: 201609051015-cth.grb etc., MSG Animator automation supported, missing segment reporting supported), reporting updates (IODC support, Autumn eclipse updates, neater reporting for MPE after RSS restored, no longer mixed MSG-1/MSG-2 rapid-scan), identify more RSS channels for animation, in Advanced Setup make JPEG quality default 93 and Delete Other unchecked by default.


MSG Animator

V3.1.2 - Recognise MPE as different when full-scan or rapid-scan, start support MSG IODC data (use correct Land/Sea mask for northerly animations).



V3.8.42 - Display correct date for solar outage.


Converts map images to geostationary projection

V2.0.24 - Add Himawari-8 segment, add 41.5░ East MSG IODC segments (channels 1..11, HRV "full").


Kepler Manager

V2.0.8 - Allow control of timeout values (zero gives defaults, maximum is 180 seconds).


GRIB Viewer

V4.0.4 - Support H15 H-SAF data.


Sea-Ice & SST Viewer

V1.5.4 - Support new-format DMI Sea-Ice concentration data, support new name for concentration data, support multiple data types in new named data, remember form size and position between runs.



V1.3.2 - Adapt for 64-bit Windows (works on 32- or 64-bit), correct registration code.



V3.8.40 - Handle background being deleted behind our back more elegantly, include "or out-of-date" in "No Keplers" message, reduce minimum pass time from 30 to 5 seconds, save tracker precision setting in unregistered version, add SpectraVue support (testing,  enable SpectraVue in Tracker, Options, attempts to set RX mode and centre frequency including Doppler shift based on requested nominal frequency when tracking, option to get nominal frequency from Radio.ini), add separate continuous DDE tracking (satellite name without spaces, just as the original DDE), add items to "ContinuousTracking2" DDE item under test.  Help updated about Radio.ini.


MSG Data Manager

V3.0.12 - Reporting updates (don't report MTSAT if 2015-Dec-04 or later, update Met-7 Spring & Autumn eclipse dates, improved reporting for "No MPEF" e.g. RSS all from MSG-1, option is persistent & default disabled, report Himawari channel B06), allow saved source files to have no date tree, add support for Himawari bands B06 & B09 (update Himawari "extra" channels list, support View changes in Himawari detail image), add support for Meteor-M N2 MTVZA-GY sounder (file names starting: m_m2_tb_, purge according to ATOVS retention setting), support more SMOS data, change PNG support in GeoSatSignal, no effect expected.

If you don't already have an MSG Data Manager 3  key, contact me to purchase a licence update key before using this software.



V2.0.0 - Remove hardware lock.


LRPT Image Processor
Enhance Meteor-M N2 images.

V1.2.5 - Change mouse wheel scroll direction, Use mouse wheel to scroll image, shift-wheel to scroll horizontally, add IR negative image option (right-click), handle very cold IR data better in False Colour, add setup option to crispen the saved remapped image, revised video-to-temperature calculation (is improved but still very approximate, colours will be different, nearer to SatSignal colours, approximate temperature displayed in status line), restore histogram equalisation and sharpening options accidentally broken in previous release.


Simple analog & digital clock

V1.2.2 Add ability to offset UTC time by +/- 12 hours (will not be remembered over program invocations, offset will be reset to zero when the program starts).  Remove "u" when UTC offset is in use.



V3.7.6 - Greater output attenuation range, change default level to -20 dB.



V2.0.2.44 - Investigate changed data from DWDSAT (header format has changed from version 1 to version 2, image size now not correctly found reading header, map projection parameters read incorrectly, provide temporary fix until new header format known or DWD correct).


NTP plotter

V1.0.30 - Click a cell or header in the peerstats table to sort (click again to sort in the reverse direction, right-click to copy table to clipboard), note that if there are nulls in the loopstats . the program will stop reading at that point.


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