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This page will contain information about the NOAA HD Viewer program, designed for AVHRR data from the from the Geoscience Australia service.

You can register for the data here:

and register the program here.

This program is still in final development, and can be downloaded from the link below.  Here's a hint of some of the raw and derived data available from the program.

Download the NOAA HDF Viewer

V1.0.2 First released version
V1.0.4 Revise cloud-top colour palette, prevent error when no ODPS file is available.
V2.0.0 Remove hardware lock.
  • Download the NOAA HDF Viewer 2.0.0 (1,505,587 bytes, 2016-Mar-15)
    MD5 signature: A0569688E6B62D15CDE6F7F81FC9700D


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