Sea-Ice & SST Viewer
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Sea-Ice & SST Viewer

download Download the Sea Ice & SST Viewer
register Register the Sea Ice & SST Viewer - please help support continued development

What is the Sea-Ice & SST Viewer?

The Sea-Ice Viewer visualises the sea-ice data covering the northern polar region.  Three presentations are available:  sea-ice concentration, sea-ice type (old or new), and sea-ice edges (open or closely packed).


What data does it read?

OSI-SAF data available from the EUMETCast system (as used for Meteosat-8 reception) or data FTPed from the Internet (  Because the sea-ice data is only sent once per day, between 04:00 and 04:30 UTC, unless you run your system 24 hours per day you may miss the data.  For this reason, you may need the FTP service from Norway.  If you want to automate the FTP downloads, please contact me for a suitable command-file.


What do the results look like?

screen-shot from the Sea-Ice Viewer


Can I register and what do I get?

Whilst the free version of the program will provide basic viewing of the sea-ice concentration and sea-surface temperature data, you get the following extras with registration:

  • display of the sea-ice type data
  • display of the sea-ice edge data
  • display of country boundaries and gridlines
  • display of southern hemisphere data
  • fast access to the most recent data
  • the ability to animate the sea-ice data
  • the ability to save the results
  • the ability to run the program from the command-line
  • the ability to automate the program

Further developments will be concentrated on the registered version.

Please see the read-me file which comes with the program for more information about command-line operation and automating the registered version of the program.


Download the Sea-Ice & SST Viewer

V1.4.2 Add support for southern hemisphere SAF-OSI data, build with Delphi 2009.
V1.4.4 Support more data types (S-OSI_-FRA_-MTOP-GLBSST_FIELD, S-OSI_-FRA_-MTOP-NARSST_FIELD, S-OSI_-FRA_-NOAA-NARSST_FIELD), add these to the File|Open menu.
V1.5.2 Add click for full image option, ensure that a single data type is displayed first.
V1.5.4 Support new-format DMI Sea-Ice concentration data, support new name for concentration data, support multiple data types in new named data, remember form size and position between runs.

Beta version: Data sources are changing - check here for the latest program update.

NetCDF format

EUMETSAT have announced that they are to discontinue OSI SAF SST products in GRIB format from 12 January 2017.  A couple of alternatives have been suggested by Simon Proud, and reports of any experiences with these viewers would be welcome in the SatSignal self-help group.


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