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There are four audio tools that I currently offer - a Sweep Generator for frequency response analysis, resonance detection etc., a weather satellite recording level meter SatLevel, a simple Tone Burst Generator and a Vector Scope for direction finding or audio phasing checks.

Software Support and Registration

The Audio Tools are currently freeware, but if you require support on the software you must register with me.  Please note that you must e-mail me directly for support.  You can register for support for SatLevel, SweepGen and VectorScope together for less than about $35.  If you like the software, or use it regularly, registering is also an easy way to say "Thank You".

Click to register the Audio Tools now!

A reminder that you can be on a mailing list free of charge to be automatically notified of any updates.

Full version - the Audio Test Set

There is a much more advanced version of these tools available as my Audio Test Set which includes the sweep generator with tracking spectrum analyser and oscilloscope functions.  Please visit the Audio Test Set page for more details.


SweepGen turns a PC into an Audio Oscillator and Sweep Generator which can be used for testing audio or educational purposes.  In conjunction with audio test instruments, you can make frequency response plots.  SweepGen uses the sound card in your PC to produce sine waves that are mathematically correct almost to CD quality, indeed it's more likely that the quality of your PC sound card will be the limiting factor rather than the code in SweepGen.  

SweepGen screen-shot

Two-tone testing

Dave White (W3VAD) has been using the (unregistered) program to generate a two-tone signal to test his SSB equipment with the settings below.


V3.6.2   Add impulse generation option for speaker phasing testing.
V3.7.2   Add trigger burst before audio sweep (fast sweep only, 2.0 KHz burst on the right-hand channel).
V3.7.4   Correct trigger-burst pop-up hint.
V3.7.6 Greater output attenuation range, change default level to -20 dB

  icon-download.gif (908 bytes) Download SweepGen V3.7.6 (464,447 bytes; 2015-Aug-10)
  MD5 signature: 6A54DB5DF9E0141FEF6AE466177F0DCF

Beta version: This program is under continual development - check here for the latest update.

If you like the software, or use it regularly, here is an easy way to say "Thank You".


This program allows you set the gain or input level to a sound card to record weather satellite signals from Meteor/Resurs, NOAA or SICH/Okean satellites.

  icon-download.gif (908 bytes) Download SatLevel V1.1.0, 30984 bytes, revised 2002 Feb 23

V1.1.0 uses the newer Delphi 5 runtime library.




Program to generate a single sine-wave toneburst when a button is pressed.   Full source code is provided, as I see this program more as an example.  The Beeper.pas unit that is included can be used in you own code (please acknowledge copyright if you publish this code, and do so unmodified!).  Users of this component include BBC News who use it as an alert for blind users.

  icon-download.gif (908 bytes) Download ToneBurst V1.4.0, 15203 bytes, revised 2002 Dec 07

V1.4.0 adds Risetime/Falltime, and Amplitude properties.

Library requirements:

If you like the software, or use it regularly, registering is an easy way to say "Thank You".


This program plots the left and right components of a stereo signal as vectors in such a way that the direction of arrival of the signal can be estimated.  This has application to direction finding and audio phasing checks.  The program also runs under Linux/Wine!

VectorScope screenshot

V2023.05.10 - Adds a Colour button for background, grid and trace, the colours are persistent across runs, and there's a Reset option as well!  The form a little taller by default

  icon-download.gif (908 bytes) Download VectorScope V2023.05.10 (387,969 bytes, 2023-May-10)
        MD5 signature:

If you like the software, or use it regularly, here is an easy way to say "Thank You".


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