Updates to David Taylor's Software - 2015

This page lists the changes made to my applications during 2015.  Recent updates.






V3.8.38 - Make signal level display easier to read, add option to make DDE string upper-case ( in the Tracker, Options, General dialog, may be required for the DDE link to SDR#).


Process images from geostationary weather satellites.

V8.0.4 - Start Himawari-8 support (thermal channels calibrated (GOES mode-A from MDM), support geographic remapping, includes land/sea mask, support background mode, recognise Himawari in satellite text name overlay, replace MTSAT with Himawari-8 in Browse|EUMETCast|FSD, recognise WV image, support in World view, support so-called "natural colour" [EUMETSAT: R3G2B1] NDVI and arbitrary RGB combinations), correct V7 in the title bar to V8, correct Help|About to read "Available" virtual memory.

If you don't already have a GeoSatSignal 8  key, contact me to purchase a licence update key before using this software.


MSG Animator

V3.0.4 - Start support for direct MTSAT-2 HRIT data (allow MTSAT-2 HRIT to accept the full disk option, increase maximum height and width to 11008 pixels, correct meridian for direct MTSAT-2, add new land/sea masks for 1 km and 4 km data), start support for Himawari-8 data (all channels supported, includes land/sea mask for 2 km data), list channels in alphabetic order on Setup dialog.

If you don't already have an MSG Animator 3  key, contact me to purchase a licence update key before using this software.


MSG Data Manager
Manage EUMETCast data

V3.0.10 - Handle error -4 and -5 more elegantly (bzip decompression errors, may happen on Himawari data, cause is corrupt files, perhaps caused by "Missed parts of file" in TelliCast, now records "Error processing file ..." in the log).

If you don't already have an MSG Data Manager 3  key, contact me to purchase a licence update key before using this software.


Simple analog & digital clock

V1.2.2 Add ability to offset UTC time by +/- 12 hours (will not be remembered over program invocations, offset will be reset to zero when the program starts).  Remove "u" when UTC offset is in use.


MSG Data Manager
Manage EUMETCast data

V3.0.8 - Add support for WAVEWATCH III data on Data Channel 12 saved in new \Images\Marine\ directory, support DUST product files on Data Channel 12 saved in new \Images\Atmos\ directory, Support EARS-VASS FY-3C sounder data on Data Channel 1 saved in your choice of Sounder directory, correct maximise/restore for Himawari thumbnails, adjust Himawari channel wavelength descriptions, add control of overlays for the Himawari channels, add Detail Image LUT capability for Himawari data, support saving Himawari data as raw (as received) 10-bit in PGM images, add S-OSI_-DMI files to sea-ice purge older images.


DDE/SDR# add-on
Provides link between WXtrack and SDR# with antenna pointing and radio mode & frequency control.
V7 - Support for SDR# 1411 and later.  Supplied at short notice by Ian Gilmour, to whom, many thanks.


MSG Data Manager

V3.0.6 - Handle W_XX-EUMETSAT-Darmstadt,SING+LEV+SAT data, update overlay mapping for MTSAT-HRIT direct, EUMETCast MPE issue, option to skip MPE reporting, blind support for SVDNBC named NPP-2 data including purge of older data, limited Himawari-8/9 support (allow selection of prime & aux channels, prime channels replace MTSAT on the thumbnail view, spatial calibration likely correct, calibrate thermal channels in GOES mode-A channels IR1..IR4 and ChanB10..ChanB16, record segments in SegHistory.log, provide Himawari option in Missing Segments Report, honour PNG save if requested, wait for new slot before saving Himawari data, stop segments 1 & 2 being cleared), delete some reports from the RawData directory (been an unspotted problem for a while and may need further work so please report persistent any files in \MSG\RawData\ tree after deleting any in the root directory!), change to EUMETSAT channel numbering (01 02, not 1 2), minor revisions to channel descriptions, add note of available virtual memory to Help|About.



V3.8.36 - Add support for KVH tracker with a 350 msec gap between Az and El commands.


DDE/SDR# add-on V6 - Support for SDR# 1362 and later.  Please note that this version was received from Ian Gilmour, to whom, many thanks.


CMA Data Viewer

V2.0.0 - Remove hardware lock.

Please note: a version 2 licence is required for this software.  If you don't already have a version 2 licence, existing users only can upgrade the CMA Data Viewer licence here.


MSG Data Manager

V3.0.4 - Replace FY2E with FY2G in 0000..2300 missing text (report option), start to handle XML messages (they replace .txt format), update FY-2G label on the FSD tab (data saved as "fy2c"), accept FY-2E data at 86.5E after 2015-Jun-30 (data saved as "fy2d") .  The XML message format is changing from day to day, and its impossible to keep up!


Sea-Ice & SST Viewer

V1.5.2 - Add click for full image option, ensure that a single data type is displayed first.



V3.7.6 - Greater output attenuation range, change default level to -20 dB.


HDF Viewer

V2.0.2 - Higher precision readout if Ctrl is pressed.  No longer hardware locked to a single PC.


BUFR Viewer

V2.0.2 - No function changes from V1.1.14.71.  No longer hardware locked to a single PC. 



V3.8.34 - More compact "Next pass" details, add option to always have tracker DDE data available, add frequencies to the EasyComm I tracker commands, update WiSPDDE URL in the Help, update About... information in solar outage form, make default frequency 11263 MHz, in the Optically visible form correct wrong quadrants when local time specified, skip check of Kepler age for selected satellites - NORAD numbers listed in: IgnoreNORADnumbers.ini (sample included), recognise "METEOR M" series as weather satellites (allows pass-box display), in sunrise/sunset table auto-scroll to today's data, in solar noon auto-scroll to today's data, improved display of Kepler data on Win-7 & later.


CHLO Viewer

V2.0.0 - Viewer for the Chlorophyll data sent over EUMETCast and available from the OceanColor Web site.  Program is now free, but not supported.  Remove empty Help top-level menu


GRIB Viewer

V4.0.2 - More choice of boundary colours from the command-line  (-BOUND:<none|black|dark|light|white>), add annotation to snapshot for MPE data, add scale to DIV data and the snapshot, support BZ2 files, limited support ICON TOT_PREC, WW and VMAX files.

Existing users can purchase a GRIB Viewer 4 licence upgrade here.


Converts map images to geostationary projection

V2.0.2 - Add 9.5 East HRV segment (Europe & wide), add GOMS-1 support, hide obsolete mappings - but add option to show them if required (File|Options menu), accept PNG for input and allow for batch mode output, program will try to use 3 GB memory if needed (but doesn't support Windows Vista), command-line mode for remapping Meteosat full-scan data to rapid-scan segment.
If you don't already have a MapToGeo 2  key, contact me for a fresh licence key before using this software.



V2.0.2.44 - Investigate changed data from DWDSAT (header format has changed from version 1 to version 2, image size now not correctly found reading header, map projection parameters read incorrectly, provide temporary fix until new header format known or DWD correct).


LRPT Image Processor
Enhance Meteor-M N2 images.

V1.2.0.8 - Revised video-to-temperature calculation (is improved but still very approximate, colours will be different, nearer to SatSignal colours, approximate temperature displayed in status line), restore histogram equalisation and sharpening options accidentally broken in previous release.


LRPT Image Processor

V1.1.0.7 - Add RGB 122 image, add setup dialog (choice of which images to save, choice of save format (BMP/JPG/as-input), move geometry correction choice from main menu).


MODIS L1 Viewer

V4.0.2 - Add German language option, press Shift|Today to inhibit browsing, add -BOUNDARIES command-line option when saving an image from the command-line, make saving of near-empty remapped images optional, enhanced in-region check for partial images.

If you don't have a MODIS L1 Viewer 4 key,
contact me to purchase a licence update key before using this software.


Ground Map

V3.0.2 - Add city list option.

If you don't already have a Ground Map 3  key, contact me to purchase a licence update key before using this software.


Metop Manager
Processes AVHRR & GAC data from the EUMETCast EPS Metop-A/B streams, and manages other data and messages.

V3.0 2 - Add last log time to application title, optimise screen-shot saving, only save changes, optimise log-file saving, avoid "not responding" message after start-up.

If you don't already have an Metop Manager 3  key, contact me to purchase a licence update key before using this software.


AVHRR Manager
Handles EARS NOAA & Metop-A/B AVHRR data.

V4.0 2 - Add Edmonton station, allow Edmonton to be unselected, list stations in alphabetical order (were by latitude), minor changes to Ground Stations tab layout.

If you don't already have an AVHRR Manager 4  key, contact me to purchase a licence update key before using this software.



V8.0.2 - Look for E-UNS Admin notices if available.


MSG Animator

V3.0.2 - Allow user choice of animation root path, allow max frame in day to be 23:55 UTC.


MSG Data Manager
Manage EUMETCast data

V3.0.2 - Initial support for FY-2G data, support GPM-Core GMI data (files named like W_XX-EUMETSAT-Darmstadt,SOUNDING+SATELLITE,GPM+GMI and 2A.GPM.GMI.GPROF2014v1-4.20150317-S091642-E092140), support RapidScat winds (files named like: W_NL-KNMI-DeBilt,SURFACE+SATELLITE,ISS+RAPIDSCAT, scanned if either Ch.10 managed, or ISS_RapidScat box checked), check operation with VIIRS Polar Winds (files named: W_XX-EUMETSAT-Darmstadt...AMV_EDR.bin which are saved in the \Images\Sounder tree), minor text change on FSD selection CMA box, support possibly incorrectly named files: Z_C_EDZW_20150220022456_tka01..., support E-UNS_-MME_ -OSSI_LOGS files as "Reports", add warning that initial retention period is just one day, echo "(not checked)" if MPEF report option unchecked (for rapid-scan from MSG1).


APT and WEFAX decoder

V6.0.0 - Revised licence - contact me for a fresh licence key before using this software.


NTP plotter

V1.0.30 - Click a cell or header in the peerstats table to sort (click again to sort in the reverse direction, right-click to copy table to clipboard), note that if there are nulls in the loopstats . the program will stop reading at that point.


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