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The CHLO Viewer

What does the CHLO Viewer do?

The program visualises the ocean chlorophyll data supplied over EUMETCast and from the OceanColor Web site.

These data sources are supported

HDF4 data sent over EUMETCast (EUMETSAT Data Channel 8) with files named like:


It appears that at some pint in the past EUMETSAT's supplier changed the format from HDF4 to NetCDF, and the more recent files will no longer open in the viewer.  But you can still use data from the following site:

HDF4-format 4km and 9km data from the OceanColor Web site, files named like:



Download the CHLO Viewer

V1.1.0 Viewer for the Chlorophyll data sent over EUMETCast and available from the OceanColor Web site.  Beta version.
V1.1.2 Supports the changed compressed data format, add scale at the bottom of the image.
V2.0.0 Remove empty Help top-level menu.  Program is now free, but not supported.
No registration is required, but if you find the software useful a small donation would be appreciated.  You can donate here.

Commercial use must be registered - here.


Download the CHLO Viewer V2.0.0  (359,884 bytes, 2015-Aug-08)
     MD5 signature: E112930F7EC2B26C1ADAE44678D7AF2B

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The data is world-wide, at 4km resolution, so here are a couple of samples of different regions of the globe.



North America

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