Eumetcast registration
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EUMETCast channels for those interested in images

Here is a list of all the data currently available on the EUMETCast system.  You can control what you access using the EO Portal at the EUMETSAT Web site.  I've highlighted those data streams which carry image data, and also suggested a minimum data set of geostationary data you might like to start with.  To help relate my software to the data streams, I've listed what software can be used for each stream.  Please note that as soon as you start to receive more than the minimum data set you should edit your recv-channels.ini file to replace the wildcard data stream [*] with individual [data channel] entries as suggested here.

Please let me know of any errors in or updates to this table.

Category Service Geo/
Images Start
Software Comment
High Rate SEVIRI Image            
  1/4-hourly data transmissions G * * (1) If you get the 15-min transmission, 
why do you need the rest?
  1/2-hourly data transmissions G        
  1-hourly data transmissions G        
  3-hourly data transmissions G        
  6-hourly data transmissions G        
Meteosat Rapid Scanning Service
(RSS) 9.5 degrees East
  Meteosat Rapid Scanning Service
(RSS) 9.5 degrees East
G *    (1)  
High Res. Image Indian Ocean            
  1/2-hourly data transmissions G * *  (1) If you get the 30-min transmission, 
why do you need the rest?
  1-hourly data transmissions G        
  3-hourly data transmissions G        
  6-hourly data transmissions G        
Central EUMETSAT Products            
  Meteosat Meteorological Products
0 degree
G     (2)  
  Meteosat Rapid Scanning Meteorological
9.5 degrees East
G     (2)  
  Metop/NOAA ATOVS Sounding P     (3)  
  Metop IASI Sounding Products P        
Surface Soil Moisture
EUMETSAT Satellite Application
Facilities (SAFs) Products
  Land Surface Analysis
(LSA-SAF Products)
G     (2)  
  Ocean & Sea Ice
(OSI-SAF Products)
G     (2)  
  Ozone & Atmospheric Chemistry
(O3M-SAF Products)
Global Data Service
(World-wide 24 x 7)
  Metop AVHRR P *    (4) (5) 1 km resolution
  Metop AMSU_A P     (4)  
  Metop ASCAT P     (4) (7)  
  Metop GRAS P     (4)  
  Metop GOME P     (4)  
  Metop HIRS P     (4)  
  Metop MHS P     (4)  
  NOAA AVHRR P *    (4) (5) 4 km resolution
  NOAA AMSU_A P     (4)  
  NOAA HIRS P     (4)  
  NOAA MHS P     (4)  
Regional Data Service
(covers an extended Europe)
  EARS-ATOVS P     (3)  
  EARS-AVHRR P *    (5) (6) 1 km resolution
  EARS-ASCAT P     (7)  
Third Party Data            
  1-hourly GOES & MTSAT image data G * *  (1) You need both 1- and 3-hourly as they are on separate EUMETCast channels
  3-hourly GOES & MTSAT image data G * *  (1) See above
  FY-2 Products G *    (1)  
  MODIS thinned level 1 products P *   (8)  
  MODIS Global Fire products P     (8)  

Software from David Taylor to handle the data

(1) MSG Toolset Plus MSG Data Manager converts the EUMETCast data into images which can then be animated in real-time with the MSG Animator or processed further with GeoSatSignal.
(2) GRIB Viewer
HDF Viewer
Allow visualisation of data in the GRIB and HDF formats.
(3) ATOVS Reader Allows visualisation of the L1D products.
(4) Metop Manager Metop Manager converts data into HRPT format, provides data manager, and allows multi-segment combinations.
(5) HRPT Reader HRPT Reader visualises the data and provides some processing such as fire and ash.
(6) AVHRR Manager Provides data management and converts the individual 1-munte chunks into complete passes for processing with the HRPT Reader.
(7) BUFR Viewer Visualises wind data.
(9) MODIS L1 Viewer Provides visualisation of the MODIS L1 data from Aqua and Terra satellites.

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