Updates to David Taylor's Software - 2013

This page lists the changes made to my applications during 2013.  Recent updates.

Date Application Notes
2013-Dec-30 HRPT Reader V3.0.0 - New version allowing more memory in 64-bit (Windows-7/8 systems with more than 4 GB RAM, not supported on XP/64 or Vista/64, should work on all 32-bit Windows [XP and later]), Options|Max Pass Zoom minutes extended up to 36, handle Australian ASDA PVL files (named: hrpt_20131121_123859_16a_dar.native, both compressed 10-bit and uncompressed 16-bit supported), identify 16-bit .RAW16 format Metop-B files correctly.
2013-Dec-30 GeoSatSignal
Process images from geostationary weather satellites.
V7.4.4 - Fix GOMS .PNG vis/IR file pairs not being recognised, add another DWDSAT Bracknell overlay setting - DWDSAT Z1. 
2013-Dec-30 GRIB Viewer V3.0.2 - A GRIB Viewer 3 licence is required for most new functions.  Add sub-satellite longitude to View|File analysis data, support more data for ASCII output, start support for new data (OCAE - Optimal Cloud Analysis, H12SN-OBS-3 - Effective snow cover by VIS/IR radiometry, H13SN-OBS-4 - Snow water equivalent by MW radiometry, HSAF-h05 (excludes second bitmap only section), HSAF-h12 and HSAF-h13), start support for new format DWD data (add PDS Geopotential as data type = 6), accept more files in File|Open dialog, fix snapshot boundaries being drawn incorrectly.

Licence upgrade purchase here.

2013-Dec-27 Metop Manager
Processes AVHRR & GAC data from the EUMETCast EPS Metop-A/B streams, and manages other data and messages.
V2.0.12 - Handle ASCAT Metop-B data correctly, dynamic positions for location & city labels, experimental version for smaller screens, add computer name to saved report.
2013-Dec-27 MODIS L1 Viewer V3.0.8 - Add two Internet pass-browsing sites in new View menu, add choice of line widths for coarse & fine boundaries, recognise directory with no trailing "\" as parameter, enhancements to allow derived views when multiple chunks have both IR-only and IR/Vis channels (available on visible channels in raw view and on derived views including vegetation), French language update.
2013-Dec-27 WXtrack V3.8.26 - ISS updates (add pass number in day, font and colour set from ISS options dialog, terminate ISS Russian station names with an "R", apply TDRS colour for T174W, use period as decimal separator in panel, ground path changed to -0.5/+2.5 orbits, option for altitude units display), start support for Combi-Track rotator controller (assumes azimuth is on unit A and elevation on unit B, only G (goto) commands are issued), allow antenna azimuth offset from -60 up to +240, add "intense" choice for night-time shading including terminator line, restore Options| Satellite font in registered version.
2013-Dec-25 Kepler Manager V2.0.6 - Increase the height of the Historic data list-box a little.
2013-Dec-25 NOAA HDF Viewer V1.0.4 - Revise cloud-top colour palette, prevent error when no ODPS file is available.
2013-Dec-25 NTP Monitor V5.1.6 - Add to clock list file display control entries option for no case change to the specified title (-NOCASECHANGE).
2013-Nov-11 GeoSatSignal V7.4.2 - Recognise "northern" HRV RSS data with "full" width HRV option, add View|Overlay list menu item to see all the overlays - you can select and copy the list to the clipboard, add new overlay file name DWDSAT "Bracknell" chart (overlay name: Bracknell DWDSAT Z, file names starting: Z_C_EDZW_ instead of starting: fx401-egrr_bwk_nt), add yet another Bracknell overlay Bracknell 3 for images 1180 x 864 pixels, add Ton's new r-eu overlay (named as "Rain radar Europe B" on the drop-down list, images are 520 x 571 pixels, colours yet to be defined), accept PNG as the logo bitmap (PNG can be transparent, in which case it is assumed to occupy the full image size, and the user is responsible its placement and avoiding and existing text etc., note that this will take more memory while reading the logo), in user annotation text, accept all time format strings (these are: %yyyy %yy %mm %dd %hh %nn), start basic GOMS1 support for channels vis3 and ir9 including in File|Browse EUMETCast menu function & land/sea palettes (limited support for channels ir6 and ir8), recognise when McIDAS MTSAT-2 data is from 140E, correct hints on Job setup|Annotation X/Y offset controls.
Win-XP/64 and Vista/64 are no longer supported.
NB: This version is capable of using more available virtual memory on Windows-7/8 64-bit systems.  You can show maximum virtual memory available in the Help, About dialog.
2013-Nov-11 MSG Data Manager
Manage EUMETCast data.
V2.6.14 - Better land/sea mask on HRV (channel 12) detail image (needs files from GeoSatSignal 7.4.2, MaskMet8HRV.png & MaskMet8HRV-9.5E.png, also included in the MSG Data Manager beta archive), preliminary GOMS support, four channels (EUMETSAT says IR 9.7 m & 10.7 m channels are "blurry", saved files named: 201310080700-goms1-vis3.jpg,  201310080700-goms1-ir6.jpg, 201310080700-goms1-ir8.jpg,  201310080700-goms1-ir9.jpg, just vis3 and ir9 used GeoSatSignal), reporting updates (change TOZ reporting from 3-hourly to 1-hourly, show computer name in saved report).
2013-Sep-15 AVHRR Manager
Handles EARS NOAA & Metop-A/B AVHRR data.
V3.0.4 - Add setup option not to clear the display at every pass, add right-click on display to clear it, log first file of new Metop-B pass correctly & log names as MetopA and MetopB, as per EUMETSAT convention, make combined Metop file names mixed case and NOAA names upper-case.
(A licence upgrade is required for this software to support Metop-B).
2013-Sep-01 DDE/SDR# add-on
Provides link between WXtrack and SDR# with antenna pointing and radio mode & frequency control.
V5 - Support for SDR# mode setting, minor GUI bug fixed.  Please note that this version is as received from Ian Gilmour, to whom, many thanks.
2013-Aug-27 MSG Data Manager V2.6.12 - Support for h12 and h13 hydrology HSAF file names, support SARAL/AltiKa data on Channel 10, support O3M SAF high-resolution data ( files named starting W_NL-KNMI-DEBILT,SOUNDING+SATELLITE,METOPB+GOME2, treated as SAF, GOME-2 O3+NO2), start MPEF OCAE support including reporting, omit "GOES-12 from GOES-10" in RSS or PAR report, layout update for MPEF check-list boxes, correct MTSAT direct visible save name to "mt1-vis" ( the "mt1" prefix covers both MTSAT-1R and MTSAT-2, add raw calibration data to JPEG and PNG for MTSAT direct, will refer to 0..1023 scale, but our data is just 0..255, honour JPEG/PNG save option for MTSAT direct), update Met-7 & GOES-E/W autumn eclipse dates.
2013-Aug-27 MSG Animator
V2.6.12 - Start work on mini- and micro- full disk (press Shift or Control for mini and micro when changing from normal to full-disk, may need to be repeated if other setup options changed, acknowledged by a beep when changing).
2013-Aug-27 Digital Wall Clock V1.0.3 - Click on the form to exit the clock, make mouse cursor disappear again a few seconds after any mouse movement stops, allow mouse wheel to control the brightness (you may need to move the mouse first), save changed brightness settings across restarts.
2013-Aug-08 Metop Manager V2.0.10 - Add support for full-resolution ASCAT data on EPS-3, make Locate button always visible, reduce minimum allowed form height for 720-pixel screens, Move files which fail to decompress to \bad-files\ source sub-directory (using Auto-clean minutes in the MSG Data Manager can remove these bad files automatically).
2013-Jul-27 WXtrack V3.8.24 - Double-click on pass list has two functions (double-click alone goes to World Map tab, Ctrl-double-click goes to Ground Path tab, the pop-up hint on the pass-list box shows these options, make omit stale data setting in months [it was in years, maximum is now 1200 months (it was 100 years), you might need to check your setting].
2013-Jul-19 Kepler Manager V2.0.4 - Make new format Space-Track Web the default, remove choice.
2013-Jun-14 Kepler Manager V2.0.2 - Support for new Space-Track Web format, warn on sets which don't exist or fail to download, add support for GlobStar, make beta URL point to main Web site and make new format checked by default, retrieve favourites in NORAD catalogue number order.
2013-Apr-24 MSG Data Manager V2.6.10 - Make the default satellite MSG-3, update Met-7 Spring eclipse dates, add FY-2C/D/E 1 km visible as a Detail Image choice (need to start with standard resolution image), add support for parallel-scan rapid-scan data (data is saved with RSS in the file name, but in the images\MSG-PAR tree), support h04/h05 SAF data, reporting updates for PAR/RSS data.
2013-Apr-24 MSG Animator
V2.6.10 - Accept rapid-scan and parallel options together.
2013-Apr-24 HRPT Reader V2.10.12 - Allow user choice of 2:1 zoom disable threshold (range 21 .. 30 minute pass duration), correct satellite type detection for ESS/Metop-B data.
2013-Apr-24 GeoSatSignal V7.4.0 - Recognise "full height" HRV data with "full" width HRV option, add support for FY2D in World View, support FY2C/D/E 1 km visible data for RGB combine (see: V7.3.4 RGB mode on FY2, GOES, Met-7 & MTSAT data), add support for Metoeosat-10/11 ash/fog etc. data, add save of mapping as text file of lat/lon pairs, trap error when an RGB channel is missing, Win-XP/64 and Vista/64 are no longer supported.
NB: This version is capable of using more available virtual memory on Windows 64-bit systems.  You can show maximum virtual memory available in the Help, About dialog. There has been little testing, and the program could crash or give unexpected results. Please report any issues as soon as possible.  
2013-Apr-24 AVHRR Manager V3.0.2 - Metop-B preliminary support (a licence upgrade is required for this software to support Metop-B).
2013-Apr-15 DDEtracker V4 - A new generic parser routine since all seem to send the elements in different order.  Added a preset for SatPC32.  All 3 tested and still working.  In theory any "WiSP DDE compatible" software should now work as long as it provides SN, AZ, EL and DN. Other items are ignored.
2013-Apr-15 WXtrack V3.8.22 - Add tracker maximum elevation limit option (registered), in visible pass prediction, add compass direction at "Appear" and "Disappear" times (registered), restore "Radio" tab in Tracker Options, support SDR# program via DDEtracker, relax tolerance for geostationary in tracker test, grey out Save Snapshot if not registered, replace UK miles with nmi in status hint, replace symbol for nautical miles with "nmi" to hint at Nautical Miles International.
2013-Apr-06 Audio Sweep Generator V3.6.2 - Adds impulse generation function for help in loudspeaker phasing tests.
2013-Feb-06 GeoSatSignal V7.3.8 - Support multi-channel processing with "parallel" data, new remapping size (5760x4320 pixels), update Dundee support for MSG-3 names, add support for Dundee S2 & S4 size data in World View.
2013-Feb-06 GRIB Viewer V2.3.16 - Environment variable BOUNDARY_COLOUR can define the boundary colour grey-shade, added -SNAPSHOTx options for clearer presentation and region-selected image (defined region of the image is magnified with nearest neighbour interpolation and saved as PNG, options for lat/lon grid).
2013-Feb-06 MODIS L1 Viewer V3.0.6 - Improved choice of multi-segment pass direction when both ascending and descending are in the set, add experimental blue-bias option in user-RGB mode - proof of concept, avoid browsing hidden directories.
2013-Feb-06 Metop Manager V2.0.8 - Add GOME Metop-B support, German language update, correct cursor location readout when GAC composite is in "fit-to-screen" mode, move release history into separate file.
For existing users, an upgrade from Metop Manager 1 to Metop Manager 2 is available here.
2013-Feb-06 BUFR Viewer
V1.1.14 - Support AMVE files (temporary data from EUMETCast), environment variable BOUNDARY_COLOUR can define the boundary colour grey-shade.
2013-Feb-06 NOAA HDF Viewer
V1.0.2 - First released version.
2013-Jan-19 MSG Animator
V2.6.8 - Add new "Winter stretch" video processing option for visible channel images.
2013-Jan-19 MSG Data Manager V2.6.8 - Add support for SMOS data (files are on [EUMETSAT Data Channel 4], named W_ES-ESA..., and saved to ..\Images\SMOS\yyyy\mm\dd\), add support for NPP sounder data on channel NPP-1, when parallel processing is detected the Missing Segments Report changes format and the purge of older data is more restricted,  "Other" channel selection dialog split and re-arranged, add Test Sounds button for checking announcements audio level, stop housekeeping if in progress when Close is pressed, correct OSCAT processing.

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