Updates to David Taylor's Software - 2009

This page lists the changes made to my applications during 2009.  Recent updates

Date Application Notes
2009 Oct 13 WXtrack
Predicts satellite positions and ground images.
V3.8.2 - Update David Bates' TLEnotes.txt, Oct 12, 13 and 14.
2009 Oct 04 HRPT Reader V2.9.2 - Update for Dartcom NOAA-19 data, support GSHHS V2.0 boundary data, build with Delphi 2009.
2009 Oct 04 - French language update (help and read-me).
2009 Oct 01 GRIB Viewer V2.3.4 - Add user control of displayed temperature range.
2009 Sep 10 WXtrack V3.8.2 - French language Help update.
2009 Sep 13 MSG Animator V2.5.32 - Add per-animation option to have files in dated or flat directories, add UTC or local-time display option, support GSHHS V2.0 data, change memory-manager to reduce the black-animation problem, German language update.
2009 Sep 10 WXtrack V3.8.2 - Add Options|Show|Sun & Moon|Moon overlays Sun choice (Moon on top), merge track-large-text pop-up options with the main World Map pop-up menu, reduce flicker on World Map and Flight tabs.  Build with Delphi 2009.
2009 Sep 10 BUFR Viewer V1.1.2 - Support UMARF 25km winds (files named OASW025....), add left/right/auto feather direction for wind barbs, accept incorrectly-named QuikSat files, build with Delphi 2009.
2009 Sep 10 MSG Data Manager V2.5.34 - Add E-UNS files to text message purge, add option for image timestamps in UTC or local time, add Help|FAQs menu, support DWDSAT "NOAA-10" HRPT data and NOAA-19 when it comes, drop DWDSAT NOAA-12 & NOAA-14 data (satellites now switched off), support new DCP/WMO/IODC file names, support GSHHS V2.0 mapping data, Autumn eclipse dates updated, handle new NetCDF winds data, French language update, German language update, build with Delphi 2009.
2009 Sep 07 DWDSAT HRPT Viewer V1.2.2 - Add pixel location read-out, build with Delphi 2009.
2009 Sep 07 Metop LSA Viewer
Displays Land Surface Temperature and flux data from EUMETSAT LSA SAF.
V1.1.2 - New program, accept LST, DSLF, LAT or LON file names, accept old-format and new-format LST file names, use the File|Open menu to select a file for viewing or drag-and-drop files onto the .EXE from Windows Explorer or drag-and-drop files onto the running .EXE, requires LAT, LON & LST files, DSLF is optional, mouse cursor shows temperature or flux, flux colour range can be adjusted on the Setup tab, min/max temperatures can be adjusted on the Setup tab, View|Refresh or F5 reloads the current data, automatic mapping of pass for detailed tabs.
2009 Sep 07 Sea-Ice and SST Viewer V1.4.2 - Add support for southern hemisphere SAF-OSI data, build with Delphi 2009.
2009 Sep 06 GeoSatSignal
Process images from geostationary weather satellites.
V7.1.2 - Support Blitzortung.org Europe lightning data overlay, support "Bracknell over DWDSAT" overlay, support more un-gridded and small-size Dundee MSG data, limited support for GRIB-format CTH data from EUMETSAT, support both GIF and TIFF format for certain overlays, add 900x900 remap size option, support Snow and Microphysics EUMETSAT JPEG data, add LSA/SAF/LST support of HDF5 data (sample LUT here), Dutch language update, German language updates, reset satellite sub-point when reading LST &c data, WEFAX browser warning added, build with Delphi 2009.
2009 Sep 05 AVHRR Manager
Assemble and manage EARS AVHRR data from NOAA-17, 18 & 19
V1.6.6 - Add NOAA-19 to missing AVHRR segments report, update French language support, provide enhanced out-of-the-box experience.  NOAA-18 is now a backup satellite, so data is not normally disseminated.
2009 Sep 05 Metop Manager
Processes the AVHRR and GAC data from the EUMETCast EPS/Metop-A stream, and manages other data and messages.
V1.4.2 - Make NOAA-19 the default GAC tabs, make Metop-A the initial default for the Browser tab, add web-based Help|FAQs menu item, French language update, correct AMSU-A save directory name, build with Delphi 2009.
2009 Sep 04 ATOVS Reader V1.2.0 - Compiled with Delphi 2009.
2009 Sep 04 GRIB Viewer V2.3.2 - Supports an extended text annotation, prevent boundary lines overlaying the annotation text.
2009 Sep 04 Ground Map V2.1.2 - Add 450 x 450 "small square" mapping option, accept PNG image input, prevent -FORCEOUT: blanking out an existing specified output filename, add support for ASTER-DEM data, compiled with Delphi 2009.
2009 Sep 04 HDF Viewer V1.4.2 - Accept files dropped from Explorer to open them, add optional timestamp to images, correct missing files from multiple data sets.
2009 Aug 16 TV writer
Convert images for display back on your digital camera
V2.3.2 - Support Nikon D70, D70s, D700, Coolpix S1000pj, Olympus E-10, Panasonic LX3, Image Creator, correct thumbnail images.
2009 Aug 16 SlideShow
Display images as a slide-show on your PC
V2.3.2 - Accept JPEG as well as JPG file extensions, be more polite with bad files, warn if overwriting with File|Save as... dialog, position options dialog at main form centre.
2009 Aug 04 Tiny Ben
Simple analog clock
V1.1.2 - Add option to show or hide on the taskbar, give the system tray icon a working miniature clock face.
2009 Jul 11 AVHRR Manager V1.6.4 - Save satellite selection across language change, re-display Kepler age after language switch, add Browse buttons for HRPT Reader and WXtrack Keplers (HRPT Reader will return a folder and WXtrack will return a file name in the selected folder), for auto-locate WXtrack the program uses a file name from the WXtrack Kepler folder, add Help|FAQs pointing to the Web.
2009 Jul 08 Tiny Ben V1.1.0 - Add date and day to application title, update icon.
2009 Jul 05 Equalise
Equalise directory contents
V6.1.2 - Add file exclusion list to the Options page.
2009 Jul 03 AVHRR Manager V1.6.2 - Add support for NOAA-19, more thorough check on Kepler age, add satellite choice for pass list creation on the Ground Stations tab.
2009 Jun 30 SatCover
Satellite multi-day coverage prediction
V1.1.0 - Version for Delphi 2009.
2009 Jun 30 SatBatch
Automation for SatSignal
V1.9.0 - Improved clarity of pass-list display, more choices with pass duration required .. be sure to check your "Require xx secs" setting, version for Delphi 2009.
2009 Jun 17 Pass Control V3.2.4 - Prepare for NOAA-18/NOAA-19 frequency swap.
2009 Jun 13 Country boundary data Countries.dat now includes Malta, Gozo, Evia & South Georgia
2009 May 30 GeoSatSignal V7.0.6 - Identify RSS MPE GRIB files correctly, add support for GRIB CLM data, recognise new EUMETSAT "d2" files (select with Job setup => General; EUMETSAT mapping B), improved support for channel 4 thermal data, recognise EUMETSAT Archive ch.4 data, allow LUTs and temperature display with more ch.4 data, keep old channels if Fire job option set, recognise EUMETSAT Archive service rapid-scan data when \RSS-LRIT\ is in the directory name, recognise more GOES image sizes and allow false-colour production, support earlier 2288 pixel MTSAT-1R HDF data from CMA, accept TIF files for a few overlays, correct error in mapping IDX0605 etc. overlays, update IDX0016 overlay to more recent 648 x 409 mapping.
Please note that the older D1, D2, D3 etc. WEFAX naming formats may no longer be correctly recognised - please let me know ASAP if this happens and affects you.
2009 May 29 MSG Data Manager V2.5.30 - Reduce occurrence of incomplete FSD images, support new weekly report file names (you may need to add [Info-Channel-2] to recv-channels.ini), save new LSA_-ASCII files with a .ASC file extension when uncompressed.
2009 May 29 MSG Animator V2.5.30 - Version number update only.
2009 May 29 WXtrack V3.7.6 - Add high-precision option for tracker Large Text display.
2009 May 29 DWDSAT HRPT Viewer V1.1.2 - Optional enhancements to the File|Open dialog.
2009 May 28 SweepGen
Audio sweep generator
V3.5.2 - Add square-wave option, add looped slow-sweep mode (registered version), improved layout for large-font users, combine on/off LED onto start/stop button.
2009 May 28 HRPT Reader V2.8.6 - Add detection of "NP" as NOAA-19 from L1B data.
2009 May 28 HDF Viewer V1.3.2 - Revise Open Latest function (revise file checks to look for DSLF or DSSF files, find latest of either .BZ2 or .HDF5 files, allows for mixed compressed and uncompressed files), improved error handling, returns ERRORLEVEL for checking in batch-jobs.
2009 May 25 Metop Manager V1.3.4 - Italian language update, allow full-colour choice of boundary colour, handle "Administration" message data, support NOAA-19 GAC and ATVOS test data (provisional), missing chunks report formatting update.
2009 Apr 19 GRIB Viewer V2.2.4 - Support EUMETSAT MTP/MPE data (non-standard GRIB-2 Section-2 length), support new OSI-SAF SST files (global and North Atlantic).
2009 Apr 15 WXtrack V3.7.4 - Extend day/night shading options, accept multiple user ground stations with the ability to switch between them by a menu or mouse click, add new ground station colours and display them in bold text, improved handling of unusual orbit data (e.g. early STS 119 data), update French help and read-me files.
2009 Apr 15 HRPT Reader V2.8.4 - Start support for NOAA-19 - working for Orbit/SSB and Timestep formats, add NOAA-19 official thermal calibration data (but no SST calibration yet available), update French Help & read-me files.
2009 Apr 14 SatSignal
APT and WEFAX decoder.
V5.1.4 - Update NOAA-19 support, improved telemetry decoding, add check against bad Sensor Model value.
2009 Apr 13 MSG Data Manager V2.5.28 - Support LSA-SAF EPS data, support GRAS-SAF GRM refractivity data, add Large Log Files option saving a longer processing history, update for .Z and .gz CMA data extensions, update all Spring 2009 FSD eclipse dates, show source folder in Missing Segments Report, updates to MTSAT-1R PGM data.
2009 Apr 13 MSG Animator V2.5.28 - Update default animation settings.
2009 Feb 16 Kepler Manager
Download assistant.
V1.3.2 - Add support for NOAA-19
2009 Feb 11 Pass Control V3.2.2 - Add support for NOAA-19 at 137.9125MHz
2009 Jan 15 GeoSatSignal
Process images from geostationary weather satellites.
V7.0.4 - Add support for Iberian, European & Scandinavian radar data from Ton Lindemann, refine File|Open dialog, include GRIB files in File|Open dialog, make GRIB/MPE colour mapping fixed, restore cached animations in batch mode, all RSS HRV options now handled correctly.
2009 Jan 15 HRPT Reader V2.8.2 - Add two European-convection CLUTs ( CLUT_convection.bmp [standard] and CLUT_convection-day.bmp [for daytime use], accept VCS-format L1B data, add channel 4 temperature display in Kelvins, correct text output from advanced-mode fire detection, correct wrong saved-image caption when Flip used.
2009 Jan 13 MSG Data Manager V2.5.26 - Add special "Inset hourly GOES images" option, add support for saving country boundaries with FY2C data, add reporting option for "GOES-12 set as from GOES-10" (fault work-round during Dec 2008 - Jan 2009), honour saved boundaries with rapid-scan data, revise default HRV window alignments and description, extend VGT4Africa housekeeping,  improved robustness to bad registry data.
2009 Jan 13 MSG Animator V2.5.26 - Use fixed intensity/colour mapping for the EUMETCast GRIB MPE precipitation data.
2009 Jan 11 BUFR Viewer V1.0.0 - New program to decode BUFR data, choice of classic wind barb or air direction display, optionally, country boundaries can be displayed (file name is countries.dat, file lives in the same directory as BUFRviewer.exe, download here), optionally, a background map can be displayed (file name must be: UserMap.jpg, sample included in the download, file lives in the same directory as BUFRviewer.exe, image must be in Plate-Carree projection), include collection and display of a processing log, add control of border line and background colours, add gridlines, with colour and visibility control, add option for timestamp at the top left of the image, allow for spaces in the install and data paths, allow for locales where the decimal separator is a comma, add File, Save As, with JPEG and PNG format support, add simple fix for network files not working, add BUFRviewer.ini to define available regions (right-click the image to see your choices, you can edit this file by hand to add regions), add data thinning - right-click the image, accept -region-1 .. -region-5 etc. on command-line, accept -save:<path+filename> on command-line, accept -thin:5 on command line (values from 1 to 100), accept -close on command-line.
2009 Jan 11 WXtrack V3.7.2 - Add Mars to tracker pointing, add another bank, making four in total - shortcut Ctrl+4 selects bank 4 in the registered version, only flip tracker if it has 180 degree elevation range.
2009 Jan 11 NTP Monitor V5.1.0 - Allow for more line colours, use line colours for node information text.
2009 Jan 10 Metop Manager V1.3.2 - Add control of World View & Browser map longitude origin, manage NOAA-18 ATOVS L2 data ( provisional).
NB: This version is newly recompiled for Delphi 2007 - so please check carefully and be sure to keep a backup of your existing .EXE and .LNG files!
2009 Jan 10 GRIB Viewer V2.2.2 - Add temperature scale display (shown if scale location is set), option for emboldened timestamp, accept timestamps from accumulated data, enhance animation capabilities (please note this is quite a rewrite, so use with care).
2009 Jan 10 ATOVS Reader V1.1.4 - Support Metop-A data over EUMETCast, Centre View| Diagnostics and Help| Register displays on the main form, compiled with Delphi 2007.
2009 Jan 07 Tiny Ben V1.0.8 - Avoid losing system tray icon when StayOnTop changed, display hint date & day for longer, prevent rounding error in digital clock display.
2009 Jan 01 ShowMan
Disk usage pie-chart
V6.0.2 - report compressed or sparse files greater than 4GB correctly.

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