Updates to David Taylor's Software - 2014

This page lists the changes made to my applications during 2014.  Recent updates.

Date Application Notes


HRPT Reader

V3.0.4 - Add Histogram Equalise (mild) option, experimental support for  Meteor-M-N2 (file extension .MN2, still some vertical lines, mapping is well out at the moment, need more information on scanner parameters, more sample files would be appreciated), support FY-3C.



V3.8.32 - Allow control of dual-view status panel window with right-click on the panel area.


Process images from geostationary weather satellites.

V7.4.6 - Add GOMS-1 support for background mode and HRV rapid-scan for Europe & Wide options, add GOMS-1 mid-IR option - ir4 - in File|Browse EUMETCast..., add milder histogram equalise option, add new ovBlitzTOA2 overlay, larger remap support for single-channel IR data, support McIDAS IR1 MTSAT-2 file (file name is IR2?), update Ton's "Rain Radar B" (renamed to "Rain Radar Europe C&S", files named: r-cse140126_2300.gif, initial support, to be tweaked?), with all Ton's overlays - redraw boundaries after overlay, updated French translation, add support for new format MSG News admin messages, make new EUMETCast text messages in ascending order, resolve faint overlay with "Atlantic surface".


NTP plotter

V1.0.29 - Warn if too many points are selected for plotting..


MSG Data Manager
Manage EUMETCast data.

V2.6.20 - Save JPEG as monochrome option, set as default - images take up to 6% less disk space and may process faster, add support for SAPHIR data on EUMETSAT Data Channel 4, add support for S-HSAF-h11 hydrology files, add support for NPP OSPO, OMPS & VIIRS AOT files (will also scan received\NPP-3 directory, data saved in Sounder directory), add support for ATMS & CRIS sounder data in channel NPP-2, add support for EARS-VIIRS data in data channel NPP-2, update all Autumn eclipse dates, fix recognition of EUMETCast_Meteosat_ text messages, correct failure to purge some sounder files.

Please note: Windows-XP and Windows-Vista support has been dropped in versions after 2.6.16, although the software may  continue to work.



V3.8.30 - Add option not to send Doppler corrections (for receivers with effective AFC in hardware or software), add right-click status bar option to show Moon range and rate.


GRIB Viewer

V3.0.6 - Support more data for ASCII output (total precipitation, albedo, solar irradiation), standardise naming for most ASCII output units, add -latlon option (for batch mode ASCII output, writes latlon.dat to output directory), open multiple Z__C..euraab & euraac files from DWDSAT (allows animation of the results, only applies to opening the 00 hours file, GRIB Viewer 3 licence required), recognise new GRIB-1 data types (ASOB solar irradiation, ALB_RAD albedo of the surface), recognise GRIB2 DWDSAT types MSLP & geopotential, add choice of wind marker colour.

Licence upgrade purchase here.


AVHRR Manager
Handles EARS NOAA & Metop-A/B AVHRR data.

V3.0.6 - Delete iasi, cloudmask, cloudtype & ctth data if "Delete Channel 1 data" is checked, timestamp files with latest segment time.



V3.7.4 - Correct trigger-burst pop-up hint.



V3.7.2 - Add trigger burst before audio sweep (fast sweep only, 2.0 KHz burst on the right-hand channel).


Digital Wall Clock
for the Raspberry Pi.  Includes program and sources.

V1.0.5 - Wall clock allowing either UTC or local time to be used.  For UTC, you should change the line in the DigigtalClock.ini file to UTC=1 and restart the program.  For local time reset it to "UTC=0" and restart.  The time characters are slightly smaller in UTC mode, to allow for the string "utc" after the time.  Yes, correctly-speaking it should be "UTC" but that takes up even more space!



V3.8.28 - Update Park Tracker for DDE-connected trackers, add seconds to UTC display, add beta to ISS panel display, neaten ISS orbit display (approximately three orbits from the ascending node), continued work on ISS orbit numbers (display actual number at at start of orbit time, use orbit number in day for ISS panel display), update active GPS satellites for PRNs 01 24 27 and 30, in Tracker|Test add response in hex as hint to the response box to aid debugging, remove debug message in SPID tracker.


MSG Data Manager

V2.6.18 - Add nowcasting NWC SAF support data saved in SAF directory, open to negotiation!), add support for new format EUMETCast News messages (file names starting: EUMETCast_Meteosat, plain text files, honour text message retention times), add support for Global NOAA ATOVS data (files in Data Channel 4), add support for NCEP_forecast for Africa data (received directory ..\WMO-RA-I\ will be scanned, file names like: ncep_forecast_20140223_gfs.tar, will be copied to the ..\images\DWDSAT\ tree), use the file date & time for the slot for AMESD file names which can't otherwise be decoded, add support for changed FY-2D/FY-2E data as the HDF format was changed without notice, remove support for a couple of DevCoCast-1 products as this project has now ended, and the product  names conflicted with other products, update Met-7 Spring eclipse dates, restore LRIT direct reception function, avoid reporting misleading singleton in missing slots.

Please note: Windows-XP and Vista support has been dropped in versions after 2.6.16, although the software should continue to work.


HRPT Reader

V3.0.2 - Add View, Go to location ... option (enter location in decimal degrees, latitude -90.0..+90.0, longitude: -180.0..359.9, north/east are positive values, south/west negative, click on the "Go!" in the left column, need valid lat/lon otherwise "Go!" fails, image moves to try and centre the location, cursor flashes to highlight new location).


MSG Data Manager

V2.6.16 - Experimental version allowing more memory in 64-bit (Windows-7/8 systems with more than 4 GB RAM, program not supported on XP/64 or Vista/64, should work on all 32-bit Windows - XP SP3 and later), add 3.8 Ám and 11.9 Ám GOMS-1 support, add second FSD tab showing main GOMS-1 and FY2D data, add Detailed View support for GOMS-1 and FY-2D (NB. displaying multiple 1 km resolution images could cause the program to run out of memory and stop working. Be very careful - hence the experimental 64-bit memory support added), scan both Data Channels 11 and 12 for CMA data, extend Advanced Setup for newer channels, correct retention purge of W_NL-KNMI-DEBILT SAF files.


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