Updates to David Taylor's Software - 2011

This page lists the changes made to my applications during 2011.  Recent updates

Date Application Notes
2011-Dec-26 GeoSatSignal
Process images from geostationary weather satellites
V7.2.6 - Add GOES-15 support (handle Dundee image GOES-15 data, accept GOES15 as well as GOES11 in many places, correct WV aspect for GOES-15 on Browse|EUMETCast), add "RGB AVHRR-like" to RGB suggested settings (emulates AVHRR RGB124 appearance, best used with the XferClipBlue RGB xfer setting), correct Dundee MSG ch.9 data not being recognised in RGB mode.
2011-Dec-23 BUFR Viewer V1.1.10 - Update Bufr2Asc.exe for newer-format data, consistency check on restore, more diagnostics, correct table path error.
2011-Dec-17 MSG Data Manager V2.5.52 - Add DMSP sounder support (files arrive in [EUMETSAT Data Channel 4], files stored in the \Images\ATOVS\ tree, files are in BUFR format), start FY-2D support (AMV & TBB supported, image files supported, settings taken from FY-2C equivalents, old data purge not yet confirmed), start support for NDVD files (saved with .hdf5 extension), start support for MTSAT-2 12.0Ám IR data (saved files are named: 201110241300-mt2-ir12.jpg, calibration should be the MTSAT standard), add decoding of the date from new AMESD file names (note that the CFWI files are a set of three per day, and not placed according to their file names), extend TPC-1 support and add unzipping option, extend support for BMD .PNG files, early support for GOES-15 promotion as the GOES-W satellite (thumbnail and detail image improvements, more accurate channel wavelength descriptions), reporting updates.
2011-Dec-14 WXtrack V3.8.16 - Add Options, Units menu (registered version), ISS panel honours units setting (km or nm altitude).
2011-Dec-13 HRPT Reader V2.10.4 - Always bring View|Corrected image to front, updates for FY-1D changes, limit zoom for very long passes, updated recommended install location.
2011-Nov-09 Metop Manager
Processes the AVHRR and GAC data from the EUMETCast EPS/Metop-A stream, and manages other data and messages
V1.4.12 - Add support for BZ2 compressed files (received files will be copied to the processed files location and expanded there for decoding), add support for IASI thinned BUFR 366 service, add screen-shot auto-save option, limit log files to about a two-week history, change hints for ATOVS data to [EPS-Global], default option for auto-restart to run minimised.
2011-Sep-30 GeoSatSignal
Process images from geostationary weather satellites
V7.2.4 - Add RGB suggested settings option (settings stored in the file: GeoSatSignal-RGB.ini which you can edit with a text editor such as Notepad, samples supplied for Airmass, Ash, Dust and Fog), improved rendering of the "crop" remapping, please advise if other remappings are now not working as expected in the off-mapping region, greater tolerance of channels accepted (accept 1 or 2 for vegetation, 1, 2, or 3 for R3G2B1, some PNG thermal and JPG visible), recognise FY-2C mid-IR data for fire although the resolution isn't really good enough.
2011-Sep-26 MSG Data Manager V2.5.50 - Missing segments report updates (more frequent CTH and MTSAT-2 visible data schedule changes, Met-7, GOES-E & -W & MTSAT Autumn eclipse dates, change GOES-E & GOES-W to generic names), support new WMO-RA-VI data channel (was BMD-RA-VI, which is still supported as well), support temporary -TOZE_ MPEF files (the latest sent of TOZ and TOZE will be stored as TOZ).
2011-Jul-28 HRPT Reader V2.10.2 - Add text output option including channel 5 brightness temperatures, enhance functions with T4-T5 (ash) (cursor display includes delta-T, new text output option to include delta-T), improved decoding of poor data, improved boundaries on very long passes, fix Meteor-M N1 passes over UTC day boundary.
2011-Jul-26 WXtrack V3.8.14 - Add Tracker|Test Clarke Belt function (registered), add screen lock/unlock button (registered), add maximum elevation to Optically Visible Passes listing, provide control of "GMT" clock font and red equator line in ISS mode, skip stale STS Kepler data warning, update one new GPS PRN number.
2011-Jul-26 NTP Monitor V5.1.4 - Enhancements to the display controlled by keywords in the clock list file - including the main window and taskbar titles, update time zone name and offset more frequently, "Delta" option not to plot unchanged values (but don't use this if your PCs are well synced!), add "Plot only active" option, don't extend plot where there is no data, try harder not to prevent Windows shutdown when running.
2011-Jul-26 Ground Map V2.1.8 - Allow longitude span up to 160 degrees - may need to limit this by projection type later.
2011-Jul-23 GRIB Viewer V2.3.12 - Support H-SAF h03 data from Rome, add option to omit "0" from the saved file name of single dataset jobs.
2011-Jul-18 Metop Manager V1.4.10 - Add day-forward and day-backward buttons to the Browser, add optional timed auto-restart facility.
2011-Jul-02 MODIS L1 Viewer V2.0.2 - New version so a licence upgrade is required, support new Terra data and file names, allow open of multiple fire files, option to show region where data is available.
2011-May-09 MODIS L1 Viewer V1.0.6 - Add second city list option, make right-click, Vis ch. brightness act on vegetation, clarify how to show boundary and cities, work with new MODIS file names (browser updated, File|Open dialog updated), French & Italian language updates.
2011-Apr-17 Tiny Ben
Simple analog clock
V1.1.8 - Improved digital text appearance when UTC specified.
2011-Apr-09 MSG Animator V2.5.46 - Allow minimum animation looping time to be set to zero.
2011-Apr-09 MSG Data Manager V2.5.46 - Support Feb 2011 NDVI and Fire (CAP) data, update for GOES-east, GOES-west, Met-7 and MTSAT-2 Spring 2011 eclipse dates, remove LRIT SEVIRI by default, support revised MODIS file names, update reporting for GII/RII/FIRA/FIRC changes, option to skip FIRC report, support DWDSAT/BMD-RA-VI Z__*.tar files, support OSCAT data from the ISRO satellite Oceansat-2 (source: \received\Data Channel 13\  & destination: \Images\SCAT\, French language update, Italian language update, experimental auto-restart facility (provided for just one user).
2011-Mar-27 GeoSatSignal
Process images from geostationary weather satellites
V7.2.2.996 - Add 3200x2400 remap size option, add option to save Plane Plotter calibration, increase number of jobs to 100 with enhanced layout, French language update, resolve mapping shift after Bracknell overlay used.
2011-Mar-04 Audio Sweep Generator V3.5.4 - Add possibility to phase step every few seconds, make phase step settings adjustable, always save settings on program exit.
2011-Feb-20 Kepler Manager V1.4.2 - Change to support HTTPS access to Space-Track.  Extra DLLs are required to support this ( libeay32.dll and ssleay32.dll are in the Zip archive - extract them to the same directory as KeplerManager.exe)
2011-Feb-13 HRPT Reader V2.10.0 - Support WinRadio WSD-format for HRPT (NOAA-xx) and CHRPT (FengYun-1D) data, basic Meteor-M N1 support (file names like: HRPT_Meteor-M-N1_2010-06-04_08-26-42_UTC_U2_d50.mn1 or Rob Alblas 10B format, limited-accuracy geo-location, no thermal calibration, RGB & user-RGB channel combinations), enhanced satellite name detection, improved decoding of Rob Alblas header timestamp.
2011-Feb-02 BUFR Viewer V1.1.8 - Add north- and south-polar regions (please check BUFR Viewer.ini, region numbers have changed to keep list alphabetic, you may need to change numbers in any command-line call), don't keep temporary text file unless "write debug" set.
2011-Jan-29 HRPT Reader V2.9.8 - Extend Metop-A support to RAW16 files (file name was being incorrectly recognised), add VxEos support (HRPT & CHRPT), French & Spanish language updates, only write timestamp on saved image if user requested it, trap mouse out of range during histogram measurement.
2011-Jan-29 WXtrack V3.8.12 - Improved message if tracker serial port doesn't exist, in Tracker Options form: ensure Server Labjack path Hint shows initially, in Tracker Test form: allow for seconds back as well as ahead, show tracker response (LVB tracker only, 300ms timeout, send "C2<cr>", read 12 chars), add right-click Park Antenna to World Map menu, stop multiple triggers of auto-track.

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