Updates to David Taylor's Software - 2010

This page lists the changes made to my applications during 2010.  Recent updates 

Date Application Notes
2010 Dec 26 MSG Animator V2.5.44 - Remove Vista pre-SP1 fixes, you may need to stop and start your existing animations to delete the .AVI file.
2010 Dec 26 MSG Data Manager V2.5.44 - Add simple Housekeeping Report tool, two French language updates, support for new format DCP/WMO/BUFR data tests, support AVHRR polar wind data, extend VGT4Africa to include G2_BIOPAR data, preliminary support for RANET data, extend DevCoCast support to UCT_ data, unzip both BZ2 and GZ DevCoCast files for the user, only purge data where process is also requested, save parallel running data as "PAR"
2010 Dec 14 Tiny Ben
Simple analog clock
V1.1.6 - Add slight transparency to Digital Text so that the clock hands may be seen a little more clearly.
2010 Nov 28 Kepler Manager
Download Assistant
V1.4.0 - Add ENVISAT support: satellite included on the Historic Data list, you need an empty file named: Envisat.txt in your HRPT Reader ..\Keps\Updates\ directory to "seed" the updates, and you can remove ENVISAT from your KeplerManager.ini (these function are in the registered version).
2010 Oct 31 GeoSatSignal
Process images from geostationary weather satellites
V7.2.0 - Prevent unnecessary path warning in Browse EUMETCast function, update default directory locations for World View option & for Admin reports location, World View enhancements including optional use of FY-2E data and smoother inter-image transitions, detect "stale" data in World View warn both audibly and visibly that it's not used, correct Options / JobSetup / Annotation secondary user hint.
2010 Oct 21 BUFR Viewer V1.1.6 - Add Bold option for the timestamp (also enlarges the font), add selection of levels to display, add polar winds support with coloured levels, log program version and run date & time, accept -MAX command-line parameter for largest images when batch-processing, add debug logging option.
2010 Oct 19 CHLO Viewer V1.1.2 - Viewer for the Chlorophyll data sent over EUMETCast and available from the OceanColor Web site, supports the changed compressed data format, add scale at the bottom of the image.
2010 Oct 17 Pass Control V3.3.2 - Add NOAA-15/17 frequency swap option.
2010 Oct 12 NTP Monitor V5.1.2 - Add precision logging to file option (PL checkbox), add buttons for changing Y scale (replaces label click), click on right-half of clock face to refresh data, click on status bar for About... box, avoid history corruption when replies not received.
2010 Aug 15 Metop Manager
Processes the AVHRR and GAC data from the EUMETCast EPS/Metop-A stream, and manages other data and messages
V1.4.8 - Update for both [EPS-4] and [EPS-14] moved to [EPS-Global], remove redundant "failed to copy file" log messages, store IASI data in correct \yyyy\mm\dd\ path, Italian language update, make default data retention period one day.
2010 Aug 15 MapToGeo
Convert map images to geostationary projection
V1.1.8 - Add support for .GIF files on input, add 4860 x 2700 Mercator "GAC world" output projection, increased maximum Earth View diameter - now 5000 pixels, add support for MT2 at 145E.
2010 Aug 15 GRIB Viewer V2.3.10 - Correct reading Vertical Flip for Plate Carree data.
2010 Aug 14 GeoSatSignal V7.1.6 - Add black background option for "World Map" reprojection, add Atlantic Surface Analysis overlay, recognise Australian IDE00006/IDE00005 data as a visible/IR pair, improved handling of WV with LUT images, support Dundee false-colour image as "visible" channel (MSG2_16) processed in its original colours, offer to correct wrong user-defined path in Browse EUMETCast function, early support for MTSAT-2 data over EUMETCast and Dundee images, extended JPEG quality range, enhanced Dundee GOES-13 support.
2010 Aug 14 Ground Map V2.1.6 - Add HD-format remaps for the PRO version (1280 x 720, 1920 x 1080, 2560 x 1440, 3840 x 2160).
2010 Aug 13 MSG Data Manager V2.5.42 - Alter default "retention days" to 1 day, extra empty directory check for retention-managed data, update GOES-E and GOES-W thermal calibration and corresponding "inset image" function, improved TAMSAT support, enhanced thumbnail resize for the PRO version, early support for new EUMETSAT \received\ directory structure and location, reporting updates (Autumn eclipse dates for GOES-E/W, Met-7 & MTSAT-2, enhanced layout, changed defaults) Italian language update.
2010 Aug 09 MODIS L1 Viewer V1.0.4 - Support colour lookup tables (CLUTs) on thermal data, add "dust" day/night derived product, add mouse-drag for image image location, improved "Geo" display of multi-segment passes, start foreign-language support (French translation started, German pending, Italian done).
2010 Aug 08 ShowMan
Disk usage pie-chart
V6.0.6 - Improve legibility of item list.
2010 Aug 08 WXtrack V3.8.10 - Option to hide any satellite name by setting e.g. "HST=-" in the ISS Options, TDRS rename section, use a single minus sign after the equals sign, echo show/hide status of Show Second Station box in map control panel right-click pop-up menu, tweak height of Frequencies display text, restore read location from GPS (broken in Unicode update).
2010 Aug 04 Tiny Ben V1.1.4 - Right-click menu option to disable tray icon - program restart required, improved system tray icon handling if Windows is not ready or Windows Explorer restarts, tries harder to hide from the Task Bar if requested, improved digital time overlay appearance with Windows-7.
2010 Jul 28 AVHRR Manager
Assemble and manage EARS AVHRR data from NOAA-17, 19 & Metop-A
V2.0.6 - Correct processing of Metop-A FDES (Full Dump Extraction Service) data (an unannounced extra field was added).
2010 Jul 18 DWDSAT HRPT Viewer V1.2.4 - Accept externally decompressed file sets.
2010 Jul 18 ATOVS Reader V1.2.2 - Add north-polar region for fast-dump data from the Metop FDES (Full Dump Extraction Service).
2010 Jul 18 Metop Manager V1.4.6 - Preliminary support for Metop AVHRR Polar Winds, tidy Browser View controls, layout tweak in Missed Chunks Report, check for 1GB free disk space on output drive and stop if too little, pad short-data-files with last good line, trap more bad files without stopping.
2010 Jul 18 ShowMan V6.0.4 - Larger group box for options (suits Vista better), compile with Delphi 2009 (may provide improved Unicode support).
2010 Jul 18 AVHRR Manager V2.0.4 - Improved robustness decoding Metop-A data, allow read-only data (but the program will keep trying to delete and process it again).
2010 Jul 17 MSG Data Manager V2.5.40 - Extend DevCoCast and Americas-CH1 support, delay startup if "received" is on a RAMdisk, prepare reporting for hourly CTH, support DWDSAT Z__*.bin files, early support for GII-HD, RII-HD & MTSAT-2, option to save brightness-calibrated image alongside PGM raw data, more frequent TelliCast old files purge (if enabled, please see the release notes if you use this facility), improved robustness against bad data.
2010 Jul 17 MSG Animator V2.5.40 - Update for MTSAT-2 (satellite at different location so there will be a jump between MTSAT-1R and MTSAT-2), keep original annotation font, add experimental hurricane LUT (LUTLandSea-r2b.bmp), first build with Delphi 2009.
2010 Jun 09 GRIB Viewer V2.3.8 - Update divergence palette for better near-zero discrimination, display "n/a" for mouse-over of not present divergence data.
2010 May 23 WXtrack V3.8.8 - Layout tweaks for Windows Vista and Windows-7, trap error where second station is not yet defined.
2010 May 17 HRPT Reader V2.9.6 - Extend Metop-A support, revise timestamp and annotation caption options, will only be shown on the saved image (not the displayed image), use two lines of text for timestamp & user annotation, add menu item to show corrected view and minimise the main form, restore limited AAPP support,  recognise QOS.HRPT and CSR.HRPT processing software.
2010 May 02 WXtrack V3.8.6 - ISS display enhancements, ISS/STS landing weather display, add Full-Screen mode toggled by F11, add second-station az/el readout, read multiple notes files: TLEnotes*.txt, improve night-time shading very near the equinox, revised far-east longitude format (replace 240W with 120E), allow country boundaries on the Plate-Carree background map.
2010 May 02 MODIS L1 Viewer V1.0.2 - New program to display and process MODIS L1 Images and Fire Data being sent over the EUMETCast service (registration with EUMETSAT may be required).  The MODIS L1 Viewer allows you to browse received passes graphically, and to select one or more segments for processing.  Both the raw data and derived multi-channel sensor combinations can be viewed, allowing better interpretation of the data, and both the raw and derived data can be remapped to regions of your choice at a variety of resolutions.
2010 Apr 15 MSG Data Manager V2.5.38 - Support new file name format BMD data (files named Z__*.TIFF), support new Jason file names, discovered that some DWDSAT data now has a four digit year and no minutes - this may be a mistake but support it in any case. - example file name:
.. grb01-waf_ttw_global_024_850100-2010020406-rus3--EDZW-bin, add Enable Screen Saver option, extended DevCoCast support, extended MODIS-L1 support (separate control of sensor and geo-location data), preliminary TAMSAT tropical data support, Met-7/GOES-E/GOES-W spring eclipse updates, prepare for GOES-13 replacing GOES-12, report GOES-E as GOES-13 after 2010-Apr 14, French & Italian language updates.
2010 Mar 27 AVHRR Manager V2.0.2 - Preliminary Metop-A support (included in Tools, Missing AVHRR segments report, data, included in the 30-day trial period, logged as METOPA), add Moscow ground station, correct end-of-pass delayed notification timing, Italian language update.
2010 Feb 06 GeoSatSignal V7.1.4 - Allow LUT to be specified for batch World View, obey LUT changes in World View when refresh requested, add right-click on status bar for home location values - these are the current values for the page being displayed, support GSHHS V2.0 boundary data, option to produce .JPW "world" files for Plate-Carree remapped projection, add choice of nearest-neighbour or smooth interpolation for remapping, allow mixed JPG/PNG FY2C/E data, exit on error in batch mode, correct LSA-LST temperature display.
2010 Feb 05 WXtrack V3.8.4 - Add Frequencies display panel when maximised - allows multiple frequencies per satellites to be displayed, and these are the Doppler-shifted values (registered version, 1280 pixel wide display), add Kepler data summary as a popup hint to the satellite selector combo-box (registered version), add user-choice satellites to View|GPS prediction, add View|Solar noon option (rather new and untested, so please check results), add IT9SLJ "text tracker", add ISS status panel (registered version) with eclipse-boundary markers, gridlines, clock, blackboard, TDRS-rename & label position, omit well-known names, and other cosmetic enhancements,  remove text transparency with bold satellite fonts (experimental), provide control of minimum elevation in Ephemeris prediction, right-click map controls panel to select what is displayed, add FAQs-on-the-Web Help menu, prevent "jumping labels", stop access violation at startup.
2010 Feb 04 HDF Viewer


V1.4.4 - Add support for ET (Evapotranspiration) data, on BZ2 decompress error, exit with error-level in batch mode.
2010 Feb 02 Metop LSA Viewer
Displays Land Surface Temperature and flux data from EUMETSAT LSA SAF
V1.1.4 - Accept -MIN and -CLOSE parameters, accept -JPG and -PNG parameters for image file saving (saved as _dslf.jpg and _lst.jpg or as _dslf.png and _lst.png in current directory), add control of background colour, add control of border display and its colour, may need to switch to Pass Overview tab to see changes, enable runtime theme support.
2010 Feb 01 Ground Map V2.1.4 - Make the Map List default to the same directory when using the File|Location Data menu.
2010 Feb 01 GRIB Viewer V2.3.6 - Recognise new-format EUMETCast divergence data.
2010 Jan 30 SatSignal
APT and WEFAX decoder
V5.2.2 - Default satellites updated, improved channel switch reporting, build with Delphi 2009.
2010 Jan 30 Slide Show
Display images as a slide-show on your PC
V2.3.4 - Allow rename from 1, not 0, make rename command work correctly with Windows XP and with spaces in file names
2010 Jan 28 HRPT Reader V2.9.4 - Add text-mode save, improved Dartcom date estimate in diagnostics, restore missing histogram adjustment sliders.
2010 Jan 23 Metop Manager V1.4.4 - Flag NOAA-18 as a normally inactive backup satellite, in Browse view: don't hide both ascending and descending passes, entitle Show times/orbit & Map projection choices.
2010 Jan 23 AVHRR Manager V1.6.8 - Flag NOAA-18 as a normally inactive backup satellite -so usually no data, don't remove directory where the browser is viewing.
2010 Jan 11 BUFR Viewer V1.1.4 - Different colours for winds at different pressure levels (with AMV & satwnd data only), accept -ARROWS and -BARBS command-line parameters to specify winds as arrows or barbs in batch mode, update for Jan-2010 KNMI data.
2010 Jan 10 MSG Data Manager V2.5.36 - Add support for Americas-CH1 data, add support for Jason data, support FY2E, start [Data Channel 8] support, start [DEVCOCAST-1] support, start MODIS-L1 support (on [Data Channel 4], keep cursor at line start when process log scrolls, correct PRO-version HRV thumbnail when restoring to maximised.

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