Updates to David Taylor's Software - 2008

This page lists the changes made to my applications during 2008.  Recent updates

Date Application Notes
2008 Dec 26 Tiny Ben
Simple analog clock
V1.0.6 - Create as System Tray application where the hint shows weekday, date and day number, add Digital Clock overlay option, enhance UTC options to allow individual choice of analog clock in UTC, digital clock in UTC, date and day number hint in UTC, add day of week to hint display.
2008 Dec 14 CMA Viewer V1.2.0 - Accept compressed files on input, support more pressure levels in HPF data, better interpretation of PRE data (mm/hour), display both compressed an no-compressed file in File|Open dialog.
2008 Dec 07 SatSignal
APT and WEFAX decoder
V5.1.2 - Russian language update.
2008 Nov 08 WXtrack
Predicts satellite positions and ground images
V3.7.0 - Improved day/night shading options, add azimuth-crossing list to solar outage form, update sunrise/sunset display format, add moonrise/moonset (experimental), add keyboard shortcuts (registered version), extra support for EGIS EPS-103 rotor, add option to park antenna on auto-switch, add right-click-point-at-satellite menu, update Google Earth view (to work in regions where comma is the decimal separator and revise the height limit to 7000km for full-disk view), improved behaviour on dual-monitor systems, improved Internet Kepler update reporting.
2008 Nov 08 GRIB Viewer V2.2.0 - Support more NOAA NCEP GFS GRIB data types (precipitation rate and total cloud cover), start RSS support, EUMETCast MPE data - improved scale and fixed intensity to colour mapping, EUMETCast DIV data - improved colour scale and fixed colour mapping.
2008 Nov 07 MSG Data Manager V2.5.24 - Add new optional Auto-Clean function to clean the TelliCast directory of unprocessed older files - use with care!, support GTS/LAM/MDD-5 data, add longitude to FSD satellite name hints, improved and enhanced  reporting, update French language menus, update Italian language menus, add new French language Lisez-Moi file.
2008 Nov 07 MSG Animator V2.5.24 - Add support for FY2C data (data due soon), add support for rapid-scan MPE and FIR data, don't force interval for RSS data, ignore external updates if update interval set, start multi-language support, first-cut French & updated German translations included.
2008 Nov 07 GeoSatSignal
Process images from geostationary weather satellites
V7.0.2 - A GeoSatSignal-7 licence is required for this software.
Add experimental support for FY2C image and HDF files over EUMETCast - including the 1km resolution visible channel, allow remapping with MTSAT-1R 1km visible, add support for WMU's OpenMTP data - including animation, revise EUMETCast browser, add control over boundary and gridline thickness, add batch-mode world output image type control, add "Blue Marble" background mode for World View, honour per-job Display WV setting for HDF files, draw gridlines before boundaries, Dutch language update, improved world-view matching of MTSAT-1R data.
2008 Nov 06 Metop Manager
Processes the AVHRR and GAC data from the EUMETCast EPS/Metop-A stream, and manages other data and messages.
V1.3.0 - Remove orbit number part from combined HRPT file name (unique file name maintained with .1, .2 etc. addition as needed), German & Italian language updates.
This version is newly recompiled for Delphi 2007 - so please check carefully and be sure to keep a backup of your existing .EXE and .LNG files!
2008 Nov 06 GINI view for NOAAPORT data V1.2.0 - Add support for compressed files.  Currently, if file extension is not .GINI, a ZLib compressed file is assumed.  Input from users would be welcomed about the best way to access this new functionality.
2008 Oct 11 TrimTree V1.2.1 - Don't list files which aren't actually deleted (e.g. write-protected files) - this reduces user panic!
2008 Aug 17 HDF Viewer V1.3.0 - Add support for new vegetation products (vegetation cover, leaf area index, absorbed photosynthetic active radiation, Europe, North and South Africa, South America).
2008 Aug 16 MSG Data Manager V2.5.22 - Add support for FY2C image and meteorological data, support MODIS Fire data (both HDF4 and TXT format), some consequential layout rearrangements result, timestamp and add .bufr extension to KNMI QuikSat and MODIS Winds data, save Rapid Scan MPEF data in \Images\MPEF-RSS\ tree, add RSS-MPEF reporting, Dutch German & Italian language updates, Autumn eclipse date updates.
Supports MSG Animator V2.5.20.221 or later.
2008 Jun 22 SatSignal V5.1.2 - Add gamma 0.6 and 0.8 options for improved cloud structure detail, refine WXtrack needed message, French language update.
2008 Jun 22 Metop Manager V1.2.4 - Correct retention period of GAC chunk lists.
2008 Jun 22 MapToGeo
Convert map images to geostationary projection
V1.1.6 - Add support for new 2752 x 2752 MTSAT data over EUMETCast (in MSG-MTS menu), add support for Meteosat-8 rapid scan service data at 9.5°E.
2008 Jun 22 HDF Viewer V1.2.2 - Run the program minimised when -MIN is specified, show the data file name in the  program's title bar.
2008 Jun 22 GRIB Viewer V2.1.8 - Replace date strings (e.g. %YYYY) in output directory name as well as the output file name.
2008 Jun 22 DWDSAT HRPT Viewer V1.1.0 - Add control of line width selection for boundary and grid lines, add choice of line colour for colour images.
2008 Jun 18 GINI view V1.1.0 - Update for Windows Vista.
2008 Jun 04 GeoSatSignal V7.0.0 - A GeoSatSignal-7 licence is required for this software.
Support compressed TIFF files for image input, allow gridlines to be plotted on any image, preliminary support for new EUMETSAT Meteosat8/9 Archive derived product data (air-mass, dust, fog, GII-K, GII-lifted-index, total precipitable water, volcanic-ash), add compass-rose option for text location to cities.dat files, include CI-Volcanoes data file (new edition) for use with EUMETSAT volcanic-ash data, allow user-specified file list for the five satellite combined world view, support new EUMETCast FSD format for MTSAT-1R (2752 square images, no mid-IR thermal calibration), add experimental support for Meteosat 7/8/9 MPE GRIB data, enhance support for FY2C/ FY2D/MTSAT-1R HDF-format data from China Meteorological Administration (CMA) - including option to use 1km high-resolution visible channel (note that memory will limit what operations may be performed on 1km data), new widescreen remap sizes (1280 x 800, 1440 x 900, 1680 x 1050, 1920 x 1200 and 2560 x 1600 plus two MSG sizes which will need plenty of memory 5568 x 2944 and 5568 x 8192), preliminary support for NDVI and US Kalpana data, EUMETCast browser updates for new mid-IR data, support for new RSS Meteosat-8 data service, support embedded spaces in the NOTIFY parameter, add Dutch language (thanks, Ton Lindemann), French and Spanish language updates.
2008 Jun 04 MSG Data Manager V2.5.20 - Add support for new-format & multi-service daily log files, add support for MSG Rapid Scanning Service (RSS) data, add support for ASR & RII MPEF data, support detail image land-sea mask in HRV wide mode, add support for 8-bit raw PGM save of MTSAT-1R data.  Experimental support for HRIT data from MTSAT-1R - please contact me direct for details.
Supports MSG Animator V2.5.20.221 or later.
2008 Jun 04 MSG Animator V2.5.20 - Add support for MSG Rapid Scanning Service (RSS) data, both old-format (full height) and new format (reduced height) should be supported, allow the HRV region property to be set separately for each animation, animation filename changes (use animation name part as of the filename and use three digits in the filename).
Requires MSG Data Manager V2.5.20.778 or later.
2008 Apr 27 HRPT Reader V2.8.0 - This version has significant internal changes as it was built with Delphi 2007.  Please check operation and results carefully.  Make Save Temperature button track language changes, provide more processing information in the saved fire pixel list, recognise satellite and time information in some SeaSpace HRPT file names, add experimental volcanic ash option on Ch.4-Ch.5 tab, German language added, French, Italian and Spanish language updates, trap missing channel 3 data, trap incorrect Land-Sea mask files, more Windows Vista friendly, accept Ctrl-Q shortcut for OverlayPageLeft in French domains, improved support for older CLASS data with an incomplete header (file extensions .GC, .SO, .WE and .WI), add thermal calibration for NOAA-7, -9 and -11.
2008 Apr 26 Kepler Manager
Download assistant
V1.3.0 - Accept -START command-line parameter to trigger automated downloads.  This is another way of specifying the -AUTO parameter.
2008 Apr 09 Equalise
Equalise directory contents
V6.0.0 - Move options to separate tab, add exclude directory list option, add Fast option (fewer directory lookups).
2008 Apr 08 ShowMan
Disk usage piechart
V6.0.0 - Make right-click properties honour the desktop font, add Explore, Delete & Open options for piechart and list right-click, rebuild tree after Delete.
2008 Mar 31 MSG Animator V2.5.18 - Add support for animating MTSAT-1R mid-IR data, optionally: don't force 24-bit animations for Windows Vista SP1.
2008 Mar 31 MSG Data Manager V2.5.18 - Add Dutch language option, use original directory scan routine with option for newer version, use FastMM4 memory manager.
2008 Mar 07 MSG Data Manager V2.5.16 - Add trim of stale CSR data, restore earlier IPL runtime libraries.
2008 Mar 05 MSG Data Manager V2.5.14 - Support extra \received\BMD-RA-VI\ directory for BMD-RA-VI data, support extra \received\DWDSAT\ directory for DWDSAT data, support GOES-10 rectified to 75°W WV channel (6.8µm not 6.6µm, thumbnails may not display correctly), additional MPEF reporting now that the number of segments per file is fixed, start update for spectral/effective radiance processing, support new MTSAT-1R channel changes and mid-IR, add CSR support, add substantially updated German language translation, update French, Italian & Spanish translations, update for Met-7, GOES-E and GOES-W eclipse seasons, greater protection against erroneous stored calibration data, improved efficiency of directory scanning.
2008 Mar 05 MSG Animator V2.5.14 - use the new MTSAT-1R format (2752 x 2752 pixels)
2008 Mar 05 Tiny Ben V1.0.4 - Add UTC option.
2008 Feb 23 SweepGen
Audio sweep generator
V3.5.0 - Support run-time themes, compile with Delphi 2007.
2008 Feb 23 AVHRR Manager
Assemble and manage EARS AVHRR data from NOAA-17 & 18
V1.5.0 - Add German language support, display hints for longer in the Austrian & German locales, update French, Italian & Spanish translations, thumbnail size check, version for Windows Vista, built with Delphi 2007.
2008 Feb 22 WXtrack V3.6.8 - Slow down commands sent to CX6DD tracker (for LVB tracker).
2008 Feb 22 HDF Viewer V1.2.0 - Support SC2 data, but not compressed format, add ASCII output with region selection, accept -RANGE parameter to save text data range information.
2008 Feb 22 SweepGen V3.4.0 - Add pink noise, add 90 degree phase, remove requirement for the runtime library bundle.
2008 Feb 21 SatSignal V5.1.0 - Allow choice of mouse scroll direction, French language update.
2008-Feb-29 Russian language update.
2008 Jan 30 Metop Manager V1.2.2 - Allow GAC composite image to be resized, enhance scrolling options for GAC composite image, add right-click control of boundary colour for GAC image, smoother GAC pass edges, add support for Metop-A ATOVS level 2 files on [EPS-4], provide choice of chunk time or orbit number display in Browser, add German language support, display hints for longer in the Austrian & German locales, French, Italian &  Spanish language updates.
2008 Jan 22 WXtrack V3.6.6 - Update French language Help - no change in the executable or version number.
2008 Jan 21 HRPT Reader V2.7.2 - Update French language Help - no change in the executable or version number.
2008 Jan 10 HRPT Reader V2.7.2 - Add German language update - no change in the executable or version number.
2008 Jan 07 HRPT Reader V2.7.2 - Spanish language minor update - no change in the executable or version number.
2008 Jan 03 HRPT Reader V2.7.2 - French language minor update - no change in the executable or version number.
2008 Jan 02 GreyScale V1.3.0 - Remove requirement for separate runtime library, version for Delphi 2007.

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