Updates to David Taylor's Software - 2007

This page lists the changes made to my applications during 2007.  Recent updates

Date Application Notes
2007 Dec 30 HRPT Reader V2.7.2 - Revise Fire pixel detection (more choice in algorithm, fire pixel colour choice), add batch-mode -FIRETEXT: option to save fire pixels automatically including region selection, Gamma correction updates (new gamma choices to emphasise clouds and storms, add individual gamma options to channel 1..5 tabs, add drop-down list gamma choice for false-colour, replaces the existing false-colour gamma menu), add Ground Path prediction for registered users, accept .HPT file extension when a file is dropped from Explorer, revise "Confirm year" etc. prompts to fit better, add French language translation (many thanks Gérard Kruger), suspend Aero when running on Vista.  Please note that this version requires the new Full Runtime Libraries to run.
2007 Dec 22 GRIB Viewer V2.1.6 - EUMETSAT FIRE & MPE data enhancements (add timestamp display, improved PNG output with dark boundary or grid lines), batch mode - force ASCII output if -TEXT is used rather than -SAVE, accept -RANGE parameter to save text data range information, add limited support for NOAA snow files (file names like: NPR.SNWS.SP.D07217.S1200 [.grb], age displayed in days up to 254 maximum, depth displayed in inches up to 125 inches maximum), start support for some NOAAPORT data, add limited support for Lambert Conformal data, accept files ending in -tar as well as .tar, enhanced scale production (more data types, greater ranges), extend scale bar to bipolar ranges, improved timestamp display, allow for changes to EUMETSAT CRM data, correct failure to draw grid over full geostationary zoomed region, improved display of DWDSAT UV data.
2007 Dec 17 SatSignal
APT and WEFAX decoder
V5.0.8 - Restore gridline display.
2007 Dec 06 GeoSatSignal
Process images from geostationary weather satellites
V6.1.2 - Support S2 resolution Dundee Meteosat-9 image files, support S2 & S4 resolution Dundee GOES-E, GOES-W, MTSAT-1R & Meteosat-7 image files, add "Crop" remapping (uses geostationary input projection, crops to selected size, image centre latitude and longitude can be set), add gridline style choice (solid, dash, dot), support US Rain Radar (Ton Lindemann - 850x561 pixels, r-us20070820_1500.gif), preliminary GOES-11 direct LRIT support, add German language support.
2007 Dec 06 AVHRR Manager V1.4.0 - Add Gander station, Italian language update.
2007 Dec 04 MSG Animator V2.5.12 - Display region correctly when Expand N-S option chosen.
2007 Dec 04 MSG Data Manager V2.5.12 - Honour new XRIT naming standard, support GTS66 files as part of BMD, accept shift + mouse-wheel for detail image horizontal scroll, minor layout improvements.
2007 Oct 31 MSG Animator V2.5.10 - Allow position tweak of grid overlay, alter animation start time to be as late as 1600, add support for GOES mid-IR data.
2007 Oct 31 MSG Data Manager V2.5.10 - Add ability to save raw counts with GOES data, support GOES-E & GOES-W mid-IR channels, change Rapid-Scan to suit EUMETSAT new 2007-Jul-16 specification, extend VGT4AFRICA to include older V1KRNS10.. data files, add support for GOME-2 Ozone and NO2 SAF data, thumbnails resize to fit maximised screen (PRO version).
2007 Oct 29 Metop Manager
Processes the AVHRR data from the EUMETCast EPS/Metop-A stream, and manages other data and messages.
V1.2.0 - Add support for NOAA global data management (AVHRR/GAC, AMSU-A, HIRS & MHS), add daily GAC composite image, add support for GRAS EPS-format and BUFR-L1B format data, clear processing lists when Stop pressed, prevent very short segments from halting processing, save displayed boundary names across language switches, enhanced quick-look images, only enable File|Save menu when Metop Image tab displayed, language updates.
2007 Oct 01 AVHRR Manager V1.3.8 - Re-order ground stations in North-South order on Pass View, update French translation.
2007 Sep 23 WXtrack
Predicts satellite positions and ground images
V3.6.6 - Allow choice of font for satellite name text, revise period requirement for recognising a satellite as "geostationary" - now includes those in "graveyard" orbit, correct error in scroll box height on Ground Path tab.
2007 Jul 28 Sea-Ice and SST Viewer V1.3.4 - Substantial speed increase for non-compressed data, enhance the Open|Latest for separate NH/SH data, new -LATEST-NORTH and -LATEST-SOUTH first parameters.
2007 Jul 23 GeoSatSignal V6.1.0 - Add multi-language support (French from Vincent Ferré, Italian from Vincenzo Mone, Spanish from Jorge González), add support for more southern hemisphere overlays from: ftp://ftp2.bom.gov.au/anon/gen/difacs/, correct choice of 6-hourly overlay when animating, add choice of animation generating component (TAviWriter2 allows compressed animations), add choice of animation generation & viewing components (you may need to use TAnimate with Windows Vista, using TAviWriter_2 forces 24-bit AVIs), change designation for MSG to "Meteosat-9", initial support for MTSAT-2 WEFAX data, add copyright image overlay option.
2007 Jul 23 Metop Manager V1.1.4 - Remember Locate form settings between runs, don't attempt to process files which have been deleted, add direction arrow to Locate display, increase number of retries and log retry attempts, improved robustness against data gaps.
2007 Jun 19 HRPT Reader V2.7.0 - Add TEMP (temperature tab) in batch mode, improve Metop-A geolocation, add Options|Overlay to control initial visibility, accept Metop-A FRAC data from CLASS (preliminary support), extended choice of Results location, updated stations.dat, add Italian menu translation (thanks: Gimmy Pignolo, in progress), add Spanish menu translation (thanks: Jorge González, in progress) improved Windows Vista compatibility.
2007 Jun 19 GRIB Viewer V2.1.4 - Add TIFF as an output format, many batch-mode enhancements, add text fire-pixel list output, add ASCII output format with region selection, provide fix for 57E EUMETSAT data, add support for EUMETSAT DIV data, provide scales for more data types, add choice of scale locations, add timestamp overlay option, add sorted by time display option (for multi-entry data sets), and simple animation option, support 800 x 600 display operation, improved Windows Vista compatibility.
2007 Jun 19 ATOVS Reader V1.1.2 - Trap satellite name being not byte reversed, warn if L1B variant is not supported.
2007 Jun 19 HDF Viewer V1.1.2 - Support files with no file extension, if they are HDF5.
2007 Jun 18 MSG Animator V2.5.8 - Add experimental support for MSG-1 Rapid Scan data (must set 5-minute updates), clarify the Frames option (it's a count, not a rate), add 60 minute update interval, only allow MP42 codec (Microsoft MPEG4 V2), be slightly more firm when stopping TAnimate, add "UTC" to date/time stamp.
2007 Jun 18 MSG Data Manager V2.5.8 - Leave FSD alone when deleting "other" satellite data, add FIRE (text) processing, add DIV & ASCAT processing, add RAA DWDSAT rain radar processing, alter default from MSG-1 to MSG-2, missing segments report refinements, update French language file.
2007 Jun 15 SatSignal V5.0.6 - Improved Windows Vista compatibility.
2007 Jun 15 AVHRR Manager V1.3.6 - Revise missing segments report, accept new -MIN parameter (accepted only when -START is also specified), change housekeeping frequency.
2007 Jun 15 Metop Manager V1.1.2 - Revise missing chunks report to include day number, add IASI data handling, accept new -MIN parameter (accepted only when -START is also specified), change housekeeping frequency.
2007 Jun 14 AutoGet
Automated data retrieval from the Internet
V4.3.8 - Update for Met-7 replacing Met-5 in EUMETSAT Archive data (HTOT, ITOT and JTOT images), add GOES LZW option.
2007 Jun 14 TrimTree V1.2.0 - Remove requirement for run-time library.
2007 Apr 20 MSG Animator V2.5.6 - Update for hourly FSD, and GOES-E-WV size change (hourly FSD available on GOES-E, GOES-W & MTSAT-1R, full disk is still only 3-hourly on GOES-E & GOES-W, GOES-E WV size different, may need to re-create animations, data now generally available), add support for new FIRE and MPE product animations, add option to remember animation screen location, add experimental animated-GIF support (best for small or short animations), remove support for closed services, extend range and granularity of speed control, add option for using a newer AVI generating component (which allows compressed AVIs), add optional different AVI display component (which includes better still frame selection but doesn't support GIFs) improved Windows Vista compatibility.
2007 Apr 19 MapToGeo
Convert map images to geostationary projection
V1.1.4 - Add Orthographic remapping capability (can set globe size, margin, centre latitude & longitude;  values are remembered between runs), support Windows XP themes.
2007 Mar 20 Metop Manager V1.1.0 - Add multi-language support (French, Italian and Spanish so far), add current service message display (includes weekly schedules, admin messages, ASCAT, ATOVS, AVHRR, GOME, GRAS and IASI news), add support for other Metop data (AMSU-A, ASCAT, GOME, HIRS, MHS), add orbit number logging, add orbit number option for missing segments report, add right-click => call Google Earth function for the Images view, make Preview form non-modal (will be closed when Combine button is pressed), add option to browse only chunks where data actually exists, add option to browse chunks by orbit number, more robust on low-performance systems, prevent calendar dropping off the right edge of the screen, warning if more than one instance of the program is run, use standard date format in missing chunks report, improved Windows Vista compatibility.
2007 Mar 20 GeoSatSignal V6.0.8 - Allow batch-mode to create new output directories, adjust EUMETCast browser for hourly FSD, overlay images now search in directory date tree, SAF overlay changes, preliminary support for 600 x 600 Met-7 at 57E data, add limited support for raw EUMETCast data from Dundee, add auto-refresh function (for jobs with valid Open Latest data), improved support for Dundee Met-7/IODC images, improved support for 57E data in World View form, coverage improved in World View form, improved appearance of some MTSAT-1R IR & WV images, increase maximum limit to RGB gain, update Help to new Windows format, improved Windows Vista compatibility.
2007 Mar 17 AVHRR Manager V1.3.4 - Increase log file size so that about 10 days are covered, allow retention periods up to 90 days, include \Data Channel 1\ directory in file scan (for compatibility with the MSG Data Manager), add Spanish language (thanks: Jorge González), warn if two instances of the program are started, try to catch the "refers to a location which is unavailable" message, improved Windows Vista compatibility.
French language file update: 2007 Mar 18
2007 Mar 14 MSG Data Manager V2.5.6 - Add MODIS satwnd "SAF" processing, accept new-format ERS-SCAT file naming, add option for LRIT prolog to trigger "end-of-scan" (for FTP LRIT service users), add option to exclude LRIT from the Missing Segments Report, add FIRG (GRIB fire data) single segment MPEF processing, add MPEG (GRIB multi-sensor precipitation estimate) multi-segment MPEF processing, allow operation with no HRIT channels selected, rename IODC to Met-5, add support for hourly FSD, add support for VGT4AFRICA data, update missing segment report for Spring 2007 eclipse season, add Spanish language support (thanks to Jorge González, EA7GXH), update Help to new Windows format, improved Windows Vista compatibility.
2007 Mar 01 WXtrack V3.6.4 - Move to HTML Help for improved Windows Vista compatibility, warn if running directly from the Desktop.
2007 Feb 28 Pass Control V3.1.0 - Support GEO's R2FX (standard) and R2ZX (pager-proof) receivers.
2007 Feb 18 AutoGet V4.3.4 - Update for Dundee data - IODC service Met-7 replaces Met-5.
2007 Feb 14 MapToGeo V1.1.2 - Improved Windows Vista compatibility
2007 Feb 14 Ground Map V2.0.6 - Revert Setup form to correct initial tab, documentation update, improved Windows Vista compatibility.
2007 Feb 14 DWDSAT HRPT Viewer V1.0.4 - Add gridlines, and on/off facility, add Help, Register menu, add File|SaveAs menu, add Help|About dialog, many new enhanced command-line parameters, improved Windows Vista compatibility.
2007 Feb 14 HDF Viewer V1.1.0 - Open Latest enhancements (separate North and South Africa menu functions, new -LATEST_NAfr and -LATEST_SAfr batch mode parameters), improved Windows Vista compatibility.
2007 Jan 13 DWDSAT HRPT Viewer V1.0.2 - Add overlay on/off facility.
2007 Jan 12 Metop Manager V1.0.4 - Add optional background map image for several panels (uses the same UserMap.jpg file from WXtrack), add auto-daylight option for Images tab, option to save thumbnail as false-colour quick-look or channel 4 thermal for night-time, enhance description of channels on Images tab, performance improvements when EPS format not saved, if processing fails make one more attempt before complaining, allow retention periods up to 90 days, add received chunk recording and reporting.
2007 Jan 11 GeoSatSignal V6.0.6 - Add control of animation delay time when looping (job setup), add Ton Lindemann's WE (Western Europe) and FR (France) Rain Radar overlays, alter Ton Lindemann's UK overlay to 15 minutes, if -MIN specified, try and hide more quickly.
2007 Jan 06 Find Duplicates V5.1.4 - Add right-click popup menu (adds new Open Container item, duplicates existing Properties menu), add more thorough checksum option ("Better check")
2007 Jan 03 AutoGet V4.3.2 - Add Meteo-Maarssen French & Western Europe rain radar, make Meteo-Maarssen start one day behind, split Meteo-Maarssen into regional downloads so you will need to re-enter your selections.
2007 Jan 03 TrimTree V1.0.8 - Accept -MIN parameter as last parameter for minimised operation.

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