Updates to David Taylor's Software - 2006

This page lists the changes made to my applications during 2006.  Recent updates

Date Application Notes
2006 Dec 30 WXtrack
Satellite orbit prediction and tracking
V3.6.2 - Correct fault in tracker setup form, radio selection items (fault introduced in V3.6.0).
2006 Dec 28 AutoGet
Automated data retrieval from the Internet
V4.3.0 - Add new Meteosat-7 at 57ºE EUMETSAT Archive Direct option.
2006 Dec 26 MapToGeo
Convert map images to geostationary projection
V1.1.0 - Add mapping option for Meteosat-7 at 57ºE.
2006 Dec 20 Metop Manager
Handles the AVHRR data from the EUMETCast Metop-A stream
V1.0.2 - First release, timestamp .HPT files with sensing start time, include .HPT, thumbnail and chunk-list files in delete older files management, provide choice of compact (.HPT) or standard (.RAW16) HRPT data file conversion,  improved channel 3A/3B handling, always display thermal channels as black hot (white clouds), add click-to-zoom function for channel images, add choice of boundary colours, improved RGB Quick Look colours, don't save empty chunk lists, restrict World View chunk display to single orbit, accept -WORLD parameter to select initial World View, accept -BROWSE parameter to select the Browser tab, accept -START as a parameter for automatic start of processing, add the ability to not process night-time chunks, add option to save thumbnail quick-look images for each chunk, add graphical Browser function (with easy chunk combining, combined image preview, and automatic invoke of the HRPT Reader to view combined chunks), add "where-in-the-world" Locate button to Images view (provides floating transparent form you can position where you like), add Help|Register menu.
2006 Dec 17 SatSignal
APT and WEFAX decoder
V5.0.4 - Add multi-language support, add support for Sky Eye images (1800 pixel wide DIBs), display registration dialog after 30-day trial has expired, improved robustness for MTSAT-1R decoding, don't let bad WEFAX file stop batch operation.
2006 Dec 16 GeoSatSignal
Process images from geostationary weather satellites
V6.0.4 - Enhancements for Met-7 operating at 57ºE (more formats supported), SAF overlay files supported, full resolution Dust data supported.
2006 Dec 16 WXtrack V3.6.0 - Add support for ServerLabjack tracker (please start ServerLabjack before WXtrack), add special Metop-A support, add option to change satellite link frequencies and modes with auto-switch, allow square brackets as satellite names in Radio.ini if they are replaced with braces (e.g. specify NOAA 17 [+] as NOAA 17 {+}), interpret GroundStations.ini correctly with European regions settings, improved pass-box appearance (registered version).
2006 Dec 12 HRPT Reader V2.6.8 - Save centre image location when zooming, add EARS-AVHRR and Metop Global browser (for registered users), correct error where only a small number of lines is available, allow image saving from GAC files in batch mode, differentiate land-masked SST by a different colour, add right-click menu item to invoke Google Earth (for registered users), start Metop-A commissioning support.
2006 Dec 16 - stations.dat updated
2006 Dec 11 MSG Data Manager V2.5.4 - Add French, Italian and Russian as local language options (many thanks Gérard Kruger, Giuseppe Cico & Viktor Gavrish), update for Meteosat-7 - now at 57 degrees east, prepare for new Met-7 file names, detail image improvements (refine image enhancement options, add Print function to pop-up menu, add Save Detail Image function, remember detail image number when changing sensor channel, support palette for HRV Full image [2GB memory recommended]), allow additional control of channel 12 (HRV) Clear Image function, save Met-5 and Met-7 images across scans, remember the form position between runs, avoid saving and reloading unwanted channels across restarts, update Met-5 eclipse season for 2006, update Met-7 eclipse season for 2006 and move to the Indian Ocean, add support for more BMD ECMWF data, add support for DWDSAT HRPT files, add option for generic FSD naming, add -FULL command-line parameter (maximises program to full-screen), add -MIN parameter to minimise on startup, add -DETAIL:n parameter (displayed detail image "n" on start-up), add option to save satellite name in PGM file, add satellite name as final parameter to MSGSCANEND batch call, update for MDD_3 and MDD_4 file names.
2006 Dec 11 MSG Animator V2.5.4 - Update for Meteosat-7 now at 57E, allow animations to finish as early as 1200 (was 1500).
2006 Dec 11 DWDSAT HRPT Viewer V1.0.0 - Add ability to read 6 channels, add pixel read values (please check!!), trap BZ2 error when files are bad, add support for .TIFF format NOAA files, add File|Open menu, add File|Save menu, add false-colour display, add vegetation display, provide user adjustment of RGB settings, add choice of boundary style and data source, add boundary offset tweak, add mouse drag and mouse wheel support for moving the image, display base file name in the title bar.
2006 Dec 04 AVHRR Manager
Process AVHRR files broadcast via EARS service.
V1.3.0 - Fix problem with out-of-order segments.
2006 Dec 04 HDF viewer V1.0.8 - Add right-click => boundary colour option, used DSLF as file for Open|Latest,  separate Open| Latest for Europe and South America regions, enhancements of -Latest command-line option and menu command, show more friendly errors with bad data, correct missing pop-up hint for South America data.
2006 Dec 01 GRIB Viewer V2.1.2 - Revise palette for EUMETSAT MPE data, and display a scale.
2006 Dec 01 AVHRR Manager V1.2.8 - Add Russian language support, updated language files, add missing segment reporting, add call to AVHRRnotify.bat after each segment or at end of pass, add support for drag-and-drop of segment files, update AVHRR browser navigation tools, increase log file capacity to 4000 lines, protect against unable to write log file, avoid splitting passes over midnight UTC, add per-pass orbit and station listing.
2006 Nov 28 TinyBen
Simple analog clock
V1.0.0 - first release.  V1.0.2 - add Stay-on-top menu option (may require program restart), allow the mouse to drag the clock using the left button.
2006 Nov 17 ShowMan
Disk usage piechart
V5.2.8 - Add ability to right-click folder and open it in Explorer (note that one file in the folder will be selected), make root for File Open desktop - not drives, correct error when clicking on an empty selection, honour Windows text colour in the list-box.
2006 Nov 16 TrimTree V1.0.6 - Position at screen, rather than desktop, centre.
2006 Oct 22 GeoSatSignal V6.0.2 - Allow TGA as animation batch file name extension (will save a sequence of TGA-32 images instead of an AVI file, honour "smooth animation" when saving as TGA sequence), add 1920 x 1080 remapped image size, allow background file name to be specified as parameter (parameter is: -BACKGROUND:<filename>, file types of .BMP and .JPG are accepted, if file path not specified, then executable folder is searched), allow background-mode animation (only in batch mode, specify wildcard as the background file name e.g. background-??.bmp, would expect background-01.bmp to background-35.bmp (say) according to what files are found matching "??", list recycled when last file used i.e. after "35" , use "01"), background mode updates (allow use of HRV-north full-width background image for different e.g. Europe sector data, when loading bitmaps allow for non-standard Adobe BMP files), don't display error message in batch mode if AVI file missing, add per-job option to specify the overlay path, annotation enhancements (provide control over text font, transparent text mode, control of date and time formats, UTC or local time display switch), provide limited support for the new Dundee JPEG data formats (includes HRV north and south data [channels "13" and "14"], animation and timestamp coded but not well tested, midnight coded differently to other values!, WV channel numbered differently on GOES-10/11 to GOES-12, should include MSG-1 and MSG-2 variants, it may take some time to pick up all the things needing change so please report items as you find them), add ITOT mask support (for EUMETSAT Web site new WEFAX mapping), add support for MTSAT-1R Web site files (large size, Web site is: http://www.jma.go.jp/en/gms/large.html?area=6&element=2&mode=UTC, images are 800 pixel wide by 812 pixels high, only the large, full-disk images are currently supported, the three channel files need to be named like: 200606220300-00-IR.png, 200606220300-00-Vis.png, 200606220300-00-WV.png, these images are processed in a way which destroys thermal calibration, remapping is supported), GOES-11 support (rename EUMETCast browser images to GOES-W and GOES-E, accept GOES11 instead of GOES10 in many places, accept G11 instead of G10 in many places, note that data from http://rsd.gsfc.nasa.gov/goes/ isn't yet spatially correct, far from well-tested), Meteosat-7 support for IODC data over EUMETCast (recognise data later than 2006 Oct 06 is rectified to 57E, not well tested yet!), on the Browse EUMETCast function - make Use Northern HRV the default, add support for GOES MSFC Conus land/sea mask, add support for 10-minute Danish Rain Radar, add Reset button to job-setup (reset to factory defaults), when importing a single job - add option to make that job current, grid line updates (add 30 degree interval option, correct job-setup: grid interval labels wrong), correct setup: was missing MaskGOES-W-gsfc-fullres mask, remember form state between runs, position pop-up forms at main form centre.
2006 Oct 20 Kepler Manager V1.2.8 - Add Metop-A support.
2006 Oct 06 WXtrack V3.5.8 - Add support for WinRotor tracker, add font-size option, update some station and country details, background image enhancements (Options|Background image menu item added, option for immediate refresh, automated update of background if file timestamp changes, timestamp check interval can be set from 1 to 60 minutes, or checks can be disabled, background redrawn shortly after form resize), add alternate background image, support Google Earth for display of satellite tracking point (experimental!), remember size and position between runs, revise some form positions for multi-monitor operation.
2006 Oct 05 Ground Map V2.0.4 - Honour path specification in output file name (batch mode), improve mappings spread over international date line, accept MapGen format boundaries, clear old boundaries when new data selected, change default position to screen centre (not desktop).
2006 Oct 05 GRIB Viewer V2.1.0 - Add support for ECMWF Essential GTS data, add support for EUMETSAT Fire data, support NOAA Wavewatch III data, replace "the Earth's surface" with "surface" - OK?, add wind barbs option, support GRIB-1 relative vorticity and divergence, support some GRIB-2 meteorological data, be more tolerant with multiple-data-set files (but this may result in issues reading non-grb data), accept ARPA-FVG-Udine-Italy data, trap errors from incomplete GRIB files, set ERRORLEVEL = 1 if no files processed in batch mode, reduce load times for CRM data, revise sample GRIBviewerGroups.ini for MPE now from Met-8, add more examples to GRIBviewerGroups.ini.
2006 Oct 04 MapToGeo V1.0.8 - Add new mappings, MTSAT-800x812 and ITotN (EUMETCast Web), make default position screen (rather than desktop) centre for multi-monitor systems.
2006 Oct 04 MSG Animator V2.5.2 - Add control of delay time before animation loops, correct 20-second and 45-second auto-switch menu, add Transparent option for the city names. note that the names for GOES-E and GOES-W have been changed, add option for double-height.
2006 Oct 03 AutoGet V4.2.6 - Allow for MSG-1 or MSG-2 in Dundee MSG data, allow for MSG-1 or MSG-2 in EUMETSAT data.
2006 Sep 30 AVHRR Manager V1.2.6 - Add multi-language support (Dutch, French & Italian included), provide separate Map View displays for NOAA-17 and NOAA-18, program will automatically switch when new data arrives, extend Map Views to show extended area covered by Svalbard, add pass date & time and satellite name to Map Views, remove Tromsø ground station (now replaced by Svalbard), make the AVHRR Browser use the full-size thumbnail, clarify function of the Ground Stations tab, update browse EUMETSAT schedule to button from label, provide pop-up hint with station location on station name text, add Tools menu for the HRPT Reader & WXtrack, be less tolerant of errors in processing, provide option to continue even when processing errors occur (may result in program looping on bad file), remember form size and position between runs, correct Svalbard KSAT location (wrongly documented).
2006 Sep 14 HRPT Reader V2.6.6 - Add fire-detection option to the false-colour tab, add menu item to save the diagnostic information (save is also triggered by -DIAGNOSTICS: in batch mode), revise SST cursor temperature display to just three lines, revise NOAA-18 SST calculation, extend batch mode channel support to CH6 .. CH10 (untested), skip the MF sync check for Cape Ferguson (Australia) L1B data, enhance grid display near the poles, add optional pole marker, enhance gridline label display, remove mapping glitches near the International Date Line, accept a wildcard (*) in the file name parameter, provide batch-mode control of overlays, round automated file name generation to the nearest second, support mouse-wheel scroll on corrected view, correct Svalbard KSAT location (wrongly documented).  2006-Aug-05 & 08: stations.dat updated thanks to Gerard, F6BEK.
2006 Sep 14 HDF viewer V1.0.6 - Display albedo at cursor in more data types, support combined display of channels 1, 2 & 3 albedo, add home station location (right-click status bar for value at home station), display file-name in pop-up hint, ignore "DSSF-VAL" files with Open Latest menu command.
2006 Sep 13 SGP4 component V3.5.0 - Fix memory leak with duplicate satellite names, increase error-checking in MakePassDetails (where a direction other than N, n, S, s is specified, where the satellite name is mis-spelt), Les Hamilton updated the VB5 demo (V6.0 update to make use of the function 'MakePassDetails').
V3.6.0 - add function MakePassDetails2 which includes the range rate, add Java class and demo project from Henk Marais.
2006 Aug 18 Kepler Manager V1.2.6 - Change default location to Screen Centre (for multi-monitors).
2006 Aug 08 Equalise
(equalise directory contents)
V5.0.2 - Support XP themes, add question icon for create new folder dialog.  V5.0.4 - Position nearer screen centre (option), add -single as parameter (for first pass only), avoid asking about files which no longer exist.
2006 Jul 26 MSG Data Manager V2.5.2 - Add second Marker list (displayed only on the detailed image, set per-channel, on the Advanced setup dialog, could use as home station marker with single-entry city list), add note of satellite in program startup message, update DCP-IODC and WMO-IODC to reflect revised EUMETSAT names, allow DCP etc. sequence numbers up to 9999, add thermal calibration for MSG-2 (unchecked), add option for 10-bit "north-only" save (PRO version), update for GOES-11 data (no change of saved image file names, FSD image titles re-labelled GOES-E & GOES-W), update for Met-7 move to IODC (save satellite location in output JPEG and PNG images, output file names unchanged, relax input file name tolerances, no knowledge of new projections yet in detailed view so mapping will be wrong and the land/sea masks, this is a transition measure & will be updated when Met-7 is at IODC), try and save log files and images on Windows closedown, change default to call GeoSatSignal with northern HRV image.
2006 Jul 01 AutoGet V4.2.4 - Update for GOES-10 -> GOES-11, update for the end of Meteosat-7 direct dissemination, update for new Dundee data (includes optional file rename to standard date/time format).
2006 Jun 26 TrimTree V1.0.2 - Limit number of deleted files reported to 1000.
2006 Jun 25 ATOVS Reader V1.1.0 - Add save of binary latitude/longitude/temperature data, improved Linux/Wine compatibility, add experimental South America region, make gridline display optional, add display pass group function, track channel changes in displayed temperature-at-cursor, support NOAA-18 MHS L1C data over EUMETCast.
2006 Jun 25 SatSignal V5.0.2 - Add separate control of boundary overlay in Background Mode, remove un-needed reminder to save Background Mode LUT.
2006 Jun 25 NOAAplot V1.3.0 - Add save of estimated horizon data derived from least elevation seen in polar plot.
2006 May 31 WXtrack V3.5.6 - Add support for SPID native mode tracker, add EUMETSAT ground stations to the preset list for quick access, add Valencia (Spain) to known cities, enahnce pass selection with all/daylight/night-time choice, make Large Text tracker caption optionally transparent to allow world map to show through - adjustable in location - adjustable font - which are activated by right-click in registered version, make geostationary satellites display vertical text labels, add control of past-positions markers, ensure R2FX works correctly.
2006 May 02 MSG Data Manager V2.5.0 - Change registration method (existing users have a reduced cost upgrade path, users who registered during 2006 get a free upgrade), start support for MSG-2 (untested) (Advanced Setup has choice of MSG-1/2/3/4 data, you must restart the program after changing this setting, option to delete data from non-selected MSG satellites), add more Detail Image displays (standard version has four, pro version has eight, right-click the thumbnail to access Detail-2 etc.), add paletted colour option to Detail Image (accept 2 high by 100 or 316 pixel wide thermal LUTs, accept 2 high by 256 pixel wide visible LUTs, requires that you copy the LUTs from GeoSatSignal to the folder where MsgDataManager.exe lives, needs land/sea masks in the existing GeoSatSignal folder), refine data retention control (separate control of text messages and daily logs, MPEF: provide separate control of CRM and other data, SAF: separate control of SAF, Sea-Ice and LSA data, sea-ice also includes ice_*.grb and multi_*.grb FTP data, allow retention periods up to 366 days), add Tools, Remove stale data menu for purge on demand, include S-LSA and S-OSI_-KNMI files in SAF data purge, support both old and new Met-5 & 7 file names for Open|Scan, extend DWDSAT support (include grb01-lm_lm2 and grb01-gme_dwdsat data, unzip these from BZ2 format if Unzip Ch.1 files is set, pkr_4dR0601101130.tif - these have a non-standard file name), support new ERS-SCAT data (with files named ISX... and SCATT....  new SCAT folder for saved data, separate control of data retention period), put KNMI files into correct dated-folders, correct display of Meteosat-7 histograms.
2006 May 02 MSG Animator V2.5.0 - Change registration method (existing users have a reduced cost upgrade path, users who registered during 2006 get a free upgrade), add Kiosk Mode (accepts button images, accepts background image, reverts to KioskInvitation.bmp after 75 seconds, files should live in the current directory, "Loading..." prompt more attractive, AutoSwitch will override the inactivity timer, using Setup will override the inactivity timer), add option of 24-hour delay to animation (EUMETSAT licencing), add new Black and White line boundary styles, add auto-switch between active animations option, add check for FRS .JPEG files if .OpenMTP files absent, add more details of frames when selecting for delete, display larger image when selecting for delete, make hidden but active timer-updated animations start updating, reduce chance of "not responding" caption, add export/import job settings menu (highly beta!, so please check your animation settings are still correct), correct error in saving Grid Style.
2006 May 01 MapToGeo V1.0.6 - Add GOES GSFC 1200 x 1000 formats (file names: gsfc-goes-E-fulldisk, gsfc-goes-W-fulldisk), add Dundee PDUS foreign satellite data formats, add GSFC 1000 x 1200 full-disk TIFF data formats, add Met-6 EUR, Met-6 FRS (earlier 0 degree + current 10E), add Met-5 and Met-7 IR formats, mark last used mapping region in the menu.
2006 May 01 Ground Map V2.0.2 - Internal changes only.
2006 May 01 HDF viewer V1.0.4 - Internal changes only.
2006 May 01 GRIB Viewer V2.0.8 - Internal changes only.
2006 Apr 26 HRPT Reader V2.6.4 - Improved despeckle option, add some recognition of TIROS-N and NOAA-11 data which may require file extension set to .GACA for pre-1992 data, add support for Timestep 8-bit DOS data format which requires the file extension .hrp8 and is only supported in the registered version, support Rutgers L1B format, add support for composite EUMETCast AVHRR file names, improved accuracy for pre-KLM SST values when saved as binary, run in a TelliCast-friendly manner, accept "CEM" as L1B processing centre, accept "X1A" as L1B processing centre, accept non-standard CLUT files from Adobe with two extra bytes at the end of the .BMP file, Stations.dat updated add more cites and to highlight EUMETSAT HRPT stations (thanks: Gérard Kruger), add support for GSHHS V1.3 format data.
2006 Apr 26 AVHRR Manager V1.2.4 - Add link to click for latest EUMETSAT EARS AVHRR schedule, show Kepler data age on Ground Stations tab, hover mouse over age display to see the data source, add warning if Keplers older than user-specified age, set maximum age to zero to prevent the warning, show pass number in detailed pass display, improved AUTO-find function for Kepler data, track Kepler changes in multi-satellite data, display last file reload date on Ground Stations tab, make loading of background image user-selectable, add option to delete unwanted EUMETSAT Data Channel-1 files (ATOVS and RSS), add compact data save format option (saves disk space), add previous-day and next-day buttons to browser.
2006 Apr 25 GeoSatSignal V6.0.0 - Major upgrade!  Update summary: extend batch-mode file name substitutions to .AVI files, add RGB channel-subtraction support, enhanced boundary overlay options, increase to three the World View size choices , support PDUS digital data for World View, support land-sea masks on more Met-8 HRIT channel 12 data, add Earlier and Later buttons to EUMETCast browser, make EUMETCast browser form adapt size to requested items, add possibility to browse full or northern HRV image, add new overlay - high-resolution UK Rain Radar, accept remapping size change with batch job, accept -Notify:<string> for batch jobs, accept -GSJ:<file-name> in batch jobs, updated for MTSAT-1R support, recognise files starting: MSG1-SEVI-MSG15-0100-NA as MSG-1 visible, recognise ICAO-H files: sat200509150700_00-NorthAtl.jpg, recognise Meteosat sector files, support for EUMETSAT Archive data, improvements and enhancements for EUMETSAT Web data, support Meteosat-8 derived air-mass, dust and fog products, support false-colour images from GEOS-E/W data where the visible data is normal resolution (1200 x 1000) and the IR data is full-res data (3600 x 1200), False-colour, Background mode enhancements, in False-colour, Day/Night mode  honour the visible channel "Space is white" option, recognise Met-5 AV slot 16 with matching or nearest IR slot e.g. 1999-05-02-16_I_AV.mpd with 1999-05-02-15_IAIVH.mpd, add Options, Export & Import job settings, per-job annotation options, overrides default options, make image type name annotation display correctly, provide per-job large-text annotation option, move output format from common to per-job setting, provide new RGB output format (as three BMP files), provide new TGA and TGA32 output format options (24-bit and 32-bit) forced in batch mode if .TGA or .TGA32 is the output file extension, provide a thermal calibration strip option (setting is per-job, strip is the opposite edge to the text annotation), provide per-job control of boundary colour (you can define the colour for each job, initial value will be previously-set common colour), provide common "thicken boundaries when zoomed" option, slow!, on mouse-move, add video level display when Shift pressed, on Job Setup form, only list LUTs named LUT*.bmp (note that LUTs /must/ now be named LUT<something>), replace manual control of RSS rectification with automatic filename-based, make histogram equalisation less sensitive to large dark areas, add experimental vegetation (NDVI) modes, red and green colouring.
2006 Apr 19  countries.zip Update Morocco internal boundaries, add Isle of Wight, Skye.
2006 Apr 13 Kepler Manager V1.2.4 - Use country-independent update epoch check (affects only historic data), change internal save format for Favourites list, add authenticated proxy support (not tested).
2006 Mar 31 AVHRR Manager
Process AVHRR files broadcast via EARS service.
V1.2.2 - Add browser from which you can show thumbnail images or launch the HRPT Reader or delete unwanted thumbnail images and AVHRR data, add Tromsø station (until replaced by Svalbard), display pass details when clicked, allow for larger fonts in the pass lists, add File=>Start Monitoring menu item, in the event log revise pass time to pass date & time in new-pass header, on the progress label: number minutes from 1, not from 0, allow the log file to be 2000 lines before trimming, warn if user disables "delete files from RX".
2006 Mar 26 Sea-Ice and SST Viewer V1.3.2 - Add support for southern- and northern-hemisphere polar data, add option to set where interactive animations are saved (-SAVE continues to control this in batch mode), shrink the larger animations to fit when viewing.
2006 Mar 20 AVHRR Manager V1.1.0 - First public version, clarify acceptance of multi-satellite Kepler data (e.g. NOAA.txt), also look for Keps folder in current directory, correct Setup -> Kepler -> Auto when detecting a single file.   V1.2.0 - adapt for new-style EUMETSAT file names with no pass numbers, requires that you must have valid Kepler data, simplify output file name format, accept -START as a parameter, make folder browse root the desktop - not drives, enhanced false-colour image from satellite, handle Windows shutdown event without manual intervention, add iconic display of EUMETSAT ground stations - move the mouse over a station to see its name, add pass-list tab showing all five stations, add option to keep raw segments for further processing, add option to save thumbnail with combined data, use image "_background.jpg" if present as map view background.
2006 Mar 18 HDF viewer V1.0.0 - HDF5 Viewer to support EUMETCast LSA files (land surface temperature, downward welling surface long-wave flux, downward welling surface short-wave flux), support both EUMETCast files and North Africa, South Africa and South America data (get via FTP), add support for Albedo and Snow Cover LSA-SAF data (Internet data), accept -LATEST as parameter to open latest file, add File|Open latest menu command, both require File, Options to point to \Images\ folder, add File|Save As function, accept .BZ2 data files and uncompress and save them on the fly.
V1.0.2 - confirm operation on European Albedo/C1/C2/C3 EUMETCast data.
2006 Mar 09 GINI view V1.0.2 - Accept -HISTO, -SAVE and -CLOSE parameters, -HISTO provides histogram equalisation, -SAVE saves the image as a .BMP file, -CLOSE forces the program to close, if -CLOSE specified the program runs hidden and errors will not stop the program,  -SAVE can accept a filename such as -SAVE:picture.bmp, keystrokes <escape>, Q or q will close the program.
2006 Mar 03 GRIB Viewer V2.0.6 - Add gridline display option, add support for more DWDSAT data, support multiple data sets in GRIB-1 files, add forecast times to tab names, refine Winds display (to match level and time range), allow control of wind tab visibility, enhanced File Analysis presentation, automatic reload on zoom change.
2006 Feb 21 Kepler Manager V1.2.2 - Add explicit NOAA-18 support.
2006 Feb 16 WXtrack
Satellite orbit prediction and tracking
V3.5.4 - Add support for R2FX receiver, when waking up tracker, set it to 1 degree elevation - not zero, add option to track only passes which are in the pass list, add automatic daily Kepler reload option.
2006 Jan 17 HRPT Reader French language help updated to V2.6.2.  My thanks to Jean-Louis Fenasse.
2006 Jan 08 SatSignal V5.0.0 - Add background mode in EasyOverlay, [needs e.g. BlueMarble JPEG background 5400 x 2700 pixels, Plate Carree projection JPEG image accepted, size from 2700 x 1350 pixels to 8000 x 4000 pixels, download the 8km data, not the 2km data!, needs LUT 100 x 2 x 24-bit, e.g. LutLightClouds-B.bmp, 2nd palette line provides gain control - 255 = palette colour, set paths to files on Options, EasyOverlay, Background Mode, enable normal or background-mode EasyOverlay, provide simple LUT palette editor], make EasyOverlay filename check for satellite name case insensitive, honour individual overlays on channels A and B, accept test pattern from MTSAT as valid WEFAX header, add ErrorLevel = 1 return if bad WEFAX header found, improved WEFAX level determination, improved APT telemetry phasing check, if geostationary forced from command-line - ignore NOAA-only, make toolbar button reflect histogram equalisation state, extend Auto Update setting to "reload required" situations.
2006 Jan 05 WXtrackGL 
3D view of satellite position and world image data
V2.2.0 - Add support OpenGL 2.x systems.
V2.1.2 - Improved error messages, give folder name if no Keplers found, suggest user downloads WXtrack.

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