Updates to David Taylor's Software - 2004

This page lists the changes made to my applications during 2004.  Recent updates

Date Application Notes
2004 Dec 31 TrimTree Unsupported utility to remove files from a complete directory tree if those files are older than a specified age.  Intended for command-line in overnight batch jobs.
2004 Dec 23 GeoSatSignal
Process images from geostationary weather satellites
V4.2.0 - add Ferdinand Valk Day/Night false colour mode, support OpenMTP for Meteosat 5 at zero degrees, northern hemisphere, support OpenMTP for Meteosat-2, -3 and -4, accept OpenMTP data which is 800/1600 pixels high (sector D2/C2), remap WV OpenMTP data to 2500 pixels square, recognise OpenMTP data from the previous century, improved overlay accuracy when HRV north-only is used, provide land/sea masks for HRV scale data, add temperature display smoothing control, add Ton Lindemann's UK and Danish Rain Radar, add more control of the annotation text, restore 1-day animation interval, prepare for Met-7 over Eumetcast, add 2.5s delay before looping animation, add Home, Page Up & Page Down keys for animation stepping, nearest city display (Pro version), update for new HRV region options, add user-selectable city marker overlay, keep image centred when zooming, revise and extend MSG-1 channel selection, define RGB channel set for LRIT data, add control of fire threshold, accept Met-5 data over EUMETCast for world-view, move Job selection to top-level menu, allow file extension in batch jobs to control output format, allow date/time substitution in batch job output filename (pro version), save job changes to disk immediate on exiting Job|Setup form, correct failure to honour JPEG save quality setting, many new overlays for Pro version.
2004 Dec 23 Sea Ice & SST Viewer
View sea-ice data in GRIB format from EUMETCAST and other sources
V1.2.6 - extended batch-mode operation for full automation, honour Windows XP themes.
2004 Dec 23 GRIB Viewer
Read and display GRIB files from DWDSAT data
V1.0.4 - provide extended batch mode operation, honour Windows XP themes.
2004 Dec 20 SGP4 orbit prediction component V3.4.0 - add Period function and access to Kepler data, add MeanAnomaly to Kepler data, add MakePassDetails function.
2004 Dec 14 Web Cam V1.1.0 - added James Stevens' sample WebCam and FTP upload application (see: Video.zip).
2004 Dec 13 MSG Animator2 V2.0.6 - improve cursor visibility in grey areas, make RSS FRS OpenMTP read the current calibration data, allow paletted for RSS water-vapour channels, more thorough check on user-selected Image Data Path, add user-defined palettes for each animation, correct inability to make "Don't update when hidden" stick.
2004 Dec 07 SlideShow V2.2.4 - provide control over Full Screen View resampling.
2004 Dec 07 TVwriter V2.2.4 - sort files when using drag-and-drop.
2004 Nov 25 SatSignal V4.1.0 - increase minimum elevation angle to 20 degrees, with TimeStep .NOA data - honour start of pass when computing overlay, support for INSAT wave files, add XCP parameter to inhibit the Confirm Pass dialog.
2004 Nov 23 MSG Data Manager V1.4.0 - add option to decompress RSS and ATOVS BZ2 data, extend DWDSAT support, add pop-up hint to Detailed Image, add gridlines to detailed image, improved cursor visibility on detailed image.
2004 Nov 17 WXtrack
Satellite orbit prediction
V3.4.6 - increase satellite name field length by one in Ephemeris form, correct reading of horizon data, and allow for 60 degree elevation, allow "," "." and local character as separator in horizon data, support -passlist:-2 parameter generating yesterday's passes, read ScanOffsets.ini for satellite scan offsets, correct List index out of bounds error when Keplers not received, includes FengYun-2C Kepler data.
2004 Nov 11 MSG Animator2 V2.0.4 - support Rapid Scan Service (RSS) animations, add gridlines option, provide greater choice of animation speeds, refine Land/Sea palette to have a smoother transition, options to reduce animation updating, prevent accidental multiple start-ups.
2004 Nov 09 SatBatch
Automated weather satellite decoding
V1.7.8 - work with WXtrack Tools menu, allow pass-list filename as parameter, add check for blank items on the pass-list, support user-specified prescan sample rate, display file size when no pass found.
2004 Oct 31 Sea Ice & SST Viewer V1.2.4 - accept files in \yyyy\mm\ folder naming convention.
2004 Sep 07 ShowMan
Disk usage piechart
V5.2.2 - in Options | Display - add right-click for changing pie-chart segment colour.
2004 Sep 07 WinTidy
Find and remove temporary files
V5.0.2 - remove requirement for runtime library.
2004 Sep 06 Find Duplicates V5.1.2 -add Skip windows directories option (includes the SYSBCKUP folder option).
2004 Aug 31 GRIB Viewer V1.0.2 - remove debug code.
2004 Aug 30 MSG Data Manager V1.3.8 - add SAF-SST & DWDSAT file-copy support, improve animations for LRIT only, enhance reporting, provide more control over deleting older images, provide choice of HRV full or northern sector for "Open with GeoSatSignal", change late segment threshold from after 4/12 to after 6/18, enable thermal calibration by default for channels 4 & 7..11, update CLAI projection scale values to current values.
2004 Aug 29 MSG Animator V2.0.2 - add HRV region knowledge to graphical selection.
2004 Aug 26 Sea Ice & SST Viewer V1.2.2 - add sea-surface temperature animation, add FTP/SST files to the known types in File| Open... , correct failure to animate FTP files and mixed Ice/SST data.
2004 Aug 24 MSG Animator V2.0.0 - increase range of channels supported - add thermal calibration for LRIT channel 9 (10.8um), add thermal calibration for GMS (GOES-9) data, requires GeoSatSignal loaded for palette lookups - make channel selection by name rather than number, add auto-display option, add graphical region selection, add optional city markers plot, add large text option for time and copyright annotations, add display of cursor location, make erased image mark (a cross) dark grey instead of black, provide more protection against errors when animating. This version will only work with the MSG Data Manager V1.3.6 or higher.  Please see the readme for important information about HRV animations.  For Version 1 licenced users, many of these new options are only available if you purchase an upgrade licence.
2004 Aug 18 Sea Ice & SST Viewer V1.2.0 - support sea-surface temperature data (no animation), try to work with some FTP data mixed in with EUMETCast data, add display of data under the cursor, make .GZ unzipping internal (no new files created).
2004 Aug 18 GRIB Viewer V1.0.0 - new program
2004 Aug 08 TVwriter V2.2.2 - add Nikon Coolpix DSCN naming convention, add Olympus (JPG) naming convention for C50Z (capital JPG required!), increase number of output size options, make Desktop ( not Drives) the root for converting a folder.
2004 Aug 08 SlideShow V2.2.2 - add query icon to delete slide command.
2004 Jun 24 HRPT Reader V2.5.4 - add simple AAPP3 support, enhanced HMF format support, change default satellite from NOAA-14 to NOAA-16, accept NOAA16 in filename as satellite type hint, enable save of location data with 16-bit SmartView format, add auto-direction determination for 16-bit SmartView format, add second parameter -direction:north/south, limited support GAC L1B format pre 1992-Sep-08, add new View|Corrected image menu item, enhanced contrast for city marker symbols and text, improved NOAA KLM diagnostics, improved Telemetry display, add new File|Save albedo menu, add -NDVI as a command-line parameter (allows palette selection).
2004 Jun 12 WXtrack V3.4.4 - add string prefix for CX6DD tracker at start and end of pass, allow date-line centred as east as 70W, improved Linux/Wine support, increased minimum pass duration, EasyComm XY mode data now output to one decimal place, increased parking elevation, honour WiSPDDE parking, add "Daylight only" pass prediction option, add "Daylight only" option to Ephemeris form, allow Ephemeris form to be permanently visible, add information button to solar outage form.
2004 May 19 MSG Data Manager V1.3.6 - add HRV regional variants (Greenwich, Europe, Africa), add Wide HRV option, timestamp files in UTC, avoid opening stale HRV image with GeoSatSignal on right-click, add per-channel city markers, provisional support for SAF Sea Ice data, include 6-hour or 30-minute Met-5 & Met-7 in missing segment report, remove obsolete file-name Met-5 support (see Eumetsat notice), update for dual MDD data stream, provide "skip data before today" option.
Important: the V1.3.6 MSG Animator and beta V4.1.2 GeoSatSignal are required to work with the new HRV regions.
2004 May 19 MSG Animator V1.3.6 - add land/sea IR capability (check the "Land/sea palette" option in the animation setup), add external user land/sea palette option, take note of the HRV region active at startup, right-click to define HRV area when remote, allow wider choice of animation start & finish times, add warning if no files found & hint to check Image Data Path, run CPU-intensive steps at low priority.
This will only work with the MSG Data Manager V1.3.6 or higher.  Please see the readme for important information about HRV animations.
2004 May 19 ATOVS Reader V1.0.8 - add filename display to title bar.
2004 May 19 Sea Ice Viewer
View sea-ice data in GRB format from EUMETCAST and other sources.
V1.1.0 - add File|Open latest... function, add File|Save as... function, add built-in unzipping of GZ files, add choice of GIF or PNG for saved single images, add animation function, producing animated GIF files, add Tools|Setup function.
2004 Apr 15 Sea Ice Viewer V1.0.2 - add zoomed view facility, extend File|Open selection, re-organise screen layout slightly, show active filename in title bar, correct failure to pick up long filename in batch mode.
2004 Apr 10 Sea Ice Viewer V1.0.0 - first release.
2004 Apr 05 GroundMap
Remap APT and HRPT images to standard map projections
V1.3.8 - add mouse-wheel support, make it optional to use fast remapping, provisional Van der Grinten mapping, give -C.jpg files priority over plain .jpg, add 640 x 480 size, add 480 x 640 portrait size, add larger sizes, save in quadrants option, add map in 4 or 9 sectors, add dual boundary sources, add geostationary size/projection, correct error with Slow Mapping and Large output (please note that some of these features are only available in the "Pro" version).
2004 Mar 24 WXtrack V3.4.2 -  add latitude-crossings list to View -> Ephemeris, allow dish size up to 800 cm in Solar Outage form, protect against corrupt cached background bitmaps, change save file name in View Optical to OpticVisible.txt, add ability to read satellite icon files, e.g. #27509.ico, add ability to read STSPLUS icon files, e.g. #25544.icn, add current pass maximum elevation as hint to next pass box, correct auto-switch not working update UTC/local time hint on Satellite Summary form, add column headers to Pass Details tab (View Ephemeris) and make the layout fixed format, add Day Number as hint to the Setup -> Pass selection calendar.
2004 Mar 22 MSG Animator V1.3.4 - add choice boundary of overlay data - now includes GSHHS, allow animation height up to 1024, increase number of animations to 7.
2004 Mar 22 MSG Data Manager V1.3.4 - provide choice of new "MTP" or old "MSG1" format of Met-5 data, provide 30-minute reporting option for Met-5 and Met-7 data, don't report known Spring eclipse missing cycles (FSD), preliminary support for 30-minute Meteosat-7 data, recognise prolog in both MSG1 and MTP formats, provide colour palettes for CLAI and CTH data, CLAI and CTH data will be saved as PNG to preserve the palette, move saved MDD to \images\MDD\, support data management on Data Channel 1 for ATOVS and RSS data, add message sequence number reset function, accept messages with same sequence number and up to two texts, add support for GII MPEF product, enhance automated processing in batch mode.  A number of changes have been made - be sure to check the file MsgDataManager.txt for more details.
2004 Feb 10 MSG Animator V1.3.2 - add copyright text overlay option, don't loop animation if window is minimised or not visible, bad frames: change default remove button from No to Yes, select maximum allowed value for top edge according to channel selected, improved overlay accuracy when HRV north-only is used.
2004 Feb 10 MSG Data Manager V1.3.2 - add Copyright Overlay options, add descriptive text labels to HRIT images, add Save with boundary overlay options, add call to MsgNotify.bat with MSGSCANEND parameter - optional at one minute after HRIT epilog time - has further date/time parameters e.g. 2004 01 31 15 00, in Missing Segments report add Decontamination checkbox to ignore MSG-1 thermal channels, update raw output to use PGM format and add the CalOffset and CalSlope (pro version), modify SlotToDateTime to accept 2400 as a valid time (for early Meteosat 5), warn if more than one instance of the program is run, support mini-scan (MSG-1 channels only), support "Data Channel 2" and "Data Channel 3", honour Drop priority settings during disk-intensive operations, improved overlay accuracy when HRV north-only is used, provide warning message if image Resize is selected, allow Open With GeoSatSignal for HRV north images.
2004 Jan 22 ATOVS Reader V1.0.6 - add Kelvin/Celsius display option, add fixed maximum temperature option, correct thick pen being used after data read error.

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