Updates to David Taylor's Software - 2019

This page lists the changes made to my applications during 2019.  Recent updates






Vector Scope

V2019.11.20.8 - Add View|Volume controls for everyone, iIncrease default height for source selection box, make form resizable, change version numbering scheme, remove registration requirement.


AVHRR Manager

V4.1.2 - Update for Metop-C, add Help|Support menu, recommend EUMETSAT Keplers to avoid excessively long files, correct handling of single-file multi-satellite Kepler data, note if WXtrack or the HRPT Reader not found (for Kepler data), prevent browser Open and Delete buttons becoming randomly disabled.


Metop Manager

V3.0.4 - Add support for Metop-C, accept -LOG parameter - starts with Event Log tab, handle GAC failures more elegantly, accept GSHHG V2.3.7 shoreline & boundary data, try to handle "Another copy..." better across restarts.


MSG Data Manager

V3.1.12 - Add decoding of Alert and Weekly Schedule XML messages, support KNMI OSI SAF ScatSat data, support new H-SAF file names, blind support for NOAA-20 NPP-2 data including purge of older data, start 10-minute, 16-channel Himawari-8 support, new Himawari tab, add bands B01 and B02, can be saved as .PNG, determine Him-8 cycle directly from filename, add "Reset all retentions" option (useful when configuring multiple instances), update reporting (skip GOES-15 after 2018-Dec-31, remove some obsolete stuff, skip 02:40 & 14:40 Himawari-8 "unloading" routine events, 16-channel support, enhanced RSS/no-MPEF detection), save logs hurly on Himawari-8-only instance, support GOES-15 at 128W including boundaries on both thumbnails and saved images, faster response for MSGSCANEND notification for RSS (15 seconds rather than one minute), update program's title when Himawari data received (then to MSG if present), reduce housekeeping frequency, Help|About supports longer file names, add Help|Support menu.



V3.8.46 - Add pass-box for Sentinel 3A in ScanOffsets.ini (treat as being in the "weather satellite" class), in View|Radar plot add Galileo satellites, add count of navigation satellites visible (you will need the Keplers from e.g. CelesTrak - galileo.txt), enlarge View|Radar plot display, provide hints for long satellite names in the Available list, use 10 GHz as default for geostationary Doppler, restore SPID half-degree support, in Tracker Test form add slower updates for geostationary satellites and add 0.5 degree offset tweaks, enhancements in Kepler update form. Temporarily: display DDE RX mode in the tracker status box (for debugging).



V8.2.4 - Support ppag50bw.gif overlay (1728 x 1100 pixels), restore support for boundary data with spaces in the file name, update Himawari RGB naming to 16-channel B01..B16, Start RGB support for Himawari ("H-Pure RGB" correct, "H-Airmass" useable, "B03" accepted as well as "vis"), add XL world remapping (11000 x 5500), add GeoTIFF output for World View, update EUMETCast browser for GOES-E/W being GOES-16/17, remove Met-7, update GOES-16 mapping for non-standard American projection, including in World View, increase the GOES-E coverage in World View, try to optimise World View for missing or partial GOES-W, support native GOES-17 in World View, temporary fixes for GOES-15 at 128° W including world view, added 128° W land/sea mask, start GOES-17 at 137° W support, add GeoTIFF output for Plate-Carreé projection, extend allowed latitude and longitude spans when remapping, add magnification setting for city marker text.


HRPT Reader

V3.0.10 - Start Metop-C support (no thermal data yet), decode more Metop-C filenames, support some COA-format AAPP files, handle evening pass FY3 data better (for overlays), recognise satellite ID 1 as MY-3C, add Help|Support menu item.


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