Updates to David Taylor's Software - 2002

This page lists the changes made to my applications during 2002.  Recent updates

Date Application Notes
2002 Dec 23 GroundMap
Remap APT and HRPT images to standard map projections
V1.3.2 - add overlay on/off button, allow for read-only location data, allow for spaces in file names, extend known list of name variants from the HRPT Reader, speed Gnomonic mapping routine, change base folder when opening location data in different folder.
2002 Dec 15 PassControl
RX2 receiver control program
V2.2.8 - Updated install, separate runtime and SGP4 component no longer required, tweak layout for large font display, prevent error message on exit if selected COM port in use.
2002 Dec 09 SatSignal
Weather satellite signal decoder
V4.0.4 - increase overlay coverage for long, overhead passes, correct lat/lon readout in interpolated (Large Image) mode.
2002 Dec 07 ToneBurst Delphi component V1.4.0 adds amplitude control and simple risetime and falltime properties.
2002 Nov 20 AutoGet
Automated Internet file retrieval
V1.5.6 - add European Rain Radar, add Central Atlantic MSLP, add East & North-West Pacific Cyclone, add alternative site for GMS-5 data, add dates-in-folders option for GOES-E/W data, try to drop priority when processing in batch mode, honour timeout and proxy settings for "Weather data" transfers, add watchdog timer to "Weather data" transfers, change RSS watchdog timer down to 1200 seconds (20 minutes), increase delay between RSS requests to 1 second, WinInet option for RSS FTP, add check for RSS file's existance, force directories for non-dated Dundee images, correct GOES-E 3-hourly slot timing (23:45 et seq.)
2002 Nov 20 GeoSatSignal
Process images from geostationary weather satellites
V1.5.6 - add European lightning data to overlays accepted, add Central Atlantic MSLP, East Pacific cyclone and North-West Pacific cyclone overlays, allow more images to be remapped, support Chinese & Japanese Windows, support Taiwan 1024 square and 4096 square GMS-5 images, allow thermal scale form to be non-modal, accept CLUTs which are 361 pixels wide providing -120C..+60C in 0.5C steps, improved cosmetic appearance of scale (hide non-available values), allow animation of RSS data gathered at 30 minute intervals, display available WV image - if Visible with False-colour requested, add Dundee medium and low resolution images for World View option, make animation caching optional (on a per-job basis), add job number and name to title bar, accept full GMS-5 image files which are 800 (instead of 840) pixels wide, process GMS-5 sector "J" as IR (it is actually "Enhanced IR"), add Rob Alblas files to automatic Visible/IR combining, allow for GOES-W as either 192/320K model or ModeA (dog-leg) model
2002 Nov 18 SatSignal V4.0.2 - rename Overlay options... to Overlay appearance..., add tool button for NOAA luminance from IR, provide Help button on Overlay appearance dialog and Settings, EasyOverlay dialog, add control of with-border text background colour and overlay text field spacing, change name of "Time Zone Naming" to "Use local time for passes", start overlay shortly before predicted AOS, improved mid-pass elevation accuracy, add mid-pass or AOS/LOS choice and location text (from WXtrack) to overlay text, add auto marker caption from WXtrack location option, horizontally crop northbound passes correctly, work round Win98 problem - caption text missing on ascending passes, don't loose temperature calibration strip when cropping, don't use EasyOverlay text on Meteor files, remember EasyOverlay timezone naming option, don't allow overlapped processing, don't attempt to save if file folder no longer exists, add warning if WXtrack version lower than required.
2002 Nov 14 GroundMap V1.3.0 - add View | Information for mapping details, add cursor location display, add File | Save image... dialog, remove artefacts from newer mapping routine implementation.
2002 Nov 14 PassControl V2.2.6 - read initial or updated location from WXtrack, allow port number change on the fly, allow for minimum elevations up to 15 degrees (so beware of setting very long minimum pass durations at the same time)!
2002 Nov 14 SlideShow V2.1.4 - improved functioning with Large Font displays, add control over resampling and resizing to command-line.
2002 Oct 18 SatSignal V4.0.0 - add Easy Overlay facility [provides text overlay, with home marker symbol and caption, provides cursor latitude & longitude readout, provides satellite azimuth and elevation readout, uses WXtrack and HRPT Reader Keplers together, allows local time zone naming convention, separate north & southbound AOS degrees thresholds, satellite deselection option (.e.g. NOAA-14)], add printing, add Settings - NOAA crop-borders-on-save option, don't save overlay to file if it is not visible, handle NOAA-17 chan A = 4, chan B = 3 operation, restore toolbar after 'K' command-line option, remember last file extension opened, honour system Control Panel measurment setting (Metric or US), honour overlay on/off when saving images, update default NOAA colour model to HLS, update default graphic overlay colour to cream, correct error in NOAA-17 thermal model, trap crash when look-at-space values are all 255 (image input).
2002 Oct 13 WXtrack
Satellite orbit prediction
V3.3.2 - add detailed pass prediction to Ephemeris, add save and print of Satellite Kepler Data summary, add independent prioritisation of both north- and south-bound passes, zero-priority satellite passes are not listed, show cursor location details on screen (latitude & longitude at cursor location, great-circle range & bearing from home location, satellite azimuth & elevation from cursor location), disable click-on-satellite when auto-switch is enabled, add WiSP DDE tracker support, escape key cancels tracker parking on exit, add simulate flip-mode to Tracker Test dialog, add "Click on next pass" to toggle next pass/tracker status text, don't save blank overlay text lines, save location details for PassControl, option to get location and time from GPS source, update TBUS decoder to treat satellite 37 as NOAA-17, add experimental channel-control prefix (CX6DD), add WiSP DDE Radio support, improve next-pass selection at end of day
2002 Oct 03 HRPT Reader V2.4.4 - add "green vegetation" option (primarily for NOAA-17), more accurate NDVI, display NDVI on vegetation tab, increased range of user-defined temperature & SST scales, improved ground location accuracy, make print area selection box more visible, accept "Sat 0" from Rob Alblas decoder as meaning FY1D, add day-of-year for CHRPT decoding of Rob Alblas data, add save of location data for DTP, NOAA95 & RAW16 formats, force "packed" format for Timestep CHRPT data, remove spurious bits from Timestep "unpacked" data, support Timestep DOS data with less than five channels, display channel 4 and 5 temperatures on channel 5 tab, widen tolerance on accepted SST range but may be less accurate, improved SST algorithm for saved or under-the-cursor data, add separate save of location data, allow file auto-name without query, display standard name on pass direction form (L1B data), revise layout of Histogram Adjust form, add Alt-F-J keyboard shortcut for save corrected JPEG, correct mid-pixel swap when northbound, correct NOAA-17 channel 5 (and therefore SST) temperatures, correct error when exactly three sets of Keplers are available
2002 Sep 28 NTPmonitor V5.0.4 - allow the use of any clock as a reference, where 20 minutes or more data is missing - don't plot, don't display NTP version number, as it's meaningless here
2002 Sep 24 NTPmonitor V5.0.2 - many small improvements, retain plot between invocations, improved display, report round-trip delay, remember settings between runs
2002 Sep 23 PassControl V2.2.4 - allow "standby" option instead of "scanning" between passes.
2002 Sep 19 NTPmonitor V5.0.0 - add graphing with choice of scale and reference filtering, make scan interval 60 seconds
2002 Sep 18 GroundMap New program - allows you to remap images from NOAA satellites to standard map projections for subsequent combining - see all North America or Europe in a single image at full resolution!  Accepts APT or HRPT data.
2002 Sep 08 SatSignal V3.8.16 - enhanced false-colour for vegetation with choice of classic red or enhanced green (for early NOAA-17), use arrow keys, Home & End for image or overlay movement, add Ctrl-N and Ctrl-S for North and South direction setting, add reprocess option (reload and process existing file name), enhance temperature calibration scale text legibility, force focus to Save button after processing, add -2JX parameter for no NOAA channel output, correct failure to recognise previously-processed Meteor 3-5 files.
2002 Aug 28 PassControl V2.2.2 - minor bug fix - program needed restart to pick up changed pass duration correctly.
2002 Aug 24 SatCover
Satellite multi-day coverage prediction
V1.0.6 - adds gnomonic projection.
2002 Aug 16 WXtrack V3.3.0 - show pass selection criteria on the Ephemeris display, allow minimum pass duration to be set as high as 900 seconds and elevation as high as 25 degrees, add satellite priority and pass-list filtering, add active bank right-click contents view, correctly display next passes of greater than 60 minutes duration, add pass-box display for FY1C/D, make all updates at full requested rate for faster processors, rename Tracker, Setup to Tracker, Options, add manual antenna positioning in Tracker, Test at object, add offset tweaking, add RA/DEC control, add 5-second and 2-second auto-tracker updates, add SSB/Orbit rotor code (experimental), add IF-100 rotor code, send antenna parking command twice with selectable timeout, add park-on-exit option, add tracker look-ahead, keep KCT tracker open, confirm close program if tracking, rewrite flip-mode determination algorithm, add user-text option for overlay text, tweak NOAA-17 scan angle for better overlay match, honour users' region setting for Metric/English units and provide complementary hints, add file rename for audio recordings made away from the computer, improved error message in Kepler update.
This version has some internal changes that may result in displays or other updates not happening.  Please report any problems you feel may be related to such changes.  Some options are only in the registered version.
2002 Aug 07 SlideShow V2.1.2 - add rename slides in order function, generates command file
2002 Aug 07 TVwriter
write pics back to digital camera CF card for TV display
V2.1.2 - add Canon G2 naming convention, add Pentax Optio 330 support, add Canon S100 support.  V2.1.0 2002 - add ability to retain existing filename if possible
2002 Aug 01 GreyScale
Monitor calibration tool
Version for Delphi 5
2002 Jul 11 AutoGet V1.4.6 - add optional end-of-transfer beep, add choice of Dundee image resolution, tweak ULM JPEG quality down from 82 to 78 to save a little disk space, update Eumetsat RSS FTP server address
2002 Jul 08 GeoSatSignal V1.5.4 - enhanced printing support, speed up remapping generation, add mouse wheel support (like XP image viewer) - rotate the wheel to zoom - press wheel and shift mouse to re-position, support Orbit/SSB .HRM format digital data, add Eumetsat archive CD support, limited support for .DIG files, allow North and South pole as remap origins, add Pacific option to World View, use standard File, Save dialog in World View, support GMS-5 visible/IR polar stereographic sectors, add mask for GMS-5 polar stereographic vis/IR, add masks for Meteosat 7 relay LR, LY & LZ sectors, add masks for Meteosat 7 relay of GMS5 north and south sectors, accept wildcard filenames even when not in dated folders, accept all three Dundee JPEG image resolutions, add 20 minute and 2 hour animation intervals, increase number of jobs from 26 to 30, add optional per-job save of initial zoom setting, size annotations according to zoom setting, add thermal false-colour tab, show both thermal temperature to colour mappings in View|Thermal scale, add simple display of remapping parameters, provide default remapping for C/D/ETOT sectors, move Water Vapour to first tab -  prevents loosing scroll position when switching tabs, try to substitute _AIW when no __AW found, correct failure to animate digital WV images, fix AVI moving off-panel, correct wrong mouse co-ordinates report with remapped thermal FC tab
2002 Jun 25 HRPT Reader V2.4.2 - add NOAA-17 support.
2002 Jun 25 SatSignal V3.8.14 - add .MAX as right-click option (if .MAX already known), add NOAA-17 support, correct failure to recognise successive geostationary files
2002 Jun 25 SatBatch
Automated weather satellite decoding
V1.7.6 clean up application title after run, add NOAA-17 support, honour user's Desktop font setting.
2002 Jun 22 HRPT Reader V2.4.0 - improved printing support, add day/night mode, add comprehensive video adjustment dialog to RGB and user tabs, extend "standard filename on save" option to L1B files, save scroll position when reprocessing, support mouse wheel, display pass summary and KLM L1B thermal calibration data in diagnostics, improved robustness with large erroneous time code steps, allow for bad time values in some L1B headers, skip earth location processing where no valid mid-pass time code exists, improved 8-bit / 5-channel / GAC old format support, read & display zenith angles (Ctrl-mouse), add FY1C/D support for Dartcom .raw files, support ESS .hpt files, correct error in NOAA-12/14 channel 5 temperature.  Registered version supports: multi-page print,  batch mode, image annotation, simple processed database.
2002 Jun 21 Runtime libraries Offer combined library Bundle (V1.0.0) to replace previous multiple library downloads.
2002 Jun 07 WXtrack V3.2.4 - improved Meteor 3-5 overlay accuracy, add Jupiter and Saturn to Tracker, Point at object, add track object mode to Tracker, Point at object, allow any baud rate on all trackers, add Optically Visible function, add Mutually Visible function, honour Gridlines and Cartography changes immediately, correct Ephemeris print/save buttons sometimes hiding.
2002 May 16 SatSignal V3.8.12 - remember last-used pass direction, add mouse wheel for scrolling, record direction flips in the MRU, read MRU list when -HIDE parameter specified, allow NOAA 2-channel, save colour only with 2SCO parameter, better across-track Meteor overlay initial alignment, save both B channel and false-colour channel with overlay if overlay exists.
2002 May 14 Find Duplicates V5.0.4 - updated for Windows XP support
2002 Apr 29 WXtrack V3.2.2 - add EasyComm tracker protocol support, add FodTrack support, on Tracker, Point at object form .. allow double click on satellite to point tracker, add run-a-command at start-of-pass (with tracker), command allows substitution of satellite name (%S) catalogue number (%N) and frequency (%F), add park antenna at end-of-pass, make tracker COM/LPT port number and baud rate accessible, allow user to restrict tracker to first copy of WXtrack run, add 0..3 minutes early wake-up for tracker .. allows earlier flip-mode prediction, trap possible tracker elevation overflow, close down EA4TX tracker cleanly, add early-warning option - 12 minutes to AOS (uses 3 minute sound), add Time-to-LOS (click on Make Picture label), allow pass-box display on all projections, add choice of night-time shading contrast, add higher-precision text display option, add full pass details tab to Ephemeris display, allow quality choice for saving predicted image, add separate age criterion for geostationary Kepler data, allow Kepler download from FTP sites as well as HTTP, add in-place update of Kepler data after Options, Update Keplers..., add parameter control of pass-list generation in batch and interactive mode.
Please note that if you use SatBatch. you will need V1.7.2 or later.
2002 Apr 26 AutoGet V1.4.4 - add Ulm Meteosat WEFAX data, add more MSLP data sources, add Karlsruhe lightning data, add ability to skip alternate Eumetsat RSS visible files (they're pretty big!), honour user's desktop font setting.
2002 Apr 25 FTPpie
FTP Web space piechart utility
V1.3.8 - improved accuracy by entering cluster size.
2002 Apr 20 GeoSatSignal V1.5.2 - add support for reading Dartcom .ASD files, support C<oh>2 as well as C<zero>2 visible sector naming, for joining Dartcom files - look for files in same 30 minute slot, add limited animation support for Dartcom naming convention, support D2_ as well as D2 naming, add ADMIN message to browser, enhanced slot-last naming support for missing data, support standard date-slot naming for Timestep MPD files, add View - Thermal scale command, add control of home marker and range rings colour (common setup), add control of MSLP fill colour (job specific), more jobs, more preset views, correct some Orthographic mapping issues, honour user's desktop font.
2002 Apr 06 SatBatch V1.7.4 - greater control over satellite selection (so you can predict NOAA-9's interference or NOAA-16 passes without attempting to process their files), add Copy to Clipboard function, recognise "-C.jpg" files as meaning "already processed", honour your desktop font setting.
2002 Apr 05 SGP4 component VB5 demo enhanced and updated.  Brief notes for VB5 users added.
2002 Apr 04 AddContextMenu
Delphi component
New simple component to make adding that Explorer right-click menu a little easier.
2002 Apr 04 MakeOverlay
Overlay generator for WXtrack
V1.4.0 - allow the suppression of both grid lines and country boundaries.
2002 Mar 25 GeoSatSignal V1.5.0 - add right-button mouse range and bearing measurement, add home station marker and caption, add range rings from home station, add annotation to false-colour image (if no remapped image), add presets (quick look), add ADMIN message view from image file or RAH/PDU/MPD data, accept -MIN parameter - runs minimised and close when finished, add thermal calibration for Eumetsat RSS digital and image data, add land-sea masks supporting dual-channel thermal palettes, control over space-is-black temperature, optional delay of country boundary plotting until remapped image available, changed MSLP overlay superimposition, add Mercator projection with latitude span control, add automatic date/time determination for HRI data.
2002 Mar 10 WXtrackGL - 3D view of satellite position and world image data V2.1.0 - make solar illumination optional - allows more general use, add high-speed modes, add sun and moon viewpoints, add choice of background image, make form non-scaled for "large fonts" displays, remember selected settings between runs
2002 Mar 04 SatCover V1.0.4 - adds ability to plot coverage as a boundary line rather than a solid area (most useful when processing large number of days)
2002 Feb 23 FTPpie V1.3.6 - handle spaces in file and directory names.
2002 Feb 18 GeoSatSignal V1.4.2 - allow choice of country boundary and gridline colours and boundary data source, remove spurious boundary lines, automatically select appropriate hemisphere for polar stereographic projection, increased map coverage possibility, add multi-sheet printing, fill in label areas for 9-sector join from C/D/ETOT where possible, add optional registered name annotation, improved detection of HRI channels, avoid flicker when creating animation with Joiner maximised, improved Bracknell MSLP handling, correct failure to join C4D/C1D and C6D/C9D sectors, experimental World View mode, add SYS1000 naming convention support.
2002 Jan 31 AutoGet V1.4.2 - allow choice of gridded/ungridded images from Dundee in all 3 channels, refine selection capability in PDUS (digital), add time selection range for Eumetsat RSS visible files, revise day order of RSS, add RssFiles.txt as post-selection filter for RSS.
2002 Jan 17 GeoSatSignal V1.4.0 - add batch-mode automation, add consistent vis-ir-wv 9-sector Meteosat join (C9D is master), add remapping for Eumetsat Rapid Scan Service (RSS) and INDOEX regions, add optional clock annotation for remapped images, add JPEG output option, support NOAA GOES Enhancement curves, add image crispening function (registered), add File | Close menu item, support e.g. D2_25093 as WXSat format, changes to Bracknell MSLP support, support OPEN_MTP files (from Eumetsat RSS archive only), considerably improved Rob Alblas file support, add multi-job options also as command-line parameter, add despeckle option, make both deline and despeckle controlled from common setup menu (PDUS tab), user remap area definition from job setup menu or by mouse zooming on remapped image (registered), add Orthographic projection (registered).
2002 Jan 17 AutoGet V1.4.0 - add Bracknell MSLP tab, more intelligent download from Eumetsat Archive, clarify need for username and password for certain sites, increase the number of supported files from Dundee (revised to have multiple pages), timestamp Dundee files, timestamp .PDU files.
2002 Jan 14 HRPT Reader V2.3.2 - add fast-view option, displays Quick-Look tab after processing, add palette-mapped thermal channel tab which supports JASC and Quorum .PAL files, add overlays etc. for 8-bit data (from pass start time), add despeckle support for Rob Alblas's 10B format, try to determine SSB/Orbit format pass direction, add Explorer right-click integration, make 2:1 zoom optional for those systems which cannot support it, faster 2:1 zoom, support 16-bit SMARTech export format, auto-determine pass direction for SSB/Orbit format, trap potential error when file is too small, recognise large numbers of bad frames, remove year 2001 limitation.
2002 Jan 12 SatCover V1.0.2 - new program to plot and record the combined ground coverage of a polar orbiting satellite over multiple days.  Requires WXtrack and SGP4 component.
2002 Jan 07 WXtrack V3.2.0 - add four-digit year number internally and to entries in PassList.txt, add sunrise/sunset function, minor bug fixes.  Requires version V1.7.2 or later of SatBatch.
2002 Jan 07 SatBatch V1.7.2 - make default NOAA gamma 1.3 rather than 1.5, make position screen centre, provide "Deselect NOAA 14" button, include the .LCN file in the renames, add link to SatSignal's help file for batch command parameters, support WXtrack V3.2 and later.
2002 Jan 06 AutoGet V1.1.0 - add grid checkbox for Dundee visible channel files, add full disk GOES option, add Daily GOES option, add Eumetsat Archive tab - with EuArchive.txt as selector -  includes ITOT sector (only 8 per day available), add GMS-5 tab (FTP data from GSFC), add Dundee full disk water vapour, add option for year\month\day\ folder in Dundee images, add ADMIN page from Nottingham, add support for Eumetsat RSS FTP archive, add support for digital Dundee PDUS data, link to GeoSatSignal

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