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What is beta software?

Beta software is an updated version of an existing program designed to either fix some particular problem, or to experiment with various new features which may, or may not be in the next version of the program.  
A full release of the program will have been widely tested (through the beta process), and will contain all the files required for running the program such as data files and, where applicable, update Help files.  A beta version, by contrast, may contain just the program and some basic release notes, and none of the other files required for the program to function.  Before using any beta software, you should have a full current version of the program installed, and it should be working correctly.

This beta software:

  • requires the current, released version to be installed and working
  • is updated without notice
  • has no support available
  • has features that may not be in the next released version
  • is not guaranteed to work
  • may have time-limited functionality
  • may crash or give false results
  • requires that you read the release notes
  • .. so use at your own risk!
  • .. and please keep a working backup!

How do I use beta software?

As opposed to a full installation, beta software may just contain just an updated executable file, and will therefore need some additional steps in installing.  If you are not comfortable following steps like those listed below, please be patient and wait for the next released version.  Be sure to have the current released version before applying a beta update!

Updating a typical program

  1. Make sure you have the most recent release version of the software installed and working properly.
  2. Visit my Web site, download and save the beta of the MSG Data Manager from the page.
  3. Right-click the saved file, Properties, and click the Unblock button if one is present.
  4. This Zip file contains an updated MsgDataManager.exe program file and an updated MsgDataManager.txt "read-me" file.
  5. Locate your existing installation of the MSG Data Manager.  Most likely this will be (for an English language install):
  6. In the case of the MSG Data Manager, this folder will contain files named e.g. WaveletDLL.dll as well as the MSG Data Manager program file.
  7. Stop the MSG Data Manager and close the program down.
  8. Rename the existing executable file:
    to, for example:
  9. Copy the new MsgDataManager.exe from the Zip file you downloaded in step 1 to the folder you located in step 3.
  10. If there were more file in the beta download, copy those as well having backed up your working versions.
  11. Restart the MSG Data Manager.

Reverting to the original program

  1. Stop the MSG Data Manager and exit the program.
  2. Rename the new executable file:
    to, for example:
  3. Rename the previous executable file you renamed in step 6:
    back to:
  4. Copy any other files you backed up to the appropriate directory.
  5. Restart the MSG Data Manager.

The same general procedure is true for all my beta updates.  Please be aware of the limitations of beta software which are listed above.

What are these MD5 signatures?

They are a way you can check if you think your download might be corrupt - very unlikely, but...  Please see:

Current beta-test versions:

As I know that testing by users is far more likely to detect errors that just testing by me alone, I am making programs available here.  Please make a backup of your working version before installing these programs, and please only install them on top of a working version.  You will need a licence for the current release version of the software.

  • BUFR Viewer - - Use Francis Breame's more recent converter, detect AMV files containing '-MSGAMV' in the name.
    MD5 signature: E26A722675F6512C48C8495A0DC67585
  • FastWXtrack - - Experimental program for faster DDE tracking and Doppler updates.  Layout enhancements.  Issue with date/time display on Win-10 Creators noted and worked-round.
    MD5 signature: 66379B7B49D31BC58848CB57CF111F1F
  • GeoSatSignal - - Support MSG/IODC in World View, preliminary support for Himawari B12 (as IR_096), correct IODC land/sea mapping.
    MD5 signature: BA0E8242FCC946DC795FCFB7A120CA40
  • HRPT Reader - - Add enhanced NOAA BD1 thermal LUT, provide user-defined SST palette (provides better SST detail, 256 entries coded R,G,B cover the defined temperature range, a sample palette is provided: sst-lut.pal).
    MD5 signature: 48D13C18C28E5FD758602EEB763977A1
  • Metop Manager - - Try to handle "Another copy..." better across restarts, accept -LOG parameter - starts with Event Log tab, handle GAC failures more elegantly.
    MD5 signature: BAE6D5B0B4910723627E9D724E79550A
  • MODIS L1 Viewer - - Set up/down text colour to blue for blue channel, prevent one variable not being initialised, more choice in the File, Open dialog, accept "Australian" MODIS file names.
    MD5 signature: B719CB47FAFD930C3AF0B1846248475F
  • MSG Data Manager - - CRM report changed to 12:00 for zero-degree data, merge several "all missing" reports into one report line, update reporting for Met-7 final decontamination, prepare reporting for Met-7 switch-off on 2017-Mar-31, improved efficiency in purging older files (separate LSA retention option removed - use SAF retention instead, separate CRM retention option removed - it's now a daily file - use MPEF retention instead), auto-restart updates (please note this is not intended for routine use in normal circumstances), prepare for HL-L2-SST_IST-METOP data, support Himawari 9.6 Ám data on channel B12, add detection of TelliCast 2.14.2 client for priority drop, update for new IASI L2 file names on data channel 1, correct naming of FY-2E data in report, correct boundaries when saving IODC images, correct channel name hint for CMA data.
    MD5 signature: 74383F7E8AC519367C8D724936040910
  • Sentinel2 to JPEG - V1.3.1.27 -  Right-click on image to invoke Options dialog.
    MD5 signature: CE13B1E8EDEC7A70386622E713E01F2D
  • SweepGen - - Remove initial set of RHS-trigger, UI enhancements.
    MD5 signature: 098FD313F50FD97945952DA3ED79DB12
  • WXtrack - - Add pass-box for Sentinel 3A in ScanOffsets.ini (treat as being in the "weather satellite" class), in View|Radar plot add Galileo satellites, add count of navigation satellites visible (you will need the Keplers from e.g. CelesTrak - galileo.txt).

If you wish, you can register for free, automatic e-mail notifications from the Watch That Page service when this page is updated.  This is convenient as you won't need to keep checking my Web site to see what new beta versions are available.  Click the button below to register for update notification.  You may need to register with WatchThatPage first.

I recommend Fred van den Bosch's software DownloadPrograms - which will help to keep an eye on the version numbers and updates for you!


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