Updates to David Taylor's Software - 2021

This page lists the changes made to my applications during 2021.  Recent updates






Disk usage pie-chart

V6.2.2.69 - Allow for exclusion list in Exclude.ini, entries like:
.. [Directories]
.. 2=system volume information
It's for directories only, the numbers (1= etc.) don't matter but ARE required, upper or lower case is ignored in the folder names, exclusions.ini must be in same directory as ShowMan.exe, a sample file supplied - rename before use. 
  Add button to stop timer refresh after first scan, leave it Enabled in the options dialog, though, add TB to Options dialog, Units, show disk free space in status panel.  Add icon to File Explorer right-click.  You'll need to set that option again to get the icon.


GOES ABI Manager

V2021.08.08.41 - Improved robustness with saved image files < 25 kB


Kepler Updater

V2021.07.21.13 - Handle https error when connecting to EUMETSAT.  Note that Keplers from other sources are not as consistent in their epochs and orbit numbers.


Satellite orbit and ground 
track prediction

V3.8.48.1100 - Add Kepler Updater in Tools menu, remove obsolete Kepler Manager reference, better handling of certain artificial Keplers, improved sort-by-frequency in Kepler view form, add GLONASS and BeiDou to View|RadarPlor (may require Kepler data from CelesTrak), optional display of icon at home location (icon must be in file Home.ico in WXtrack directory, simple sample supplied from Emjois, your choice of size etc., update SPID tracker to all possible gearing options (1 to 0.1), add short delay after sending a SPID command, add COM ports up to COM22, remember days-to-predict between runs, widen various date/time pickers, add Meteor-M satellites as having an AVHRR-like scanner, add option to close program from the command-line even if tracking, update Help to point to https://groups.io/g/SatSignal and show correct user name, enhanced caption clarity on tab controls, experimental: track geostationary satellites (on Tracker|Options), right-click satellite for larger text on primary, add satellite name & location to caption if tracker options Large track text checked, option for tracker click-on-satellite for frequency change (see: Tracker, Options, Radio, Manual switch), correct country boundary download URL, update Tools|ISS weather URLs, add Tools|My weather for user option URL, correct error when no satellites are assigned to a bank, refine full-screen code (F11).


MSG Data Manager
Manage EUMETCast data

V3.1.18.1324 - Start GOMS3 support (image files labelled "GOMS2" as the projection is the same, not happy with IR4 data), reduce "Not responding" Task Manager messages, include TPC-1 in 120-day empty directory trim, start FY-2G solar eclipse report a little earlier, remove reporting for discontinued prime 0 & IODC level 2 products, reporting updates for AMV slot changes, neaten multiple missing MPE slots, remove discontinued TOZ products.


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