Updates to David Taylor's Software - 2020

This page lists the changes made to my applications during 2020.  Recent updates






Disk usage piechart

V6.1.0.65 - Add TB (terabytes) option display.  When using TB the list order may not be what you expect as there are a limited number of decimal digits used in the list and piechart.


GOES ABI Manager
Manage GOES-16 & 17 
data from EUMETCast.

V2019.3.2.39 - Accept "-start" for auto-start, "-log" for log page display, add Close button, set defaults for save type and bands, save logging across invocations, add image display, remember form position between runs, add short image filename option, add hand icon to thumbnails, add descriptive hint to thumbnail label, add date & time hint to thumbnails, add right-click GeoSatSignal process to thumbnail and image views, remove gamma-correction for B02 & B03, pressing Esc (escape) or right-click "Quit" closes the image view, prepare for band B01 (blue) data, treat B03 (SWIR) as visible, make the space region for thermal channels white, add Clear Images option (at start of new data), allow image path to have spaces, add choice of NetCDF save path, makes dates-in-tree optional, notify MSG Animator after an image is saved, delete files which failed to process, accommodate mode-3 and mode-4 operation (without any notice, as far as I know), prepare for mode-6 operation (ten-minute scans), accept single files on the command line, add satellite name to window caption, change log file name to reflect the executable name (allows multiple .EXE in one directory, remember to rename your existing log if required!, daily save of active log file after midnight, updated read-me (twice), update for GOES-17 (including notify MSG Animator), much reduced memory consumption, higher quality thumbnail images, preload any valid existing images at start-up if clear images not checked and images, stop processing when Windows shutdown requested, more details in image pop-up hints, add Support button, cosmetic changes.


MSG Animator
Animate EUMETCast data

V3.1.6.309 - Support for GEOS-16 at 75 W, updated for 10-minute GOES-16 animations, support GOES-15 at 128 W, support for GOES-17 at 137 W, support FY-2H at 79 E, start 10-minute Himawari-8 support, earlier start for Himawari, support new MPE replacement hydrology (files named like: S-HSAF-h03B_20190723_1130_fdk.grb, need to set Unzip SAF in the MSG Data Manager, need to use timer updates, not from MSG DM, there are 48 * 19 MB files/day => almost a GB!, experimental! Restore support for FIRE animations, file format may have changed. More natural frame rates for 60 Hz monitors (you may need to rebuild your animations). You may need to copy land/sea masks from the beta GeoSatSignal directory. Remove obsolete satellites from channel list, use F5 key to trigger an animation update.


MSG Data Manager
Manage EUMETCast data

V3.1.14.1311 - Start FY-2H support at 79 East, new image file names like: 201906140500-fy2h-Vis.png, support changed NWC data, support changed S-OSI_-NOR... files, improved reporting when multiple RII missing, skip MPE reporting after 2019-Jul-10, improved recognition of RSS without MPEF, enhanced collation of multiple missing cycles, support new E1B-SAF data channels.


LRPT Image Processor
Enhance Meteor-M N2 images

V2020.02.24.42 - Update of day/night algorithm.  Suspect that thermal and vis 0.8 aren't precisely aligned. 


LRPT Image Processor

V2020.02.23.40 - Add overlays, including station names, you can shift with the cursor keys, and it's saved with images.
Support 123 files in addition to 122 and 125 files.
Day/night mode (is still not fully implemented).
Many minor updates, see the LrptImageProcessor.txt file for more details.


Kepler Updater
Keep Kepler data current

V2020.02.09 - New program to replace the Kepler Manager.  
Provide an option to use EUMETSAT data or not.


LRPT Image Processor

V2020.01.27.18 - Narrow down range of .BMP file in the File Open dialog to avoid displaying already processed files.
Alter dialog to distinguish RGB and per-channel files.
Experimental Day/Night mode.
Key ESC closes the program.
Use yyyy-mm-dd-rev version numbering.


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