Updates to David Taylor's Software - 2018

This page lists the changes made to my applications during 2018.  Recent updates.






MSG Data Manager

V3.1.8 - Add GOMS-2 support (replaces GOMS-1 support, can save pro/epilogue files if requested, improved visible channel scaling), support NOAA Direct Broadcast (NDB) data, support SMAP level 1C data, support NPP Active Fire product on data channel 12, honour MPEF/OCAE/parallel purge, update for new EARS sounder file names & .NC files included in retention purge, support more BMA-RA files, remove some retired satellites, updated reporting options (add FY-2G switch, retire Met-7 etc.), more efficient purging (updated in .1264) - experimental, please check carefully!
V3.1.10 - Update for new NPP-2 file names



V8.2.2 - Support MSG/IODC & GOES-16 in World View, support for Himawari B12 (as IR_096), support GOMS-2 including remapping, don't show Notice of the Day dialog if the directory doesn't exist, widen LUT drop-down boxes on Job Setup form, correct IODC land/sea mapping, correct 2300 + 1 hour TZ bias displaying day incorrectly, start GOES-16 support (rectification offset point is 75 W, country boundaries supported, land/sea LUTs supported, RGB combinations preliminary support, a few suggested RGB added including night microphysics (note the revised format just for GOES-ABI data), file names matching the GOES ABI Manager format (201711071600-g16-b13.jpg), note that data is preliminary, may not map correctly), setup option for lower-case saved file names, correct "Space is grey" in GOES-16 world view, parallel-scan thermal files are GOES-mode-A, FY-2E (labelled fy2d) etc. thermal files are GOES-mode-A, support GSHHG 2.3.7 shoreline & country bondary data format, correct missing User2 boundaries, add GPX to boundary File|Open list.


HRPT Reader

V3.0.8 - Add enhanced NOAA BD1 thermal LUT, provide user-defined SST palette (provides better SST detail, 256 entries coded R,G,B covers the currently defined temperature range, a sample palette is provided: sst-lut.pal, can be read in batch mode from the command-line: -sstSST-PAL.pal:corr.jpg, and specify a temperature range on the command-line too: -sstSST-PAL.pal(15,25):corr.jpg), detect RAW16 satellite type for NOAA-19, fix error with "VI" mode and blank video, preliminary support for unpacked Meteor-M N2 data (Rob Alblas .DAT files with header preserved, Oleg .MN2 files, new file has .MSU2 extension, same date), reduce chances of "1899" dates appearing on saved images or in processed.lst, clarify timestamp option, warn more strongly about missing Kepler data.

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