Updates to David Taylor's Software - 2017

This page lists changes made to my applications during 2017.  Recent updates.





MSG Data Manager

V3.1.6 - CRM report changed to 12:00 for zero-degree data, merge several "all missing" reports into one report line, update reporting for Met-7 final decontamination, prepare reporting for Met-7 switch-off on 2017-Mar-31, improved efficiency in purging older files (separate LSA retention option removed - use SAF retention instead, separate CRM retention option removed - it's now a daily file - use MPEF retention instead), auto-restart updates (please note this is not intended for routine use in normal circumstances), prepare for HL-L2-SST_IST-METOP data, support Himawari 9.6 µm data on channel B12, add detection of TelliCast 2.14.2 client for priority drop, update for new IASI L2 file names on data channel 1, correct naming of FY-2E data in report, correct boundaries when saving IODC images, correct channel name hint for CMA data.


Remove stale files

V1.2.8 - Lower minimum minutes for clearout from 5 minutes to 2 minutes, however this was not actually implemented.


Disk usage pie-chart

V6.0.8 - Correct display of compressed files if access is restricted.

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