Updates to David Taylor's Software - 2000

This page lists the changes made to my applications during 2000.  Recent updates.

Date Application Notes
2000 Dec 31 WXtrack
Orbit prediction
V2.7.2 - improved Resurs O1-N4 and Meteor 3-5 ground path prediction, revise ISS Ground Station footprint for ISS altitude, better ISS ground path picture, add Reset location list button, correct internationalisation for preset locations, pick up topography when called from different folder, allow Ephemeris prediction across year boundaries, improve defaults for overlay text
2000 Dec 27 HRPT reader V1.6.2 - remove spurious lines
2000 Dec 25 HRPT reader V1.6.0 - enhanced control and accuracy of overlays and boundaries, range and bearing measurement, improved APT image quality, use WXtrack's Countries.dat if possible
2000 Dec 20 WXtrack V2.7.0 - add current pass details box when wide display, extend higher quality footprints to satellites above 6000km, choice of home marker style, display topography file on setup screen, new status box for clearer display when tracking, allow .TXT as Kepler file extension, display selected ground stations when ISS is primary, optional earth location data generation, cosmetic updates.  
2000 Dec 04 WXtrack V2.6.6 - round satellite edges, show satellite with yellow marker when in sunlight, higher quality geostationary footprint, display past history orbit ground tracks in grey, tie ground track display duration to orbital period, finer steps in ground track prediction around terminator, list only Active Keplers by default, perform Kepler update from Internet when data shows significant changes but user does accept the update, etc.
2000 Nov 30 SatSignal
APT satellite decoder
V3.6.6 -  slightly enhanced Resurs O1-N4 picture, batch MRU history increase, restore "Reduce Width" progress display, faster processing through memory leak removal, unified output file creator labels.
2000 Nov 25 SatSignal V3.6.4 - add "T" parameter to force tape input, remember recent batch-processed file details, improved Meteor image quality, correct missing reprocess when sensor combo-box changed, add right-click "APT process" context menu item, show progress during the lengthy PNG file save, faster PNG loading and saving.  Note, now requires the Pentium-optimised LPNG-PX.dll.
2000 Nov 22 WXtrack V2.6.4 corrects an error with World Map tab sometimes not being the default and/or without the map picture background, adds support for highly elliptical orbits e.g. AO-40, saves the Kepler update URL between runs, improves night time shadow speed, enhances robustness when key files missing, has faster PNG loading and saving, revises defaults to suit faster processors.
Note, now requires the Pentium-optimised LPNG-PX.dll and the Intel JPEG Library.
2000 Nov 12 SatSignal V3.6.2 supports both PNG and BMP for overlay image, add cloud top temperatures overlay, add satellite time / azimuth / elevation display (requires WXtrack overlay pass files), improved Meteor/Resurs discrimination.
2000 Nov 12 SatBatch
Automated satellite decoding
V1.6.2 improves Meteor/Resurs discrimination, tweaks NOAA threshold down just a little, and supports PNG overlays from WXtrack
2000 Nov 11 WXtrack V2.6.2 adds visible next pass info, faster launch, night-time shading option, choice of minimum pass duration, PNG overlay generation, multiple horizon profiles, add local date style choice & UTC offset to overlay, more robust Internet Kepler update.  Note, now requires the Intel JPEG Library.
2000 Nov 03 Intel JPEG Library V1.5 New library, will be required for future versions of my software.
2000 Oct 29 HRPT reader V1.5.4 adds a blue-sea option, has lon/lat readout for GAC files (and when not zoomed in for all SAA L1B files), a more visible cursor, and improved CHRPT support. etc.
2000 Oct 22 Delphi 4.02 runtime library Update from V4.01 to V4.02.  If you have no problems, no need to update.
2000 Oct 20 HRPT reader V1.5.2 has built-in JPEG save, longitude-latitude readout (Level 1B files only), allows colour processing choice at startup, supports NOAA-16.
2000 Oct 19 Intel IPL & NSP libraries Update to current Intel versions, IPL 2.5.2, NSP 4.2.10, which are slightly faster and include Pentium 4 support (IPL).  My future software will be checked against these libraries, but there is no need for you to update if you are working OK.
2000 Sep 29 SatBatch
V1.6.0, which requires SatSignal 3.6.0 and WXtrack 2.6.0 or better, adds NOAA-16 support both in signal detection and in orbit lists.
2000 Sep 28 SatSignal
V3.6.0 adds automatic NOAA-16 support with false-colour red/grey vegetation display, adds diagnostic of channels in NOAA signal, UI enhancements.
2000 Sep 25 WXtrack V2.6.0 adds NOAA-16 support, multiple user locations, local time option for overlay text, update pass list when number of days changed, allow two-line element files with blank lines, NOAA-L in TLE files translated to NOAA 16 for display and pass list.
2000 Sep 12 GreyScale
Simple grey scale tester
New program (very simple!).  Test your display settings to ensure that all available brightnesses are displayed.
2000 Sep 09 SatSignal V3.5.6 adds optional automatic re-sync and line substitution mode (when interference present) and diagnostic display of internal temperature.  User interface enhancements.
2000 Aug 25 SatBatch V1.5.4 handles multiple passes with the same timestamp, when only one pass is selected.
2000 Aug 18 HRPT reader V1.5.0 allows change of pass direction after reading, displays more information about some formats, combines the geometric correction capability for those with memory-rich systems, and has minor cosmetic improvements.
2000 Aug 13 SatSignal V3.5.4 improves decoding of Resurs (and Meteor 2-21) signals that have the faulty toneburst problem - other enhancements.
2000 Aug 11 ToneBurst
Simple tone burst generator
New program, with full Delphi 4.0 source code as an audio programming example.
2000 Aug 07 WebCam
Simple Web camera application
V1.1.0 is for Delphi 4, and can handle multiple video sources.
2000 Jul 29 SatBatch V1.5.2 adds the ability to sort passes by satellite and to remove NOAA-15 from the pass list, and adds Meteor 2-21 support and other usability improvements.
2000 Jul 28 WXtrack V2.5.6 adds Ephemeris display options, including local time and a choice of mid-pass or AOS/LOS times, and a graphical display of satellites throughout the day.  A new graphical overlay display for use with SatSignal, independent of grid-lines or country boundaries, has been added.
2000 Jul 24 SatSignal V3.5.2 adds Meteor 2-21 support, multiple user colour maps, softer overlay option, overlay text in separate border box, graphics overlay (palette index 18), handles NOAA-15 sync skip problems.
2000 Jul 22 HRPT reader V1.4.8 adds support for TerraScan L1B format, remembers the last source folder, can interrupt processing, and allows intelligent pass direction determination with some formats.
2000 Jul 06 HRPT reader V1.4.6 can make reading faster as it adds user control of which channels to read, and it extends GAC support.
2000 Jul 02 LUTmaker
New program for building your own colour look-up tables for SatSignal.
2000 Jun 28 HRPT reader V1.4.4 adds NOAA95 support for CHRPT FY1C images, recognises the most recent TimeStep format, and supports single-channel 8-bit LAC files.
2000 Jun 09 WXtrack V2.5.4 has a bug fix for ground image generation when ETOPO5 data is absent.
2000 Jun 04 WXtrack V2.5.2 adds wider az-eq projection, more accurate radio horizon, usability enhancements including save of window state.
2000 Jun 03 MakeOverlay
WXtrack add-on
Customisable master overlay generator for WXtrack.  V1.1.0, first version.
2000 May 25 WXtrack V2.5.0 adds new Azimuthal Equidistant map projection (ideal for Northern Europe and Canada) and repackaged for faster download.
2000 May 18 SatSignal
V3.5.0 adds the current Okean-O visible-only image decode (with swap), adds PNG to File SaveAs menu, increases NOAA channel quality.
2000 May 17 HRPT reader V1.4.2, adds Level-1B 16-bit support
2000 May 13 SatBatch V1.5.0 adds parameters lines for SICH-6 (current Okean-O), will update any user settings with defaults, saving present settings as PARAMS.TXT, and adds Process Largest Files First option (default).
2000 May 11 WXtrack V2.4.0 has usability improvements, allows setting the ground track line style, displays the orbit number as a status bar hint & more
2000 Apr 29 HRPT reader V1.4.0, adds 16-bit raw SeaWIFS format support, preliminary 16-bit raw CHRPT support,  Dartcom 16-bit raw format support, some 8-bit data support, including 2-line per record GAC, and provides file type and date/time hint to Ask If Northbound.
2000 Apr 24 SatSignal
V3.4.8 includes a more centralised Meteor image, and intelligent distance scale placement.
2000 Apr 22 WXtrack V2.3.12 adds a multi-pass ground track line display and speeds line display slightly.
2000 Apr 13 WXtrack V2.3.10 includes a "clear" line style - use where no line is required.
2000 Apr 11 SatBatch
V1.4.6 adds control over NOAA 2-channel save format (BMP or PNG).
2000 Apr 08 SatSignal
V3.4.6 adds an optional overlay temperature calibration strip,   an optional overlay distance scale, and makes overlay controllable from the command line.
2000 Apr 08 WXtrack V2.3.8 adds user choice of style and colour on grid lines as well.
2000 Apr 06 SatBatch
V1.4.4 allows for folder names with spaces, allows the overlay to be generated first, and allows overlays for non-NOAA satellites (not recommended!).
2000 Apr 03 WXtrack
V2.3.6 adds next pass display and corrects two minor bugs.
2000 Apr 01 WXtrack
V2.3.4 adds satellite-dependant radio horizon option and user choice of line colours and styles.
2000 Mar 26 SatSignal
V3.4.4 adds channel B overlay in batch mode, larger overlay text with larger images, and a "forced" signal type option.
2000 Mar 18 WXtrack
V2.3.2 has improved timing resolution throughout (one second), allows greater elevation angle, right-click for next pass etc.
2000 Mar 16 SatSignal
V3.4.2 adds support for the recent SICH signals (with a 600 Hz toneburst) and, for registered users, a toolbar for faster access to functions.  It supports the higher timing resolution overlays produced by WXtrack 2.3.2 and later.
2000 Mar 16 SatBatch Version 1.4.2 adds current SICH support (600Hz toneburst), usability improvements
2000 Mar 11 HRPT reader V1.3.2 adds support for LAC and GAC data.
2000 Mar 01 HRPT reader V1.3.0 adds support for the NOAA95 raw 8-bit format.
2000 Feb 27 ShowMan
Disk usage piechart
V3.1.4 has been tested under Windows 2000 and has cosmetic improvements.
2000 Feb 25 SatSignal
Version 3.3.4 adds single-click overlay hide/display.
2000 Feb 21 WXtrack
V2.2.8 Displays actual, not generated, direction on overlay text.   A Spanish language help file is now available.
2000 Feb 20 WXtrack V2.2.6 improved robustness in Internet update, automatically closes when bad parameter passed, accepts some AMSAT Kepler names.
2000 Feb 20 SatSignal Version 3.3.2 has been tested under Windows 2000, adds Spanish Help file, "Large Fonts" support, signal level check.
2000 Feb 19 SatLevel New program to allow the accurate setting of recording level for Weather Satellite signals.
2000 Feb 18 HRPT reader V1.2.8 has been tested under Windows 2000, restores the TimeStep support accidentally broken in V1.2.6, and has cosmetic improvements for "Large Fonts" display.
2000 Feb 15 WXtrack V2.2.4 adds optional Kepler update over the Internet, supports "large font" displays, corrects an error in minimum pass elevation option and more.
2000 Feb 12 WXtrack V2.2.2 adds multi-day pass-list prediction, and has improvements in overlay text generation.
2000 Feb 10 HRPT reader Version 1.2.6 adds 10b format support (as used in the Rob Alblas decoder/software)
2000 Feb 09 SatSignal Version 3.3.0 adds PNG output support, which can make saved image files 1/3 smaller and, for registered users, adds automatic overlay text.
2000 Feb 09 SatBatch Version 1.3.0 allows satellite file names to be in local time rather than UTC.  
2000 Feb 06 Correct Geometry Version 1.2.0 corrects an error (not mine!) on 15- and 16-bit colour displays.
2000 Feb 06 SGP4 component New Active-X DLL (component) encapsulation satellite list and orbit predictions.  For use with programming languages, ASP web pages, and the Windows Scripting Host.
2000 Feb 05 WXtrack V2.2.0 adds an ephemeris print-out, Kepler display and checking etc.
2000 Jan 31 HRPT reader Version 1.2.4 makes saved filenames depend on the channel and has other usability improvements.
2000 Jan 24 HRPT reader Version 1.2.2 adds L1F data format support and has other improvements.
2000 Jan 19 HRPT reader Version 1.2.0 adds Level-1B data format support and has other improvements.
2000 Jan 08 SatSignal V3.2.8 restores sampling frequency values of earlier versions (had been made more tolerant to support tape input mode, now wide tolerance is only used in that mode).
2000 Jan 05 SatSignal V3.2.6 adds Tape Input and has other minor improvements
2000 Jan 05 NSP library Release 10, add nspcbImag filter function for SatSignal 3.2.6
2000 Jan 01 WXtrack V2.1.6 has minor usability updates
Added pre-compiled overlay bitmap download
1999 Dec 31 HRPT reader Version 1.1.4 is faster, more memory efficient, and adds vegetation & water vapour tabs.

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