EUMETCast switch from Hotbird-6 to Eurobird-9

Near the end of 2008 EUMETCast moved from the Hotbird-6 satellite at 13° East to the Eurobird-9 satellite (actually the old Hotbird-2 satellite) at 9° East.  My own switch was at 11:00 UTC on 2008 November 11, and you can see a plot above of how three PCs running SkyStar 2 PCI cards and various different driver software recorded the change.  The glitches in the Backup PC SNR plot are due to an interaction with the 4.5.0 driver, and are not actual breaks.  It looks as if the level is very similar, perhaps a little higher, but as my dish may have become slightly mis-aligned on Hotbird-6 over the years, and may now be better aligned on Eurobird-9, I wouldn't read too much into this.  You can see the current data here.

There is an Excel spreadsheet here with some readings I took by hand at the time.

The TelliCast software operated continually throughout the changeover, I only needed to make the database updates as published by EUMETSAT on their Web site, and switch the SkyStar and Dexatek DVB receiver software from Hotbird to Eurobird.

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