Updates to David Taylor's Software - 2022

This page lists the major changes made to my applications during 2022.





Satellite orbit and ground 
track prediction

V3.8.52 - Substitute correct URL for "nasabare" Keplers, change timeline plot non-UTC start point, option for two decimal digits for greater precision with DDE.  Kepler updates.


MSG Data Manager
Manage EUMETCast data

V3.1.22 - Honour retention period for MPEF-IODN data, restore empty directory scan for MSG-IODC data, correct save of zipped FY2G/H images (unzipped not possible, side-effects on CMA met data not checked), update reporting for end of CSR data, store LSA-SAF H60 and H60 in correct yyyy\mm\dd directory, start work on new format MPEF names (MPEF files saved as MPE, option to retain raw MPEF files in temp tree, bug fixes & enhancements).


GOES ABI Manager

V2022.7.18.43 - Correct to start on Image tab.


Kepler Updater

V2022.7.4.16 - New URL for CelesTrak - CelesTrak.org.


GOES ABI Manager

V2022.6.26.42 - Preliminary support for GEOS-18.



V8.2.6 - NB change to user licence key for faster start-up - re-enter your existing key but without Run as Administrator.  Start FY-2H support, start IODC at 45.5 degrees support - IODN image files required,  file|browse EUMETCast updated, recognise IODN and FY-2H in World View, support PPVA.gif overlay 1076x790 pixels with more tolerance on the file name - latest used, add pop-up hint to IR thumbnail with file and overlay paths, add 5000 x 5000 remapping, faster remapping (with new runtimes), trap error at program exit on a couple of systems where HTMLhelp may not be installed?  New runtime Library Bundle optional.


MSG Data Manager
Manage EUMETCast data

V3.1.20 - Works with the new channel names (added WaveWatch on channel 8), language files updated, IODC data recognised with output to MSG-IODC and MPEF-IODN (45.5 E) directories, stale data and directory trim honoured for Marine and Atmos processed data, auto-update to MSG Animator confirmed, some non-standard named SatWind files recognised and put in the yyyy\mm\dd tree. NB: you may need to enter your registration again but without using Run as Administrator.


MSG Animator
Animate EUMETCast data

V3.1.8 - Support 10-minute GOES-17 data, cities on zoomed animations, option for always-on-top ("-OnTop on command-line)", faster start-up, support MSG/IODN data and auto update from the MSG Data Manager.  NB: you may need to enter your registration again but without using Run as Administrator.


Satellite orbit and ground 
track prediction

V3.8.50 - High visibility choice after satellite font choice forces bold text and solid background. Get sort Kepler display by age working. Handle no Kepler data found when all are too old.


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