Updates to David Taylor's Software - 1999

This page lists the changes made to my applications during 1999.  Recent updates

Date Application Notes
1999 Dec 31 HRPT reader Version 1.1.4 is faster, more memory efficient, and adds vegetation & water vapour tabs.
1999 Dec 19 HRPT Simple HRPT programs added
1999 Dec 18 SatSignal V3.2.4 operates faster, now supports GOES
1999 Dec 18 NSP library Release 9, add nspsbSqrt1 filter function for SatSignal 3.2.4, and nspGetLibVersion function.
1999 Dec 11 SatSignal V3.2.2 has image quality enhancements and preliminary WEFAX/Meteosat support.
1999 Dec 05 WXtrack V2.1.4 corrects mistake in Pass From Map
1999 Dec 04 WXtrack V2.1.2 can save data in a folder of your choice, has enhancements to the flight mode, and a unification of the time display format.
1999 Dec 04 SatSignal V3.2.0 has image enhancements for wintertime.
1999 Dec 01 SatBatch V1.2.4 has minor enhancements.
1999 Nov 24 WXtrack V2.1.0 gains a fun real-time flight mode for the festive season!
1999 Nov 24 SatSignal V3.1.8, batch mode can process bitmaps, overlays allowed for all satellites, usability and quality enhancements.
1999 Nov 24 SatBatch V1.2.2, accepts bitmaps as well as wave files, usability enhancements.
1999 Nov 18 SatBatch V1.2.0, new automated weather satellite batch processing program.
1999 Nov 14 SatSignal V3.1.6, better winter images, grid overlay on IR channel, minor bug fixes.
1999 Oct 30 SatSignal V3.1.2 adds user-defined thermal colour mapping, overlays from wave files, control of overlay position and colours.
1999 Oct 24 WXtrack V2.0.0 introduces country & state boundary overlay, separate overlay map generation, and command-line operation.  Speed improvements from map simplification.
1999 Oct 24 SatSignal V3.1.0 allows overlay image, saves pass noise data, minor improvements.
1999 Oct 06 WXtrack V1.6.2 corrects failure in V1.6.0 hanging when observer is located near the equator.
1999 Oct 04 WXtrack V1.6.0, accuracy improvements, save pass details, put antipodean sun in the right place.
1999 Sep 30 SatSignal V3.0.8 has better histogram equalisation and  Quorum image input for NOAA 14.
1999 Sep 30 SlideShow Documentation update only.
1999 Sep 27 SatSignal V3.0.6, better Okean-O support.
1999 Sep 22 WXtrack V1.5.2, more accurate elevation display, adjustable elevation threshold for passes, limited local time support.  
1999 Sep 19 SatSignal V3.0.4, add Okean-O support, minor improvements
1999 Sep 16 SatSignal V3.0.2, more bitmap input formats, apparent temperature display in F and C
1999 Sep 13 SatSignal V3.0.0, add registered version extras, bitmap input, apparent temperature display
1999 Aug 02 SatSignal V2.2.4, correct SaveAs... filename, trap one more error (on faulty Resurs signals)
1999 Aug 02 SatSignal V2.2.4, correct SaveAs... filename, trap one more error (on faulty Resurs signals)
1999 Jul 08 WXtrack V1.5.0, knowledge of NASA satellite numbers, usability improvements, simple print capability.
1999 Jul 05 SatSignal V2.2.2, minor bug fixes
1999 Jun 24 WXtrack V1.4.8, adds special display mode for Australia and New Zealand users.
1999 Jun 24 SatSignal V2.2.0, now supports SICH/OKEAN and other minor improvements.
1999 Jun 21 WXtrack V1.4.6, fix failure to roll-over date, when incrementing minutes after "Map From Pass" pressed.
1999 Jun 20 WXtrack V1.4.4, fix failure to predict correct ground picture when not using ETOPO5 database.
1999 Jun 19 WXtrack V1.4.2, removed flicker, halved memory consumption and more
1999 Jun 18 ShowMan Update to V3.1.0, can save usage list to disk
1999 Jun 15 SatSignal V2.1.2, choice of sharpening levels, other minor improvements.
1999 Jun 09 SatSignal V2.1.0, multiple image display, extra HLS colour model.
1999 Jun 09 WXtrack V1.4.0, minor updates
1999 Jun 07 FindDuplicates Faster compare for large files, UI tweak
1999 Jun 04 SlideShow Add fast-forwards & reverse, correct incomplete display, allow comments in SSH files.
1999 Jun 04 WXtrack V1.3.6, can now read older ETOPO file, minor updates
1999 May 29 SatSignal V2.0.4, more sampling rates, better error handling
1999 May 29 WXtrack V1.3.4, minor updates, "next pass" button
1999 May 25 SatSignal V2.0.2, add help file, bug fixes
1999 May 25 IPL library Remove code calling missing iplP5.dll
1999 May 25 NSP library Add nspsFIR filter function for SatSignal 2.0
1999 May 23 SatSignal V2.0.0, add NOAA 2-channel & false colour
1999 May 16 WXtrack V1.3.2, minor updates, added satellite footprints
1999 May 12 APTprocessor Experimental 2-channel APT image decoder
1999 May 09 WXtrack V1.3.0, many updates, saves pass list, can load arbitrary satellite image.
1999 May 03 PNG library New, ready for SlideShow and WXtrack..
1999 May 03 IPL library Add histogram functions.
1999 Apr 24 SatSignal V1.4.2, add Okean decoding
1999 Apr 21 SatSignal V1.4.0, can keep open after batch process, minor fix with full screen diagnostics.
1999 Apr 18 NSP Pentium lib Add full NSP library for original Pentium
1999 Apr 18 SatSignal V1.3.0, adds NOAA support, improved batch processing (formerly SatDemod).
1999 Apr 18 WXtrack Now accepts WXSat false colour files
1999 Apr 18 NSP libs Add IIR filter functions for future use.
1999 Apr 08 NSP & IPL libs Add Pentium III support.
1999 Apr 07 FindDuplicates Bug fix, reduced priority when comparing
1999 Apr 05 IPL lib Add iplConvertFromDIBSep for SlideShow program
1999 Apr 05 SatDemod V1.2.2, bug fixes, 8-bit wave support
1999 Apr 04 NSP & IPL libs Add missing nspsbCopy function.
Add iplSet/DeleteROI for SlideShow program.
1999 Apr 04 SatDemod Update to V1.2.0, more user control, automatable
1999 Apr 03 NSP & IPL libs Add a few new functions for SatDemod
1999 Apr 03 WXtrack Several improvements
1999 Mar 31 SatDemod Update to V1.1.0, adds Resurs decoding.
1999 Mar 31 WXtrack Minor updates
1999 Mar 29 WXtrack Added ability to use ETOPO5 topography database, minor corrections.
1999 Mar 24 SatDemod Add Intel library NSP and IPL subset for SatDemod
1999 Mar 24 WXtrack New Weather Satellite tracking and image ground path prediction
1999 Mar 23 SatDemod New Weather Satellite decoding program
1999 Feb 12 SlideShow Add "drop entire folder" from Explorer


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