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Some recent versions of NTP

These versions will run on 32-bit and 64-bit Windows, and are working for me.  They were compiled with Visual Studio 2013 Express with options set to allow running on Windows XP SP3 and later, but they will not run on Windows 2000 - Windows XP SP3 or later is required.  By default, VS2013 produces executables requiring Windows Vista or later, and Pentium SSE2 instructions, but these settings can be overridden and have been overridden in the versions offered below so that Windows XP SP3 is still supported.  There is more information in this bug report.

You can see what versions are in current use on my systems here.  The binaries below will work with OpenSSL between versions 0.9.8h and 1.0.1c, as installed by the Meinberg "Lennon" and "London" installs.

They are from the development branch of the NTP source, which means that they may contain new bugs or new features.  The most recent is listed last in this list.  Right-click, Save... to download.  You take responsibility for using them, although I do try to test them for basic functionality here before release on Win-XP/32,  Win-10/32 and Win-10/64 including some stratum-1 PCs.  They should work on all versions of Windows from XP-SP3 and later.  I assume that you know what you are doing if you use these versions - here is a very brief installation note.  Caveat emptor!

The following versions will normally be the VS2013 tree compiled with Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 Express (VS2013), using the "Run on XP" project settings.  You may need the Visual C++ Redistributable Packages for Visual Studio 2013 from Microsoft, which you can download here if they are absent from your PC.

Stable versions

  • - added 2016-Jun-18 (loopback-pps added 2016-Jul-02)
    MD5 signature: 228AFD0C3A409CA294FC9B252F08E369
  • - added 2016-Nov-21
    MD5 signature: 3C17A93410CEA9332A914B43C348EDD9
    Compiled the VS2013 version, tested on XP and Win-10 32 & 64 bit.
  • - added 2017-Mar-22
    MD5 signature: 3C05B0E82B4380F87E03B0D91A97CBC7
    Compiled with VS2015 community, tested on XP and Win-10 32 & 64 bit. 

Development versions 

Obsolete Windows 2000 compatible development version - not current so don't use!

You can find some GPS/PPS devices suitable for use with NTP here, and I've also used these with FreeBSD and Linux.  There is a quick-start guide for the Raspberry Pi including PPS and configuration notes for NTP.  My main Windows setup notes are here.

Jottings from the archive

Between NTP 4.2.7p349 and NTP 4.2.7p356, with VS2010, a small edit was required to two of the files which were incorrectly automatically generated.  The fixes are described here.

Dave Hart has many more versions available in both release and debug versions, and with symbols files - these may be downloaded here.  There are some notes on the updating process here.  My thanks for Dave Hart for his help in getting the Windows compilation to work, and in providing the appropriate version of the OpenSSL library.  If you want to do the compilation yourself, I have provided some notes here.

See what version my own PCs are running

PC Bacchus is a Windows 2000 PC, so it relies on versions which others have compiled.  PC Pixie is an Intel Linux  system, and the Raspberry Pi cards are ARM Linux systems, so they may have a separate compile cycle.  Unless it's a significant update, I might only test on one Raspberry Pi system.  They are all running the same OS (Raspbian), but some run Wheezy and some Jessie.  I find that the Wheezy-compiled version runs on Jessie, but the Jessie-compiled version uses a library which isn't available on Wheezy, so for now I compile on Wheezy and run on both Wheezy and Jessie.


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