DPC Latency checks on some EUMETCast systems


PC Feenix - Windows XP

Drivers 4.4.1 - this was actually my main EUMETCast receiver PC, and I haven't checked what's causing the spikes at 15-second intervals....

PC Hermes - Windows 2000

Drivers 4.3.0

Drivers 4.3.0 - no ZoneAlarm firewall, no AVG anti-virus


PC Hydra - Windows XP

Drivers 4.3.0

Drivers 4.4.1

Drivers 4.4.1 - no ZoneAlarm firewall or AVG anti-virus installed


PC Narvik - Windows XP

Not a EUMETCast system, but would be OK.

Same system after unfriendly software installed!

Now running Microsoft Security Essentials and the Online-Armor firewall.


PC Stamsund - Windows XP

Drivers V4.3.0

Drivers V4.3.0 - some system optimisation


Drivers V4.5.0


Drivers V4.5.0 - slightly more system load

PC Stamsund - Windows-7

Drivers V4.5.1

Drivers V4.5.1


Dexatek drivers - Windows Vista

System running an external USB box, Windows Vista, and the Dexatek software


How to test your own system

The program used is from: http://www.thesycon.de/deu/latency_check.shtml

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