Java security issue

If you have seen the TelliCast throughput graph correctly, you may proceed to installing the RAMdisk software.

In recent versions of Java since early 2014, there has been a tightening up of security in that only Java programs which are signed are normally allowed to run.  Older programs such as that supplied as part of EUMETSAT's TelliCast installation are not signed, and therefore will not run.  You may be presented with a notice like this:

However, all is not lost!  You can tell the Java security software to allow that program to run, even though it is not signed.  To do this, run your Windows Control Panel, and use the Java applet to define the security you need.  I find the easiest way to access the Java Control panel is to type a "j" in the search box of the Windows Control Panel.  Once you have the Java Control Panel, select the Security tab:

and click on the Edit Site List... button.  You will then be presented with this dialog:

and you should press the Add button.  Enter the details for your PC in the form:

The is your local address (localhost), and the 2517 is the port number used by the TelliCast software.  You will then get a security warning like this:

Press the Continue button to all your site to be added to the list.  If you are running multiple EUMETCast installations and have multiple PCs to monitor, you may end up with a list of exceptions like this:

Note that I have used the PC's network names rather than

Now, when you bring up the EUMETCast Overview page, you will get a dialog box asking you to confirm that you want to run this unsigned application.  You do, so press the Run button to continue.



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