Metop Manager - Today's Screenshots

NOAA-19 GAC false-colour image with location inset

NOAA-19 GAC composite image - most recent snapshot

A small sample full-world composite image is here and the full 2.7 MB download here.  Another full 8 MB sample is here.

The most recent Metop-B 3-minute chunk - with location inset

World View - the most Metop-B recent orbit in three minute chunks

The Metop data is downloaded twice during each pass, once over Antarctica and once over Svalbard in northern Norway.  It is then sampled in three minute chunks and broadcast over the EUMETCast system.  The screen-shots are updated as the incoming EUMETCast data arrives, and uploaded to the Web site at 15 minute intervals.  The Metop Manager program allow you to select multiple 3-minute chunks and combine them together to make a "pass" over the region which interests you, and then save the data in a standard AVHRR format for viewing and further analysis with my HRPT Reader program.

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